Incomplete without you


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Author : Bluedrake a.k.a. Shippoukitsune
Title : Incomplete without you
Genre : Romance
Rating : Teen
Disclaimer : I own the story therefore it's mine

Author's note: Before I start, let me explain the situation of the story. It's based on a friend of mine actually and I'm making this into a love story as I find it very romantic. To those that want to know the song, it's incomplete by Back Street Boys. Now let's get on to the story!

Chapter 2(final or maybe not?):

Grecia was walking until she stumbled upon to the park again. Why he was here, she had no idea. All she knew was that she's heartbroken. The bench was still the same, the pool and the environment has never changed since her last visit. However, it was evening and everyone was going home. Surprisingly, the couple she admired yesterday was there again, cuddling with one another at their favorite spot again. With depressed feelings, she closed her eyes and sat at the bench, trying to take away all her worries in her mind...

A minute or two later, she felt someone nudged her shoulder and she was surprised to see the couple she had been watching came up to her. She had half expected to see Alex waking her up but of course she was wrong. She had to smile back at him when the couple gave her the sweetest smile. “How can I help the two of you?" Grecia asked tonelessly as she looked at them. Her eyes were dull and unreadable at the moment...

"Oh, my girlfriend, Eponine told me that she had seen you a few times in this park walking all alone and you were always depressed about something. So we thought that that we will come and cheer you up..." Said Ranting as he took a sit next to Grecia, eyeing Eponine while doing so...

Grecia sighed heavily as Eponine joined in as well on the opposite side, squashing her in between. She was not feeling very social right now but she doesn't want to appear to be rude. “I'm Ranting, and this is my girlfriend Eponine. What about you?" Asked Ranting while putting a hand over her shoulder with Eponine doing the same thing...

Feeling uneasy, Grecia replied “I'm Grecia and I not feeling happy right now. If the two of you would excuse me---"

“Are you thinking about someone right now?" Asked Eponine, interrupting Grecia all of a sudden...

Looking surprised, Grecia nodded her head shyly while Ranting explained to her " Don't worry, we did not spy on you but Eponine could read someone's by their emotion. So, why you are not with your boyfriend? Tell us and we could help you..."

"Well, I met him a few years ago and I had a major crush on him so we started off as friends and we became very close..." Grecia said while smiling genuinely the first time after her break-up. Thinking about the good old times had brought back a lot of good memories...

“I bet he's a handsome guy to be able to court you" Ranting said while Grecia smiled back at him.

"Yeah, he's the most gorgeous person I've seen in all my life."

"So why is he not with you?" Asked Eponine, bringing her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them...

"The only downfall is his attitude though. His attitude is cold and never likes to tell anyone about his feelings. He likes to separate himself from everyone and isolate himself. His isolation has been making our relationship hard and it took me years just to get him to trust me. And now, he still refuses to tell me his feelings sometimes." Grecia said while letting out a half laugh, half sob. “When we started dating, things began to get worse. He would talk less to me and he looked miserable, more than usual. At first I thought he was being his usual self but..." Her eyes began to fill with moist and she bowed down her head to avoid getting seen crying. "But then I realized he does not feel the same way as I do to him. So, we broke up. It has been 3 weeks and he left me without even an utter of goodbye..." Grecia said as she wiped off her tears with the sleeve of her jacket.

“That's just awful. This guy you speak of... This is the first relationship he's ever been in. He's been alone for a very long time, and affection is not one of his strong points." Eponine spoke in a relaxed tone. "You thought you were being patient with him, but has it ever occurred to you that you were pushing him into feeling all these new emotions too quickly?" Ranting added in as well...

"But I've waited for him for 4 years, I thought that would be long enough for him to accept all these..."

"Perhaps not. When I first met Ranting, I thought his rough and cold attitude would never changed towards me. I had tried all sorts of way to get him open up to me but none seemed to work. He was just too stubborn and I was about to give up until I used my last resort" Eponine said while looking at Grecia.

"What did you do?" Asked Grecia curiously...

“She hit me..." Said Ranting dryly...

"I didn't mean to do that but we were having a heated argument. So I just gave him a straight jab at his face and knocked some sense into him." Eponine said while a blush crept into her face...

“No one has ever hit me before and she felt no fear as she does so. I realized at that moment that I have trusted her enough to let her hurt me. If it was someone else, I would have killed them, seriously..." Ranting said while looking lovingly at his girlfriend.

"My actions acted on my own as if it was the easiest thing in the world. I don't suggest you go and whack this boy over the head a few times until he passes out. He's just insecure and though he stands proud in the open, he is fighting alone to figure out who he is and where he belongs in this hellish world. Right now more than ever, he just needs someone to hold him. He needs to know that your arms are a secure heaven where he will always be welcome.” Eponine paused again, and her eyes flashed towards Ranting, an almost imperceptible smile on her face. "Just because he has never told you, that doesn't mean he doesn't love you. Don't be a fool and mistaken fear for impassiveness. He feels for you, but he hasn't the slightest clue how to express those feelings he's never had to before.”

“Sometimes you don't need to hear or say it to your lover. The smallest gesture, a smile, an affectionate hand, even silence. Showing the other how much you value your relationship is a great start" Eponine said as she used her index fingers to wipe away Grecia's tears. “We should walk you home now. A pretty girl like you should not be walking home alone" Grecia let out a sobbed laugh as she walked back to her home with her new friends. She felt so much better and she would she would meet Alex the next morning... Those two were just what she needs to gain reassurance...

Voices tell me I should carry on

But I am swimming in an ocean all alone

Baby, my baby

It's written on your face

You still wonder if we made a big mistake

I tried to go on like I never knew you

I'm awake but my world is half asleep

I pray for this heart to be unbroken

But without you all I'm going to be is incomplete...

The next day, at 9 in the morning, Grecia was surprised to sleep the whole night for the first time. Blinking open her eyes, she crawled out of the bed and cooked her breakfast. She smiled as he thought about the conversation she had with them just the night before and went to the refrigerator. She promised to herself that she would look for Alex in Evert's house. She was nervous as she had no idea how would Alex react with her visit. It has been almost a month since she has last seen her koibito. (Lover in Japanese...) Just as she set a bottle of juice on the table, her heart began to ach in pain and tears threatened to fall from her eyes again. Her heart was being torn apart from the inside, and she knew, there was only one being in all worlds that could release her from her anguish.

"Alex, I just can't live without you..." She said as she let her tears slipped from her eyes and left her house, straight to Evert's home...

Evert sat at his main porch while drinking a cup of tea. Watching his neighbors playing while sipping slowly, enjoying his drink. It was quieter without Alex around even though he is not the noise making type of person. His home wasn't the same without his annoying brother or Alex's lovely girlfriend. "Speak of the devil..." Evert said as he saw a figure approaching him and instantaneously, he knew that was Grecia. His eyes narrowed at her desperate pace and know this would not turn out good....

He looked at her wide eyes as she fell into his lap crying. "Where's he? Where's Alex?" Grecia asked while trying to hold her tears...

Evert looked at her sadly before handing her an envelope. He did not have the heart to tell Grecia and he watched quietly as she read Alex's letter. Tears began to moisten even more as she read the letter wrote by her lover and Evert couldn't help but felt sad for her. After finished reading the contents, Grecia realised that she would not be able to his lover again as Alex has left his hometown and would not return. With a defeated sob, she cried as loud as she could with Evert trying to ease her pain... She would never get her chance to make things right with her lover again, ever.....

I don't mean to drag it on, but I can't seem to let you go

I don't wanna make you face this world alone

I wanna let you go (alone)


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