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While reading through British history, this is one tale that you will almost always see and that is the tale of King Arthur. “King Arthur was a legendary British leader and a well-known icon in Britain's vast history, his name is mentioned in many medieval tales and records to have taken the responsibility of ruling over Britain and defended his kingdom from the Saxon invaders after the departure of Rome”(Alcock 89). Arthur was an amazing individual and there is almost no one that can match his historical reign over Britain. Since Arthur is such a great historical figure and a magnificent individual and many miraculous events had happened in his life it is easy to see why someone would write a fiction piece about him.

King Arthur is a man of great historical importance, the facts about him are a little unsure, but what he has done in the past will echo through time forever. King Arthur was pronounced king when he obtained the mystical sword Excalibur, but many times through out Arthur reign as king he sought advice from am very wise wizard Merlin. Another piece of historical importance was when he established the companionship of knights identified as the Round Table and its related code of chivalry. Also during Arthur's life, he defended Britain against the Saxons. After Arthur had brought the Round Table together he had an abundant amount magical adventures with particular knights from the Round Table, the most well know of these knights were Kay, Gawain, Lancelot, Percival and Galahad. His most famous quest was when he set out to find the Holy Grail which was a cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper. Not much is known about Arthur's family, but his hate for his half-sister Morgan le Fay knew no bounds. Arthur's final battle with Mordred, who was a notorious traitor who fought King Arthur at the Battle of Camlann, was his last battle. While Arthur was alive he lived in his castle, which is the most famous castle and court connected with the legendary King Arthur, Camelot. Also Arthur had met the Lady of the Lake who had given him Excalibur which began his reign as king of Britain.

The most important event that happens to King Arthur is when he receives the sword Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake after his first sword was destroyed in a fight with King Pellinore. The Lady of the Lake named the weapon "Excalibur, that is as to say as Cut-steel"(Alcock 91). Arthur took Excalibur from a hand that was raised out of the lake. Another Great event for Arthur was the creation of the Round Table, which was comprised of many great knights from all over Britain. This group of people went on many adventures including the adventure to find the Holy Grail. One of the biggest reasons someone would write a fiction piece abut King Arthur would be the intense Battle of Camlann, which is known as the final encounter of King Arthur, this was where he either died in battle, or was fatally wounded. The battle was caused by a knight on one side who drew his blade against orders to kill a spy. As the unsheathing of bitter steel was against the rules of the truce between the two sides, one side thought the other was trying to break the truce. Both armies consequently storm at each other, beginning the battle.

As you look through the history that the great King Arthur left behind, whether it be the great hardships he overcame or the great union he helped to bring together to bring piece between people or the tremendous battles he went through to protect his kingdom for certain destruction, King Arthur always came through when everyone needed him to - all of these reason will compel an author to write a great piece of fiction about this character.

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