How Communication Skill Helps You In Studies English Language Essay

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Communication skill helps me in all my studies, daily life by learning the ways to communicate effectively depends on speaking skill and writing skill and the most important part is help me to become a better individual. Communication is how you express your opinion, impression, comment, judgment, and bias from one entity to another. It also depends on how u communicate with other people

Firstly, verbal communication is very important to every person. Verbal communication is when people who communicate face to face with each other. The main components of verbal communication are sound, word, speaking, and language. Verbal communication helps us to communicate with each other more easily. Through verbal communication, its help me to solve many communication problems and helps me to understand more clearly about what other people are trying to tell me. Speaking effectively and clearly is the most important part to communicate properly with other people so that they can clearly hear what I am saying and can understand me better. By speaking effectively with other people I can avoid misunderstanding and confusion. We have to clearly express what we want to others so that they can understand more clearly and avoid misunderstanding. Speaking can also cause many problems to arise. So communication skills help me to learn how to communicate with each in order to avoid those misunderstanding. Verbal communication plays an important role in our daily life. After I finish study verbal communication, I noticed that verbal communication is very important in business. In business, it is commonly used in instructions, interviews, meetings and many more. When doing business, the business men have to communicate with people properly so that they show confidence in the things that they promote. Verbal communication also helps us to write properly by using correct grammar and sentences. A good message helps us to understand more easily and can work more effectively. It can also let people have more confidence in what that person is saying.

Non-verbal communication is the use of describing method to transfer information or message to others without using any words. Normally, non-verbal communication is mostly not using words. It is done unconsciously and naturally. I have learned that the voice of a person tells us many things about that person. The ways they speak can represent many meaning. It depends on the ways that person speak. For example, when a person is angry, the tone of his or her voice will higher then normally and it's sound fierce. Other than that, space is also one of the non-verbal communications. It is the distance of the space when you communicate with others. For example, when you're talking with people that are familiar to you, you will stand closer compared to people that are unfamiliar to you. Surrounding is non-verbal communication that affected by object or things that around you. For example, the colour of dresses can represent the mood of that person in that day.

Besides that, communication skill also helps me in presentation. Presentation skills are very important to everybody especially to students and leaders. Presentation skills help me to be able to communicate more effectively with other people. For example, when having a presentation, I can plan well and also present the materials that I am confident with. It helps me to be able to speak more effectively so that people can receive the information more easily and well understood. Presentation skills also help me to know more about the objective of a presentation. It is very important for me when doing research and to make my information understood. After I studied presentation skills, I noticed that presentation is not only the way we communicate but also the way we present. When presenting, we can select some medium that can make our presentation more interesting and is able to transfer the information more easily to other people such as handouts, flipcharts, overheads, television, slides and many more. For example, presenting by using slides can summarize the information and can remember more easily. When presenting in team, communication skills also helps me when divide speaking responsibilities, discuss with group members and also how to rehearse together. This helps me to complete the given task faster and more effectively as the task given is separated and delegated evenly among the members of the group. Through teamwork we can accomplish more than if it is done by one individual.

Moreover, communication skills also help me in my writing skills. It helps me to know the importance of writing skills. Brainstorming is very important in writing skills. With the help of brainstorming I am able to write essays with great ideas. It helps me to break down the topic into levels so that I can think creatively. The fact that I am able to write, read and present quite well now is because of this module that has helped me to understand and apply the key points in my life as a student. As I am currently preparing myself for degree level with the help of this module as degree level requires me read, write and present more maturely compared to my level now. I have learned that in presentation, we should never read from the slides because you will be totally disconnected with the audience therefore making the audience lose interest. Instead you should paraphrase and lean forward when making a point so that the audience would take note and they would be interested in listening to you present. As for when I'm writing, I learned that I should not write things that are not relevant to the topic at hand, but instead should write the key points to capture the reader's interest.

Last but not least, I would like to say that this Communication Skills module has helped me to improve myself and my skills as a student so that my transition to degree level would be easier and I wouldn't struggle when I get there. I'm glad I got the chance to study this module and look forward to passing it with flying colours.