How Students Can Assess His Personal Reflection English Language Essay

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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

There are various ways a student can assess his personal reflection and how to plan this studies. However, whichever way one choices should enable him to derive the best utilisation of time. In the preceding essay I will aspire to demonstrate what I have learnt, the assessment of my personal learning style and strategic plan I have devised for future essay writing.



Frankly speaking, I was highly misled by the word Christian Bible College. I thought I was coming to find things rather easy. Personal reflections constitute a very large part in my learning development process. My dream almost shattered when I learnt I was going to write essays, The problem worsened when I had to make footnotes and intensive research to enable me write a meaningful and a productive essay.

I have perceived essay writing as a daunting task, This is the experience of most if not all students in my year, unfortunately no matter how frightening we found it, it is mandatory in every part of our course as we do not sit for exams which I gathered the courage and the enthusiasm to face the music since women who were even twice my age were writing the essays hence I was indeed motivated by them. I first started by going to the library to borrow a simple English book to polish my grammar and spelling.


I have come to realise that even though we do not sit for a final exams in this course, I should be careful not to repeat in a class which is a thing very common in the college. Therefore, there was the need for me to restructure my learning strategies. The course itself has demonstrated varieties of ways in which students can learn. First of all, there was the need for me to attend lectures regularly, this made me abreast and current in all the subjects. I also wrote down whatever my lecturer wrote on the board after which I expanded to make note for my future reference. Because the course was very broad and demanding, I threw away my shyness and pride so I could talk to any student if there is something I don’t understand and it will interest you to know that whoever I went to was more than glad to assist me. This really help my understanding a lot and enabled me capitalised on my strength and gave me room to improve upon my weaknesses.seldomly,we also worked in peer groups which was very vital to my analytical thinking and enhanced my effective approach to essay writing.


As a husband, father of three, a part time worker and a full time student it means I really need an efficient and effective work plan for an excellent result. I should perform all these simultaneously to avoid overlapse, it should be in a way that none of the functions will affect the other.

Personally, all these functions are very important to me but I will devise an action plan for the area I need to develop and stick to my priorities. Since my education in the Bible College is not perpetual and also very demanding I will give it more attention to enable me complete it once and for all. I really need to work very hard, stick to my routine and follow the priorities I have set for myself. I will not allow any other interest to distract me of my goals.

However, I will visit the library every Thursday and Friday; these are the days that I don’t attend lectures during term time. On the other hand, during the mid-term breaks I will visit the library from Monday to Friday. This will help me to have enough time to prepare my essays. Once an essay is written and has been forwarded to a lecturer, is not the end therefore, there is the need to allocate time for corrections. My study kits, manual, textbooks and web sites will also be of tremendous importance to me. Time management has been my problem ever since Primary school, but this course has enabled me to manage my time judiciously. Now I know what to do, when to do it, how to do and where to do it to derive the best utilization of time management



Most of the lectures have painfully and wholeheartedly directed us on how to write good essay. Based on what I have been taught, below will be a structure I will use for successful production of my future essay writing.

First I have to read thoroughly to understand what the whole question is actually asking me to do. I was once told by my lecturer that understanding the question is the gateway to pass the exams.

Secondly, I also need to identify the task in the question that is, am I to compare and contrast? Is it asking me to explain the advantages and disadvantages? Is there anything in the essay that I have to evaluate?

Similarly, I will decode the question, analyse it to get an overview. When I have analytically demonstrated my knowledge and skill of the topic. I will use the laid down criteria and the guidelines to look for relevant resources and materials. The key word in my essay will be effective planning which will be what to write, how to write and who to write on. This will in effect include what need to be added or excluded in my essay.

This will bring me to the whole body of the essay, with all the vital information and materials I will start writing the essay. The effective research made will help me avoid any irrelevant fact that might render my essay with less meaning and understanding. I will write an outline and organise list of points relevant to the topic that I am writing on. I will draft the essay and collate them in its correct format carefully; I will crosscheck all spellings, sentences and every grammatical error. Now I will put my essay under the appropriate heading. After designing and writing the whole essay I have to make sure that I submit it within the stipulated deadline least it will be rejected and all my effort would have gone down the drain. Though it could be considered for late submission, yet I should not take chances.


I have overcome my weakness and my primitive way of thinking and analysing the word of God. This course has enabled me managed my time judiciously. Now I know what to do, how to do, and when to do to achieve the best result.

After I reflected on the views of my lectures, I overcame my weakness and my strength was highly improved. They taught me how to address my short coming and improve on my strengths.