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"Success is attracted to people who provide value and who invest in themselves.  So to attract more success, be success in each and every moment.   This means seeing and experiencing success now." (Casto, A 5-Step Recipe for Achieving More Life Success, 2003)

"A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one's own path, not chasing after the dreams of others." (Hawk., 2007) Good lifestyle should be related to successful person who accomplish their ambitions and dreams. The people who set goals (Quan, 2008), manage their time and do proper projects develop the society and achieve success in life.

First of all, "The purpose of life is a life of purpose." (Nattu, 2010) To set effective goals you have to do the followings. There are many concepts and principle to set goals. Concept one for me, the thing which keep human going and continue his/her life is learning. "Creativity is natural part of childhood and parents can play an important role in exploring it; however, it is important that parents do not become overzealous and pushy." For example, at the beginning stages of our life, we tend to learn how to adapt with the new environment of life as a baby cries when he goes out from mother's womb. So the family tries to teach the baby proper information he needs at that age like making him /her hear sounds and shaking his arms. Then they tend to teach him/her the proper culture After that, the child start to show his /her talent whether he/she likes to move , scream and play or he/ she likes becalm, shy and polite . After that, the child becomes more desirable to discover things. To illustrate, if the family who consists of father and mother observe that their child keen on something, they should focus on this thing and try to make him see the world by this side of learning. So he/she can be active, intelligent, and creative child. Second concept, we have to consider the available choices in real life like choosing the suitable job, satisfying hop pies and participating in volunteer work. Now to choose your preferred job; it should be equivalent to your major in the college. For instance, if you want to be a doctor, you have to join the medical college. Also to satisfy your hoppy; it should support your prefer job. So you can do well in your job. As an illustration, suppose your favorite hoppy is to play computer games. Thus why not to make computer science as you're major in the university. Then you can create some games with many ideas which you like to play. After that, you may want to participate in a volunteer work like blood donation, financial supply and a partner in any association or educational center. The third concept is to hold the goals and never give up accomplishing them. You may face problems in your way to reach your goals. Such as, facing problems in financial and social side. Therefore, in such situation you must to consider all the possibilities you have and try to search for a good solution from other. For example, suppose you find difficulty to pay the fees in the university and continue your education; you may tend to search for a part time job in the university or take a loan from the bank. Also you may reach a point where you can't decide what to select as a right decision. For example, some students do not know what to do after graduating from high school and confuse in what to choose as a suitable major. Also they do not know whether they prefer to continue studying or prefer to work in any parts of life. Regarding to their circumference and the family position, they have to plan for a waiting future and choose what they feel that they can survive with and accept the right decision which satisfies all the conditions. Finally setting goals are very important issue which determines a good life.

Additionally, time management is one of the strongest factors to success in life for many reasons. Our life depends on time running and how many days access in our age. So if the human recognizes this, it will make him invest the time with useful things and lives an organized life. For example, if a person manages his/her time a plan for daily schedule, and then he /she can be a regular person who finishes his/ her daily works on time. Moreover, a person who manages his/her time can have enough time for social life. And he /she can visit his/her relatives or friends at any time he /she has chance. On the other hand, a person who do not manage his/her time , he will suffer to finish his/her daily works and won't be apple to have social life because he will be stressfully thinking about how to finish a lot of works and postponed works. In addition to organized life we can do effective work within taking responsibilities and doing useful things. ." You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today." (Edberg, 2009) When you manage time and make term plan, you definitely try to do all your responsibilities in different parts of life. To illustrate, suppose you make a Do-list, then that's mean you want to finish your daily responsibilities on time and avoid procrastination. If your daily responsibilities are cleaning the bed room, taking a shower, praying and reading, making breakfast, watching news and so on. This means that you order your works and divide them to live organized life. Also you can make effective work by doing useful things. Such as reading book, magazines and newspapers, listen to the radio during driving a car, watching useful programs in TV, searching information on the internet and many things. So you can invest your time and fill your leisure in things which gives you large benefits in your daily life. Finally, time management is so useful to live an organized life doing effective and useful works.

Finally, when you reach such a level, you have to think about good projects like volunteer work, a company of your major or any fields of life you prefer to work. Doing projects at the end of your learning journey is very important issue to develop the society and improve the level of growth in the country. There are many deeds can help in that issue. For example, we can participate in different volunteer works like donation in any part of life at the society. Also professionals can compose a book of their experiences and experiments in life to serve the people and provide them with life skills. Moreover, intellectuals should share their knowledge and try to write useful essays in magazines and newspapers. In addition to volunteer work, we can make or start any organization relate to our major or interests. For instance, we can setup a small library of content of books, magazines and references of one and only one of specific major or field. To illustrate, if you are a computer engineer, you can collect any things relate to computers like hardware, software and any computer science source. Then like this plan you may support any one need to search of any computer's information. Furthermore, you can make a strategic plan to do a business company. Although you may face many problems to continue your works like financial problems, but you can do it and solve any problem, if you insist to do something to serve your society. All in all, doing projects are very useful to develop the society.

In conclusion, "Despite what most self-help experts will tell you, there are no real secrets to being a success.  The fact is that you have everything you need inside of you right now to become a huge success. The challenge is to excavate your treasure and bring it to the light so that everyone can see and appreciate who you are and what you can do." (Casto, 2003) But for me, if you want to be a successful person, you have to follow three steps which are setting goals, managing your time and doing any project in life. Then you can success in life and accomplish your ambition.


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