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Do social networking sites like Facebook help with socializing, or do they hurt? Anyway you answered; you know that there are positives and negatives for any answer. The purpose of this paper is to look at positives and negatives of social interaction through social networking. Some positives are that you can reach out to people you never thought you could talk to in person, and speak your opinion. Also, if you're not comfortable talking to someone in person you can say what you want to say online. In some situations you can even become friends with someone who you don't know, and make it easier to talk in person. With positives also come negatives; Negatives could be the person you chat could think you're a total creeper, and never answer you and just delete and or block you. Negatives also include, someone could be using a fake identity. If you add someone who you think looks good, and try and flirt with them, they could be an 85 year old man looking for kids. The FBI is getting into the social networking scheme trying to find predators. The show "To catch a predator" makes a fake profile and gets someone to come to a fake house to have intercourse with someone who they think is a young child.


College's, workplace bosses, and even college recruits check the profile of the people they are interested in to see what kind of person they are. For example, you're not going to hire someone who tweets about the job 24/7 and says bad things about everything. A college recruit is not going to recruit someone who has pictures of him drinking, smoking, or doing other illegal things. That is why you need to keep your profile clean, and think about what you put on the internet because everyone can see it. Jessica Holbrook from did an article that proved things you put on the internet will hurt your chances at a job. "The biggest offenders I frequently see include profile pictures in bathing suits, cleavage-baring cocktail dresses, or "funny" drunken photos like a guy passed out in a bathtub. Even if you look fantastic in a bikini (or passed out in a bathtub), you probably wouldn't walk into your boss's office wearing one." (Holbrook). A positive, is getting to see long lost friends, or family members that live far away. You can chat with them whenever you want, send pictures, etc. I use social networking to talk to family, friends, coaches, and to play many different games along with them. Also, it allows me to post things I want other people to see. I am very careful what I put on the internet. Being safe on the internet is another way to help keep safety in the United States. With the availability of free social networking, you should use that initiative to be safe, and watch what you post.

"Another potential downside is the new set of idiosyncrasies of online communications. Because communicating over social networks and email is different than written and spoken communication, there are opportunities for exploitation by whoever figures the medium out first" (Baumann, 2010). A stat shows that more than 65 million pages get viewed per month, and more than half of active viewers return daily. (Hazlett, 2008). Also, more than 14 million photos are uploaded daily. More than 400,000 developers and entrapuners. 140 new applications are added daily. A cool stat is more than 95% of Facebook members have used at least one application built on Facebook platform.

"Nothing has consumed the popular imagination and changed our lives in the past 30 years as the internet has. It's impossible to ignore the impact that it's had on commerce, communication, and social interaction since 1980." (Baumann, 2010) this fact proves that with the internet everything has changed and both improved and made things worse. Along with the internet improving the ways of social interaction between Americans, it has also improved the whole world's communication. Business owners can now talk to people in Japan, China, and many other countries. "People's movement behaviors are strongly affected by their social interactions with each other, which, however, are not sufficiently considered in most existing mobility models. Recent studies in social network theory have provided many theoretical and experimental results, which are useful and powerful for modeling the realistic social dimension of human mobility." (Yang, Yang, & Zhang, 2010). What Yang is trying to prove is that how you act on your social network affects how you act as a person. If you're not yourself on the computer it can change how you are as a person. I believe what he is saying, someone could put a lot of quotes of there favorite rap artist, then turn into a hip hop ghetto thug. Farmville (An app on Facebook), already has people playing the game a lot, buying t-shirts, and even spending some of their hard earned money on a free game to improve their farm. Some may get defensive when you say there farm is no good.


With the growth of social networking through sports Calvin Watkins of did research on NFL players on how they felt, and why they used social networking. Famous receiver Terrell Owens (T.O) is one of the most popular athletes on the web. "It's hard to decipher which is which," Owens said regarding the real blog pages of athletes. "What if I didn't (blog). What if I wasn't on Twitter, Facebook or MySpace. Somebody would still be going out there saying this was me. I don't know how you can really get around it." (Calvin, 2009). The way social networking works these days is all you need is an email to sign up. So if I wanted to I could make a Terrell Owens account and pretend I am him. That is a huge negative on social networking.

"Organizations are increasingly using online communities to interact with customers, but marketers identify a number of key obstacles standing in the way of community effectiveness" (Moran, & Gossieaux, 2010) Even though organizations are using social networking sites, it is still better to have an effective business conversation in person so you can see facial reactions and how a person really feels. You are more productive when you are focused with someone sitting in front of you instead of looking at a screen.


To conclude, social networking sites like Facebook both help and hurt social interaction. Both have positives and negatives. The smartest thing to do is be true with both scenarios. Be real on line, and be yourself in person. If you do that you should be fine with both social networking and social interaction. With the information I have given in this essay, I have proved that there are both positives and negatives of social networking impacting social interaction.

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