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This report aims to investigate the phenomenon of International students who in Deakin University use English when they are off-campus. According to the questionnaire, may find some problems about these students English communication habits and environments in their daily life. The report will assist the Deakin University English Language Institute(DUELI) teaching staffs to improve their teaching styles, in order to let these International students use English better, It will include communication with local people and their independent simple life.

1.2 Background

In contemporary society, there are more and more International students who from non-English countries who have been to some English countries for studying and chasing their dreams. However, language ability is a vital factor for these students' successful lives in the strange country. At the same time, cultural is still problem for International student's communication, "Cultural diversity has the potential to make intercultural communication very difficult ---- and in some instances utterly impossible'' (Samovar and Porter, 2003, p.2) so, language is like a key for International students, if they want get a wonderful experience in Australia. This report is to investigate these International students for their English using environment and communication details.

Study is just a part of International students' life; there are many other aspects for them to face to using English, such as going shopping and chatting with locals. English is a significant tool for these people to communicate with local people, even affect their life style. In life, communication is the best way to know the local culture and from the life to learn more and more English. "A different language is a different view of life" ( Samovar and Porter, 2003, p. 138) so, it means that international students can learn different life style to feeling local and get more English information, for instance, TV, movie, and advertisement.

Thus, this report is very important for DUELI teaching staff to find a better way or to change their current teaching style which can show a nice effect for International students improve English ability off-campus. It is nice for staff to know some necessary information about their students using English phenomenon when they leave school. Then, International students will learn good English using habits by their teachers when they are off-campus.

The following sections of the report are Method, Result and Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations, reference lists and appendices.

2. Method

2.1 Secondary sources

The secondary source of this report was collected by borrowing related books from Deakin University Library and research information on the Internet. These books from the library are very useful; because they bring much advice about people communicate between different cultures, especially, communication in English in their daily life.

2.2 Primary sources

The primary source is the questionnaire which was used to collected information and data in the report.


The subjects of the report are the 20 international students who are studying in the Deakin University English language Institute (DUELI). Their ages are between 18 and 24. And most of them were EAP2 students, one student is in GE4 and 2 students are in EAP1. Some of them have been studying in Deakin University about 2 months and some about 2 weeks. All of them are International students in DUELI. They can give the direct information about using English and the language environment when they are off-campus.


Firstly, some of the questions were discussed in three or four people groups. And the questionnaire was checked three times about grammar and spelling mistakes by the teacher. At the same time, some questionnaire's information was collected from the Internet and books. In addition, the questionnaire was tested for DUELI students.

There were 14 questions in the questionnaire. Closed and open questions were used to collect information from these International students. Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Statement Question and Ranked Priorities were included in the questionnaire. 3 questions asked International students directly about using English off-campus. 8 questions asked International students about the English language environments, skills and activities.

â-Procedure for administering questionnaire and collating the results

After all of the questionnaires were modified, the questionnaire was handed out in break time when students' classes were over. And 4 questions were sent by e-mail for students, and taken back next day. So, it was convenient for International students to have enough time to do the work and ensure the information was factual.

3. Results and Discussion

3.1 The language which students use in Australia and who they talk with



The first pie chart reveals the proportion of International student who use English when they are off-campus. First of all, it can be found they respondents think they use their mother language in their life. And there is nearly 40% people using 2 languages after school. However, just 10% of International students only use English every day. In addition, the next pie chart shows students like talking with other people in English. Almost 50% of students like chatting with their friends in English. Approximately one in five students talk with their home stay host and there a little difference between shopping centre (20%) and public transport (10%).

10% of people choose other sections, for example, talking with local guys and their girlfriends or boyfriends.

Clearly most International students in DUELI use their mother language when they are off-campus. And only a small section of students likes using English. The data may show that many International students do not use English in their daily life; it might be a negative influence for students' language ability. At the same time, students might not have a nice language partner to exercise English well.

3.2 Environment about International students using English


The bar chart illustrates the English environment of International students who often use English when they leave school. Form the graph, there is the greatest data that 6 students think they often use English in supermarket, because daily goods can be bough there and the place where they going to every week. And the least data about using English environment is only one student in Pub. Furthermore, there is same information; three people think public transports and shopping centre need using English frequently. All of students who live in home stay are agree that home stay is a good place to practice their English ability. Moreover, a part of people think environment places still help them to improve English, likes sports and games.

