Learning Styles Is Useful To The Student Nurse English Language Essay

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In this assignment I will be discussing on why I believe learning styles is useful to student nurses, as well as focusing on my dominant learning style, acknowledging my own strengths and weakness and discussing how these can be built on for the future. (Jasper 2003).

Fleming (2001) defines learning style as "an individual's characteristics and preferred ways of gathering, organizing, and thinking about information.

According to peter honey and Mumford learning styles (2006), states that we are all the product of our own learning, everything we know everything we can do, everything we believe and everything we have learnt. Learning styles is when each person have different learning styles and method and individual has different learning styles in which they lean for example some people might find it more useful to have a normal style of learning and other might find it more useful to have other styles of learning depending on who and the type of learning we are and others may also find out that they use different styles in different condition.

Everyone one has different personalities and what they like and what they don't like and some people also tend to have different steps about how they like to learn like their own personal learning style. As a student nurse once we have an idea on our learning style preferences, we will find it much easier to make some important decisions and choices for ourselves. Our learning styles 'preferences can be a revelation' (peter honey). Thinking about what you could have done about different situation and blaming ourselves.

The understanding of learning styles will be useful to the student nurse because it will allow us as a student nurse to have a better chance of keeping away from any difficult situation. Having a good understanding of how you learn can help make smarter choices (carter et al., 1999).

Understanding of learning styles will be useful for student nurses as it will allow them to be successful on their job because knowing how you learn, you will find it easier to look for an environment that best suits you and you will be able to work effectively with your teams. In addition an understanding of learning styles will allow student nurses to be able to target areas where they need an improvement. Understanding of our own learning styles as a student nurse will be useful as it would help ignore the thing that causes problems to our learning. When we are able to recognise our learning style, it will allow us able to develop effective and appropriate skills among each other.

Duff (2004) describes students with a preference for a deep approach to studying as individuals who look for meaning in what they are learning and enjoy the learning activity; make connections to previous learning; use logic, reasoning, and evidence well; and examine critically what they have learned and are learning.

When we know much about our learning styles then we will be able to locate the areas that are more hard and tricky for ourselves. Knowing our learning styles as a student nurse will improve our self-confidence and improve our self-image. It will give us as a student nurse insight on our strengths and weakness and will enable us to enjoy our learning process. Understanding of our own learning styles will enable us to stay up to date professionally and help improve co-operation among our colleagues. Furthermore, it is vital to know each style has an advantage and disadvantage to us so knowing our learning styles is meant to expand us as a person and helping us to work and learn more effectively and more efficiently. Understanding of learning styles as a student nurse will let you learn your way through your own best strategies.

Dominant learning style:

We all have different personalities, so everyone has different ways of learning. We don't usually choose the type of activities that best suits us because we are unaware that some method suits us and some does not. According to Jasper (2003) ''Most of the learning that we are aware takes place in a formal learning situation where teaching and learning methods are not chosen by us but are imposed by other such as teachers, mentors and lecturers''.

My own dominant learning styles found from my formative assignment includes; reflector, theorist and pragmatist. Gaining awareness in ways I learn best will be useful for me and will help me learn effectively in a way that suits me. ''Students with a preference for a strategic approach to studying want to organize their studying routines, manage their time, and learn what is expected to achieve the highest grade possible.'' (Duff 2004).


I am quite comfortable in taking thoughtful approach about things before taking any actions. I look at things in different perspectives and tend to learn best through listening. During any discussion I prefer to sit where I can hear but may not pay attention to what is happening. I tend to listen to what other people's opinion is and apply my own understanding of the discussion before putting any points across to other people to hear. I always prefer to make decisions in my own time. I find it more useful to read aloud or use tape recorder to enhance my learning.


I like to see how things fit into an overall pattern and prefer checking things out for myself. I think about things step by step and I structure and clear objectives. I am quite good at asking probing question for example 'when exactly do you mean by that'. I tend to use unclear language to seek for more details and I always ask the same questions over again but rephrase my question.


I always prefer seeing how things work in practice and like solving problems. Whatever I have learnt I appreciate the opportunity to implement them. I concentrate on practical issues such as action plans.

Knowing my own dominant learning has helped me recognise that other people approaches the same situation in a complete different way from me and it has helped me access the ability to learn from experience. David Kolb (1984).

In conclusion, I have gained awareness about the ways in which I approach life, my attitude and beliefs and also used all these to exploit my learning opportunities throughout my course. I have now recognised and explore on my previous experience and my own characteristics and approaches to life so that I can be able to actively plan to build up in succeeding on my course.