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In today's business world Human Resource is playing an essential role in the success or failure of the organizations. It is considered as the most important resource of the organization which controls all the other resources. Similarly Human Resource Management is very crucial in the Restaurant businesses where there is a direct interaction between the customers and the restaurant staff and the success of the restaurant is very much dependent on the abilities of its HR. Recruitment and selection, and training of the restaurant staff is one of the most important duties of any manager. And in this assignment we will discuss the standard policies, recruitment and selection techniques and training plans for MARADONAS new restaurant opening in UK.

MARADONAS Manager's Guide:

Recruitment and Selection:

Before discussing the interview questions and tasks used to recruit and select staff for the restaurant. We will make the Job analysis (Manager's Guide for Successful Recruitment and Selection, 2009) that includes:

Job description (a list of what the job entails)

Job Specification (what kind of people to hire for the job)

We need to employ 30 staff members on part time and fixed salary and to make policies of recruitment and selection for the featured jobs which include:

Waiters or Waitresses

Maitre d' (host/supervisor)

Job Description:

Waiter / Waitress:

Takes orders from the customers and communicates the orders to the cooking staff

Takes food to the respective tables

Communicates about any kind of concern a customer may have

Collects payment from the respective customer at the end of the meal

Maitre d':

Take reservations, manage and organize seating, greet customers and distribute menus

Operate the cash register at times

Take occasional orders and act as a liaison between the dining and kitchen room

(Restaurant Job Descriptions , 2008)

Job Specifications:

What does it take in term of education, behavior, intelligence, training and other related aspects to do a particular job well? (Dessler, 2007)

Some of the particular job specifications are given below:

Waiter / Waitress:

No formal education is required.

Minimum age limit is 16 years.

Diploma holder in waiter course is preferable.

The person should have the ability to work in pressure situations.

Experience in the related field is preferable.

Maitre d':

Good communication and verbal skills.

Should have experience working as a host/supervisor in any restaurant.

The person should have the ability to work in pressure situations.

Diploma in the restaurant hospitality would be preferable.

Interview Question and Ideal Answers for the Recruitment and Selection:

The most important part in the recruitment process is not to conduct the interview but to make the questions which are meant to be asked in the particular interviews and outline the ideal answers of those questions. (Restaurant's interviewing techniques, 2011)

Now we will discuss the questions related to the recruitment of the featured staff considering what kind of qualifications and skills we are looking for:

(Restaurant Training - Waitress & Waiter Training Role Play Tips For Hospitality Education & Learning, 2010)

Interview questions and Ideal Answers for Waiter / Waitress:

Question No. 1:

Why are you applying here?

This is a great question to ask because you will get to know the motive of the interviewee. Is it money, or just an ad in the paper or a close one works here? It is a good question to assess the confidence and temperament of an individual. You will get the information about the candidate which would be very helpful for the recruitment process, the first impression he would make? How he dress up? How he represent himself?

Question No. 2:

Tell me about yourself?

The interviewer would get an idea of the candidate's professional background, interest, and family. It is very important to know the background of the person you are hiring and what kind of interest he has in his life.

Question No. 3:

Tell us about any kind of experience you have in waiter hood?

The answer to this question is of subjective nature. If the candidate has done the related job before it will give answer about how much he liked his job? and he can be asked about some specific incidents happened in their jobs.

Question No. 4:

Why should we hire you? What do you think you bring to this table?

This is a complicated question for the candidate and the answer would help in judging the confidence of the candidate. Moreover how precise he is while answering the question would tell us about the overall personality of the individual.

Question No. 5:

Suppose you are faced with a situation where a customer gets angry at you for no reason and throw water on your face in front of everyone in the restaurant. What would you do?

This is one of the most critical questions and would provide the basis for whether to hire a person or not. By asking this question we would be able to assess the overall mental capacity of an individual that how he or she would work in a pressure situation? How he handles the act of a customer? How he response to such a critical situation? The answer should be in such a manner that would assure not loosing the customers and restaurant's reputation.

Interview questions and Ideal Answers for a Maitre d':

Question No. 1:

Tell us about yourself?

This is an ice breaking question and helps to create candidate's picture in the mind of the interviewer. While the candidate tells about his or her professional background, interests, and family, it makes the first impression in the mind of the interviewer from where he can assess the individual's personality, the way he dresses up and represent himself.

Question No. 2:

Do you have any experience in the job for which you are applying for?