According to the data, people often use English in the daily live places. It is necessary for students to say English in these places. However, they use less English when they playing and relaxed themselves. It is possible that International students like play with their compatriot and using mother language.

3.3 Favorite activities which practice English for International students


The bar chart expresses the favorite place for International students to practice their English language ability. From the graph, it can be found that most of students choose BBQ in the No.1 at the leisure time and think it is a good way for them to communicate in English. At the same time, Sport and English film both have many fans, and nearly half of International students think these are good choices in the second and third places. However, Multicultural communication and visiting local museum can't attract students' eyes, both only 1 people choose these activities on the first. And the multicultural communication was chosen in the least like. The reason of the issue may be many Asia students and people feel the similar culture in DUELI.

According to the interview of International students, it can be found that BBQ and English films are very attractive for students, thus, students might be need interested activities which can explode their language abilities. And we still found some International students dislike talk with other cultures people; it is a negative for them.

3.4 chose English material of International students when they are off-campus


The graph illustrates International students choose which way to get English information. From the bar chart, it shows us all of the respondents choose see English films to get and improve language ability. Furthermore, there are 14 students and 13 students' choice the local website and communication with local people respectively. And half of the respondents get English from local advertisements, for instance, shopping and club activities. However, the least of people read local English newspapers, which is a useful way to practice students' English. "As well as reading newspaper in your own language, develop a habit of reading good quality broadsheet newspaper in English" (Jane & Veronica, 2006, p.87). Thus, by reading newspaper, it is a good solution for International students to increase their English reading habits and skills. In addition, based on the research, we found the vivid things were possible accepted easily, likes movie. And we should give many chances for students to chatting with the local people, because students like try new culture and make new friends.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, the report has investigated some International students in DUELI about English using situation when they are off campus. Many students have found that they spend less time in their daily life to practice English and even some International students just speak mother language in life. At the same time, it shows many environments for students who like to practice their second language. Thus, DUELI teaching stuff can receive some useful information of improving their teaching styles and good help for International students by the report.

According to the report and the discussion, we can find that approximately half of generations use both languages in their daily time. And 40% International students like chatting with friends by English, other situations using English are in public environment. It means students don't have good language partners. In addition, students use less English when they relaxed and they like play with their compatriots.

By the report, DUELI teachers should find interesting activities for International students, which is a nice way for students learning English, likes BBQ and watching English films. At last, good English material is very useful for students to learn English when they are off-campus, for instance, movie, websites, newspapers.

The report was created for teachers in DUELI give good advice for International students use language ability. It is still challenging for students. Students need more practice and use in their daily lives.

5. Recommendations

5.1The language which students use in Australia and who they talk with

Due to the first result, using mother language is very common for International students, DUELI teaching staff should find some useful ways to prevent this situation, for instance, writing English diary and language environment exercise. Let students try their best to speak English in daily life and make related check. By the graph 2, we still found that many people like to communicate with their friends in English; it means making friends with local guys and other cultures are better for International students to improve language abilities. It is a very useful way to students who have to find that they need using English.

5.2 Environment about International students using English

According to the second results, we can found that most International students think they often speak and use English in supermarket and other daily life places. However, they seldom use English when they are playing and relaxing. Thus, DUELI teaching stuffes could teach more life vocabularies, and add some English games for International students, and related English words. It can help these students to easily join in local young guys lives and learn local cultures. They will frequently using English in social life and local environment.

5.3 Favorite activities which practice English for International students

Base on the graph 4, we found International students have many different choices of English activities, but half of respondents choose BBQ and watching English movies. DUELI teaching staffs should add some interesting activities in the period of some lessons. Furthermore, stuffs can make a questionnaire to ask International students, what they like and which is attracted them. This way can help DUELI to avoid choose a boring travel for students, for example local museum. In addition, DUELI should make communication of multi-culture; for instance, make culture festival, in the festival, make different cultures performances and displays. Because some students don't like talk with other countries people. It must affect their language abilities.

5.4 choice of English material of International students when they are off-campus

Good English materials can improve International student's English abilities in many aspects. And vivid materials were received easily, likes movie. So, DUELI should delay the time of ILC lessons, and renew the movies or books. Moreover, teachers should recommend some books or films in the class. And stuffs should encourage International students to read English local newspapers and surf on the local websites. With nice English material in daily life, it is very helpful for students to study reading, writing in their leisure times.