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According to Scripture says, women dress modestly, but what does that mean, in modern society? The woman from head to toe is covered? This is a cult in the world, women religious requirements. However, this is a modest sense of the Bible? The same attitude, we have to go back to the heart of the matter. If a woman's heart is inclined to godliness, she will wear the clothes, neither is provocative, not exposed in front of the public, does not produce negative clothing in her personal witness of God's children. Even when everyone in her circle dress immodestly to go with the flow, she resisted the temptation. She knew, these types of clothes to attract attention to her body, leading to a man's desire, but she is smart enough to know this type of attention, to belittle her. Hateful her, because of her love and the glory of God, and I hope other people do the same idea that led to the sin of the man of God, because her clothes are. Modesty in dress reveals a modesty and piety of heart, attitude, should be all the women who lived, and the glory of God's desire.


Sometime women need to dress modesty is because if women dress too sexy will put yourself in danger, it will attract male do something danger. It never makes sense of male organs for any reason. Just read the papers about how many prostitutes are murdered, without any seeming motive. It is better not exposure. Women should always be prepared for this, because it happens any time.

For example, when a women walk in the dark alone, it is better dress something can cover yourself.


It is always wise to look like a professional lady or gentlemen, even if you are just a student or anything else. It will let people gives more respect for the person who dress modestly, and people will listen to you more. It will make you carry a certain authority. However, it is true that dressing uniform carry authority with them.

Attracting only what you want and need

The way we dress can either cause people to more interest in you, it can make them turn off to you, and it makes them walk away. This is also call signaling. It is very real, and women all over the world do it unconsciously. So decide what and who you are looking.

So ladies, if you want a nice man, look like a nice woman. If you want a man of decency, then look like a woman of decency.

Putting others at ease

It is extremely helpful to help others feel at ease with you.It will make they treat you better, smile more, be more helpful to you when you need some help. a lot of people feel very uncomfortable around people wearing either seductive clothing, torn clothes, dirty clothes, and even too formal wear a lot of makeup, for example. When you just dress for fun ignoring the way others will feel around you.

We do not know when we need to deal with the department, such as police, firefighters, or other. It is always helpful to dress more nicely, and look older and responsible. They will treat you, and even more respect and awe , rather than treat you like a pimply children who doesn't know how to dress right, they guess want from your clothes, there is an unhealthy lifestyle.

Causing people to pay heed and listen to you, and do what you tell them

This may seem like a strange reason, but it is very important to see, to speak like an authority figure, sometimes.

If you are dressed as a prostitute, people are less likely to pay attention to you. If you are approached by wearing a clean, professional is definitely an asset. More clothing, it was a nightmare.

Avoiding a wrong focus in your life, and in what you project to others. This Is a critical reason. If you are not a whore, why dress like one? It is not cool, as some think. It is stupid, demeaning, and very dangerous in some places and situations.

But it is a wrong focus. This is a focus on lower energy centers of the body, focus on your body, focusing on sex, to focus on the meat, rather than the spirit, focus on yourself, rather than to focus on your brainchild. the spirit of the sons of God. Dressing debauchery is a completely wrong focus.

Setting a good example for others

Wherever you go, and whatever you wear and do,you have to set an example to other. Did you know? It is true. You set an example for other young women, for men, for older people and of course, for the children too and those younger than you. Do you know that you have this kind power, every one of you?

For example, you might lead another young girl into prostitution because you are dressing like a whore and she doesn't realize that you are just "playing", meaning you are not really a prostitute you are just dressing like one. She may not realize it and think that prostitution is cool because you are doing it. Be careful - beware - because you will may be responsible if this happens. You can lead others astray, and this is a serious spiritual crime. Stop it now, even if don't want to!

Also, What kind of example you want what your society for the way you want society to be? Ask our self this question and decide if really want the women looking like whores. It can help you change your lifestyle

Hidden messages to yourself

The above attitude, we can do what we want, and what is wrong, to show off the body a little bit, but also contain hidden information for themselves and others. These measures include:

1.They must be in competition with other women to attract the boys or men.

2. They are really insecure about my body so I must flaunt it.

3.They are attractive if can turn heads. This is just a big ego trip and insecurity, once again.

4. They want to raise penises. This is a great trip, or seduce, meaning desire flirting, upset, turn off the men to get a little bit of energy. (Not a good idea, unless you want to be raped, beaten, and perhaps death.

These are the hidden messages that you are sending yourself.

A lot of young and older women also feel like a tramp, and still feel unclean or loose, even if they do not. This may be owned entity, the wounds of the past, such as rape, incest, or harassment, or even just "for fun".

Women always be a loser when they are don't dress modestly

Some younger lady no matter what they are believe or watch on television or in the fake movies and youtube and ipoh fictions learn all about fashion. They dress it and to get other people attention. What about if they unfortunately get raped, it may let they get some worst diseases or get pergnant .What if at that time the lady not enough power to take care the baby when the baby born, mean don't have enough money. This is also a reason why have baby dumbing social problem.


In my opinion, I think women is better dress modestly and don't something like so faction, sexy cloth. Because this will setting your image to the other people. In malaysia culture a lot of people don't like about the korea style, because their think if wear the faction like korea is very strange and if wear like korea style in malaysia interview for a job, the interviewer will not allow.

Furthermore, in malaysia women better dress modestly, because dress too sexy will yourself in danger, in malaysia always happen the raped case. And if women dress modestly the more people will tread you better. So, sometime I don't understand why a few women don't to dress modestly.