This is a subjective question but the answer would guide the interviewer whether the candidate liked the previous job or not. How he has performed his job? Are there any specific incidents he would like to share about his previous job?

Question No. 3:

Where do you want to be in the next five years?

The answer to this question would help the interviewer to know about the potential of the candidate. How ambitious he is? Does he want to grow in his career? How loyal he is? How long can he stay in the restaurant?

Question No. 4:

What makes you the best candidate for this job?

The answer to this question would tell the interviewer about the confidence in the candidate and how he represents himself? The candidate must give at least one strong reason to hire him. Thus this question reveals the overall capabilities an individual possesses in him.

Question No. 5:

Suppose there is a fight arises amongst 3 of the waiters in the restaurant while it is full of customers. What would you do?

This is a question related to a specific situation and the answer would indicate about the candidate's abilities and skills how he uses them to tackle such a critical situation. The answer to this question would reveal the pressure taking capabilities present in the individual. He should answer in the best interest of the restaurant and safeguard its reputation while keeping its bond with the customers strong.

(Interview Questions, 2011)

Additional selection methods for the Restaurant Staff:

Those candidates who have passed the interview will be qualified for the practical activity evaluation program prepared for the additional evaluation of the candidates in two categories of the restaurant staff: waiter/waitress and Maitre d'.

The practical activities provide great information regarding the practical assessment of the candidates' personalities. The practical exercises will be based on role playing specifically which is an effective and efficient technique to know about the competencies and skills of the individuals and may include the following scenarios for the evaluation of the candidates:

Waiter is acting too friendly and talking too much with the business guests who are in a meeting:

In this situation the role of Maitre d' (supervisor) would come into place and the evaluation will be based on how he tackles the situation and asks the waiter to behave in a much expected manner towards the business guests. Moreover the role of another waiter who comes and tells the respective waiter to behave in a good manner can also provide an evident fact for his competency.

Waiter rebuking a kitchen worker who has made an incorrect order:

This is a critical situation and almost every guest would be noticing it in the restaurant and it is very bad for the restaurant's reputation. The supervisor should come into the action and see what is going on and pass the much needed instruction to the waiter to control his emotions and behave positively.

Maitre d' is sarcastic and short tempered with the guests while they were asking for the menus:

In this situation the host or supervisor who is free should come forward and ask the guests what they want? And should analyze the whole situation if the other supervisor is having any kind of problem means he is upset due to some reason, he should ask him to take some rest while he attends to his guests.

Induction Plan for the Restaurant Staff:

The following induction or training plan will be followed which is purely based on On-the-Job Training of the staff and has the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare the Learner:

Put the candidate at ease

Explain why they are being taught

Create there interest and ask what they already know about the job

Step 2: Present the Operation in the Restaurant:

Explain the quality and quantity requirements

Go through the job at normal pace with every step

Familiarize them with the workplace

Step 3: Do a Tryout:

Let the waiter/ waitress and maitre d' do there jobs at normal pace

But do not abandon them and keep on checking their work

Step 4: Follow Up:

Designate to whom the learner should go for help

Correct faulty work

Compliment his/her good work


On asking the questions to a student the following answers were given:

Tell us about yourself?

Answer: Well! I am Frank Slade, and I have worked as a waiter before. I love to travel. I live with my family in London.

Why have you applied for this job?

Answer: I read your ad in the newspaper and searched MARADONAS on the internet. I found it to be a great new opportunity to work here.

Why should we hire you?

Answer: Well I am pretty good in dealing with people. I really like to interact with all kinds of people and I can assess the need of the people would visit the restaurant and how to present myself to them.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Answer: Well I am not a very good planner but I often dream to be a restaurant owner in my life. And in the next five years I think I maybe qualify for being a manager at least.

Suppose you are faced with a situation where a customer gets angry at you for no reason and throw water on your face in front of everyone in the restaurant. What would you do?

Answer: Haha! Well I would say: "Be cool sir, let me get you a drink."


Human Resource Management is the most crucial area which has to be focused for any organization operating in the world of today's business environment. In this assignment we have learnt how to make the standard policies, recruitment and selection process, and induction plan for MARADONAS which are one of the most important processes of any organization's Human Resource Management. By following the Manager's Guide of MARADONAS in an efficient way regarding the recruitment and selection, and induction plan the flagship in UK can make progress by leaps and bounds.