How To Talk To A Girl English Language Essay

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Talking to a girl for the first time without making it look like you are hitting on her is the main problem for many. Many men have tried really hard and most of them have failed miserably. There are many guys who are perfectly normal when they are with their friends, but when the time to speak with a beautiful girl comes they have no idea what to talk about. It is easy to start a conversation with a girl as long as you know and follow these basic tips.

If you know how to talk to a girl, you will surely get a positive response. Women are not monsters and men don't need to fear them at all. You can even improve your skills by talking to anyone and almost everyone. Because by doing so, you can get to know the reactions and come up with great thrilling and attractive ideas. You can use your time wisely and get to know the how-to-talk-to-a-girl techniques.

How to talk to a girl is about knowing when your how to talk to a girl conversation is failing. It's really easy to start a conversation with a girl as long as you are confident about it.

The very first thing to remember is that you should not talk much. Many men err by talking too much. You must know that people will talk to you for as long as you will listen. Just because she is listening to you doesn't mean that she is interested in the conversation. She might be trying to act polite while silently hoping for the conversation to end. And don't be a fool to ask her directly if she is getting bored of the conversation. Girls are really good in coming up with diplomatic answers. Girls want to talk about how they feel not what they think.

Avoid using 'pick-up lines' as soon as you start the conversation. That's not the right way. Wait for the conversation to warm up. Girls are tired of being picked up all the time. So don't try to pick up a girl and try to have a normal and frank conversation with a girl instead. Or you can say that the best way is to start off as friends.

Stop pretending. You will be most successful if you are being you. Don't try to be someone else. Girls can easily judge it if you are acting fake. A girl is attracted to the truest side of your personality more than anything else. So pretending will definitely not help you.

Girls like to be with someone really confident. But do not mix up confidence with over confidence. Girls hate men who are too much into themselves.

Men with great sense of humor appear attractive to girls. Girls love it when a guy can make them laugh or smile because this makes her feel comfortable. But yes, don't try too hard to be funny or humorous if that's not a natural talent in you. But adding a light and decent joke to a conversation can be of sure help.

Make her feel that you want to talk. Don't take too long to reply back because that brings a turn-off to your conversation. Listen to the simplest of details she shares with you. Be a good listener. Listen to her problems and complaints, if she has any, and come up with great advices if she asks you for one. You will also want to talk about yourself and this will help her get to know you better. Tell her about yourself. And if you are facing some problems that you think can be shared then go ahead. Girls find it attractive when men share their problems with them. It is better not to talk to a girl on the mobile for a long time if you have not met her in person. Talking to a person is a two way process, talking involves gestures, movements and actions.

Men get excited when the girl makes a move. Don't take it for granted if she starts the conversation. Just because a girl talks to you first doesn't mean that she is an easy target. Respect her and treat her like a lady. Don't treat her as someone special in the very beginning. Talk to her as normally as you would talk to anyone else. However, a girl gets annoyed if she feels that it's ALWAYS she who is starting the conversation. So keeping your excitements aside, talk to her first. If not always, then at least more often, to the extent that you don't irritate her. Do not attempt and make the chat sexual unless she is involved. Know your limits.

Closing a conversation at the right time is important. Because this determines if you will ever get a chance to talk to her again. If you have been talking to her for too long and you have ended up with topics for continuing the conversation or you think that the conversation is drying up, then this is the time for a good bye. But make sure you say it nicely and end your conversation on a pleasant note.

It's only the first few conversations that are critical. But if you know play them right, you will make the perfect impression, not create any awkwardness and surely get through. Don't forget to act decent, it will show that you are just being friendly. The bottom line is you want to come off as a friend not as a stalker or some creepy guy and try to be yourself not some fake character.