Question 2

Introduction to rate of divorce risen in Western country

According to Berna Abonita , The divorce rate vary from country to country.However, collected from different countries, the divorce rate is difficult because some countries do not release their official records. However, the figures most divorce records show three, four years ago, although this case may make the views of some Western countries, the divorce rate.

It is generally accepted in the United States, up to 50% of a failed marriage, compared to other countries, such as Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. There are different ways in divorce statistics. For example, you can read the number of divorce per head of population. Recent figures show that in the United States 8 people per 1000 of the population get divorced compared to the Western countries with 5 divorced people per 1000 members of the population.

A state in the United States, it is easier and more accurate, but not a federal basis, so your research. Each state must maintain a marriage and divorce records, and by the appropriate government agencies in each particular state, you can get the relevant information.

The rate of divorce has moved dramatically in some countries recently. In the UK, the rate of divorce has dropped by about 15% in recent years; Australia's divorce rate has increased considerably. Of course the statisticians provide the raw data and the commentators provide the opinions as to why this is so. In Australia for instance, the marked increase in the rate of divorce is likely to have occurred because of changes in federal law, making it much easier to obtain a divorce. By introducing the grounds of 'irreconcilable differences', couples wishing to divorce simply had to separate for a set minimum period and then list the grounds for divorce as irreconcilable differences.

The divorce rate does not include the information in the divorce as a percentage of the total number of marriage. You can find the average length of marriage and age people are more likely to divorce. For example, there is a high dissolved in the early years of marriage, and a small number of the failure of the marriage, a couple married for many years, has entered. This is not to say that couples in different stages of their union, but do not divorce, marriage is easier to break , if a couple has been married for a long time

Currently, the average duration of marriage in the United States for eight years. This fact, and many other interesting - if not depressing view of marriage - as well as its possible failure. The divorce rate also reflects the social issues surrounding marriage, as more and more women in the crowd, in divorce legislation changes and the degree of difficulty of the divorce, you can get the today.


The reason of divorce

Some people marry each other, divorced, and then re-married. It sounds ridiculous, but it happens in most cases, the marriage ended in divorce, and never again come together. Most people trying to linger in their marriage. They do not know when the divorce. Let's try to understand the reasons why people want a divorce.

1. Lack of commitment towards marriage, sexual incompatibility and infidelity

Commitment may be lacking one of the partners, because marriage love does not always happen. It can be seen as a good deal, when it was discovered that the deal is not his or her wish to divorce occurred. In addition, people are looking for quick solutions can not be maintained for a long marriage.

For example, philandering habits die hard, and this will lead to infidelity. Beyond the control of sexual desire or dissatisfaction with his or her partner is not faithful to their partners. Therefore, when the wife or husband to know his or her partner cheating on his or her divorce answer. The problems is when the divorce.

2. Lack of communication between spouses

There is no communication, no relationship is valid. Let your resentment simmering within, your partner know what happened, you and this may create a distance between you and your partner.

3.Abandonment, Alcohol Addiction, Substance Abuse

When one of the partners to abandon his or her partner for a long period of time longer it make divorce answer appears. A person to leave his or her partner, because of the bad habits of the latter.

Alcohol addiction and abuse, better prevent in the marriage hall, because it makes the spirit of peace and physical changes in the patterns of behavior that adversely affect the security.

4. Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Emotional Abuse

These defects are not uncommon, tolerate them is not good, people love their people or not this abuse.

5.Inability to manage or resolve conflict

Lack of mature disable a deal with the management of conflict and character differences or "irreconcilable differences"

6.Differences in personal and career goals

People living together before marriage have a higher divorce rate than people who did not cohabit before marriage, because the time difference in the process become huge. Preliminary comfortable imagine a thing of the future in the future, but in reality, it does not occur before marriage.

7. Different expectations about household tasks and financial problems

When not expected to match the impact of the relationship. This led to a personality conflict, because none of them are willing to do, or is ready to sacrifice their time and comfort.

For example, because people are willing to do, don't do the others will dissatisfaction and frustration. In this case, love goes sour. If have economic difficulties, exacerbated by material needs remain unfulfilled, and the establishment of both partners can not give and feel humiliated and other frustrations frustrated, because the long-term inconvenience.

8. Intellectual Incompatibility and Inflexibility

Intellectual property rights is not compatible ,it may get misunderstanding. The smarter people feel frustrated, so smart partners crazy did not reach the level of intelligence to make life miserable for himself or herself or himself and others.

9. Mental Instability or Mental Illness

Crazy does not allow space for normal communication.

10. Religious beliefs, cultural and lifestyle differences

Cultural values ​​of the nature of the conflict, unless we have a strong adaptability. Orthodox spontaneous life lead to intolerance and conservative gag. Therefore, this will lead to marriage divorce after a period of time.

When a person is a legitimate reason for divorce, he or she know when to divorce. After all, a person is hanging in no sense. Everyone should take appropriate action and the relationship of a breakthrough.


In my opinion, not just Western countries rates of divorce have risen significantly, in malaysia it happen same situation too. But the divorce rate is hard to control because divorce is control by them. Nowaday, always happen divorce this of kind of case, I have this experience before, it was my father and mother get divorce, was because of my father attitude and my cannot hold up anymore. Divorce rate increase all is also base on their own problem.