Ict Does Not Influence Academic Achievement English Language Essay

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In the era of advancing science and technologies, information and communication technology (ICT) has, without us realizing, become part and parcel of our lives. This globalization and technological change have created a new global economy "powered by technology, fueled by information and driven by knowledge." Besides that, we cannot deny the fact that ICT brought endless benefits to mankind. On the other side of spectrum, we have to accept that ICT has been influence academic achievement. Refer from above statement, I totally disagree that ICT does not influence academic achievement. There is much evidence that show ICT and education is related to each other. First of all, let's defined what ICT is all about. ICT stands for

"information and communication technologies and are defined for the purpose of this primer as a "diverse set of technological tools and resources used to communicate, and to create, disseminate, store, and manage information." These technologies include computers, the Internet, broad-casting technologies (radio and television), and telephony".

In recent years, ICT has been one of the important and effectiveness medium to develop academic achievement in all levels from pre-school until tertiary education programs. This statement was supported by Ministry of Education (MOE) by introduced ICT as new subject in school curriculum in 2004. It is due to the role and function of ICT as teaching-learning tool and to increase productivity and efficiency of the management system. This subject not just introduced to normal schools, but Ministry of Education has made a decision to expand the subject to special education project that involve with disabilities students. After several months, MOE has introduced this subject involving 50 schools around Malaysia. This is a good start and shows that how the important of role ICT in education. However, there are still "opinions" that ICT does not contribute to education.

Apart from that, ICTs are more than just these technologies. ICT is a part of multimedia that uses technologies tools to communicate to each other and act as medium of information delivery. From the invention of very first communication tools until today's highly sophisticated tools, it still have same role as one of the important medium in communication. As example, television, radio and telephone are one of the older technologies that contribute to academic excellence since the 1920s and the 1950s respectively. Since the early days, television is one medium for obtaining and disseminating information. We can get this information through on current news and get through the ads aired. This tool has been widely used by everyone. Currently, the form of delivery as well as its function has been enhanced to attract the attention of the public to watch. In addition, we can learn indirectly through several of education channel. For example through the documentary programs, quiz shows, educational cartoons that provides a variety of knowledge from various sources across the whole world. It is also suitable as informal learning to the students while watching television. Time will not be waste just like that compare if they just seat without doing beneficial activity. Thanks to the creator of the first television John Logie Baird. Without his valuable discovery, until now ICT will not be developed as it is now.

Other than that, telephone is another tool that will help the learner in academic achievement. Nowadays, it is a necessity for the learners to have mobile phone. There are various types of phones from different brands and also have variety of applications. Most of the branded phone has software that is e-dictionary. E-dictionary is user-friendly software. The use of this software allows learners to refer the dictionary anywhere without carrying an expensive and heavy dictionary. In addition, the phone is used as a communication tool to ask questions and share information by using SMS, MMS or 3G with their peers and also lecturers. This is the easiest and fastest way now even the elderly are also prone to use these communication tools. Another ICT tools that being use widely is radio. It is part of tool that helps learners in learning. Currently, various discussion programs have been published based on the lessons to help them in the same time improving their listening skills. As we know, listening is a part of the important learning that should be conquers by student. Instead, learner can listen and sing to English song in order to enhance their pronunciation and also grammar. From my own experience, I tried to learn English by listen to English song in Hitz.fm channel. At first, it is difficult to me to understand and follow the songs. But, slowly I tried to learn and refer with my teachers, and also tried to find the meaning in dictionary. As a result, I can sing the song like the original singer. Therefore, in a rapidly changing technology environment, this is one of the best ways for long distance learning. This is a faster way in sharing of information and provides educational opportunities in a rural community.

Furthermore, ICTs can enhance the quality of education especially by using computer and notebook. This gadget came from several types of brand such as Acer (most choice by IPT student), Dell, Hp, Compact and others. Computers also can have a positive impact on learning and also intellectual development. But, how it is very important in academic world? The answer is no one would deny the important of this tool in academic achievement and development. It is because, this ICT technology came with package of software that are usually be used not only by them but by our society around the world. For instance, this is most accessible and therefore most dominant delivery mechanism in both developed and developing countries. As we know, CD-ROM is one of method for learners easily learn rather than carry the book. They just need to bring thumb drive while go to class. It is just a simple way and the content in the CD-ROM also are easily to understand. Moreover, Microsoft Office is one of software that are be used by learners while doing their homework, assignment, thesis even working papers. In addition, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint are regularly used by them and also by the workers in our country. Even since we are small, this skills are been teach by our parent informal and by our teacher formally. It is because both of the software is friendly to use. Hence, without us realize, technology extensively used either in an educational institution in the country or abroad. For instance, it also was being used as a medium of dissemination of information. Compared to the past, today is the advancing world in terms of technology. So, there is no reason for student to say difficult to obtain knowledge in order to achieve success. On top of that, these devices have been transformed the world of education becomes more interesting to learn and help learners to be more competitive with the outside world.

Study using ICT have own advantages. ICTs will make learners more competitive and in the same time it involved with our five senses. This enables us to keep data in our memory quickly. In fact, eyes will be stimulated by the colourful and attractive graphic forms. The moving graphics will generate brain and strengthen our memory. This is one form of training of hearing to enhance learners listening skills and make them more alert. Those are some of example that shows ICTs affected our five senses. This makes learning more effective and meaningful to learn. With that, this platform of learning is friendly for learners from all ages. Apart from that, ICTs can develop the quality of education in several ways especially by increasing learner motivation from the attractive learning. ICTs such as videos, television and multimedia computer software that combine text, sound, and colourful, moving images can be used to provide challenging and authentic content. From that will engage the student in the learning process. As a result, learners can come up with excellent result with help from those technologies. ICTs have also been used to improve access to and the quality of teacher training. The nearly example is Teacher Training Institute in Malaysia. Nowadays, most of the training teachers use computer, LCD, radio and also internet as process for learning and get the knowledge. They use this alternative to practice and diversify technique of teaching after become graduate teacher.

Besides that, what about learning with internet? Recently, many higher educational institutions offering distance education courses have started to influence the Internet to improve their program's reach and quality. E-learning is one of the worldwide programs that been used comprehensive among the academic institution. Based on that, all the learning can carry out from distance without face to face with the lecturer. This way of learning usually had been practice by those working people. Other than that, it just a simple learning program by using Internet browser that only takes a few minutes. For example, the information may be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Another program in Malaysia that using internet is 'Skor A'. This program just looks alike curriculum in our country that have examinations, quiz, test and also report card that keep students marks. This card is as references for their parents to check performance of their children. Based on the article that I read, most students who use this system will get good results in examinations. By using internet, resources that we get are reliable. With the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos and others will help learner to search for information. Just type the information needed in search engine, and then all the information will be appear within 2 minutes. Apart from that, we can read newspaper, magazines and journals online without any charge. Indirectly increase our general knowledge by reading from numerous of sources.

To sum up, I still with my stand that ICT have influence in academic achievement based on several references that I get from internet, books and also newspapers. ICT also is one of the platforms in order to attain great achievement in education. This is 2020s era not 90s that needs us to up-to-date in technology. Last but not least,

"Education is not the ¬lling of a pail, but the lighting of a ¬re." William Butler Yeats