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In question one we are asked to define what is stress and causes stress and how we can overcome stress. Stress in a normal emotion an employee can get in any organization, this is simply because of working ethics and how employees work together or different factors such as time, pay, customer relation and so on. It is important that a employee dos not let his emotion cloud their judgment because being in any field dealing with customers it is important that the customers receive their full attention and that customers will always be satisfied.

two introduction

In question two we are asked to describe how setting goals when studying, then rewarding ones self once that goal has been reached can help one in their studies. For any student it is quite helpful and delighting when rewarding or getting rewards when studying, this is because one gets a sense of happiness and relief on completion of a task or goal in ones studies. For example treating you self for doing well in a subject or ones parents rewarding you for ones good grades.

Question three introduction

For any random or normal learner it is important on how a student can take down notes for revision, if note are messy then it would be hard to understand. Good notes taken can lead to good scores in exams and fully understanding a subject. There are many forms of how someone can take down notes, the writing of the student also counts to the cleanness and can determine if the notes can be read and used for future references.

Question four introduction

Nowadays in any organizations business it is important that a effective communication flow is available from all employees to supervisor, to do so supervisors will need to ensure that employees knows how to effectively communicate with employees, supervisors (any of the company higher-ups) and customers. There are various ways in which a employee can attain effective communication. If a company succeeds in maintaining effective communication then the company will be able to work to its full capacity.

Question one answer

stress definition

A proper definition of stress would be, stress is a feeling of annoyance towards something or someone, basically stress in seen in any working area and this is because of an employees tiredness, customer issues, manager issues or any factor which can lead to an unpleasant feeling for the employee. In any organizational business stress is inevitable because not matter how hard someone tries to eliminate "stress" in a workplace there is always a chance that it can be gained.

1.10 What happen to someone physically when stress occurs

Since birth every human will be born with a special and instinctive stress response, there are three factors which describe what can happen to us physically when someone becomes stressed.

1st whenever a potentially dangerous or unwanted situation arises, stress hormones will release them self into our bloodstream, this is the reaction we get once stress has taken effect on someone.

2nd these stress hormones start to cause a instant mental and physical change to someone, which can give extra physical strength and endurance and give us a extra feeling just like adrenaline.

3rd stress hormones can also give us the extra ability to run away a lot faster than normal.

1.11 Causes of stress

self-focus, which basically means to think only for your self, the reason why this can lead to stress is because when people only think for them self and put then self in front of others, people start to feel lonely and can become anxious for not getting what they wanted or because of others turning against them.

Distrust, this is when someone loses trust on others and feel like others want to "get you" to say, or feel like they don't care about you. When someone starts to feel distrust between themselves and other the feeling of trust vanishes, this can happen when we have bad experience with others and when we cant know if what they are doing is trust worthy or not.

Fear of rejection, this is when someone thinks a lot about what others may think about you and assume that no matter how hard you try to please them they wont accept you. For any human "belonging and esteem" are both deep, people who are lacking in self-esteem are always thinking about how the someone they are trying to please will reject them.

Conflict, through argument and fights (can be physical and unphysical) by trying to get to get someone to do something that they are unwilling to got can cause the someone to become stressed, through this any situation can occur can be positive or negative. Both parties will get tired of arguments and becomes stressed as a unpleasant reward.

Overload, this is when too someone undergoes to much work and the workload gets to then, usually people ask for more workloads if they are having financial issues however doing so they are unknowingly bringing in stress for them selves. When a human does to much work that he can handle he starts to get stressed out because of lack of free time, tiredness and so on.

Deception, this is when someone gets what they want through deceptions, such as lies, cheating and stealing and they keep wondering if they get caught. People such as thief's will keep worrying about getting caught. Usually very few working people will use deception to their advantage because they are good citizens however there are few who wish to misbehave. This is just a few examples of how stress can be caused; there are many other ways which stress can be caused as well.

1.12 Overcoming stress

Deep abdominal breathing, when someone is stressed ones breathing pattern changes, therefor by simply controlling your breathing one can reduce stress levels even lose stress. Deep breath causes calmness and relaxation it is a natural way to reduce stress for an employee.

Remembering happy memories, when under the influence of stress a good way to calm yourself is to stop and start to think about pass "happy" memories, because it can cause your mind to think about something else therefor losing sight on why you where stresses in the first place.

Listing to calm music, a great and effective way to cope with stress is to turn on a soft and calm melody or tune to relax one nerve and try to eliminate stress factors for someone. This is a cheap and simple way to reduce stress in a workplace.

Try avoid stressful people and a stressful environment, when someone is already stressed being around a stressful environment or a person why would seem stressed or can cause stress is a very bad idea because it can not do any good to the person why is already stressed. So its best to try and avoid stress full people.

List down tasks and prioritize them, by doing so one can plan his or her work over time to avoid stressful situations. This is a very organized way to do work and to manage stress in a working area.

Healthy lifestyle, by living a health life style one can reduce their stress levels, for example by exercising regularly while under stress can help energize and refresh your mind, sleeping can help relax your self and refresh you mind from stressful moments, ideas, people and so on. A carefully thought out diet can keep ones body healthy and well-nourished therefore ones ability to cope with stress will increase.

Question two answer

2.0 How can a student make studying easy

There are many ways in which a student can make studying easier, for example setting goals and rewards for reaching their goals can be a form or motivation for the student to strive to do better in their exams or just simply wishing to finish up assignments as soon as possible. In any child's school days motivation when it comes to studies is always necessary simply because a child can get bored and tired of school. There it is important for parents to think up of ways to motivate their child to do better.

2.10 Setting study goals

This is when a student decides to set goals on the achievements or planning out assignments overtime will help that student in completing his or her work efficiently and effectively, evidently when a student sets him self goals he can aim to achieve them or if he knows that he is weak in a subject he can try and aim as high as possible so that the student will not fail on that subject.

2.11 Rewards for achieving study goals

When a student reaches a study goal they could reward them self by simply pampering them self by eating food they like or buying them self something they have always wanted, or if in an agreement with a parent or guardian and the student keeps his promise then parents could reward their child. This is a great way for making studies easier.

2.12 Motivation

When student's sets goals for studies and rewarding themselves for reaching their goals this can easily effect a child studying capability simply increases because of the motivational factor. Motivation has an effect in any economy, because people love to be motivated by some sorts being rewarded or simply just wanting to improve them self.

2.13 Advantages and Disadvantages for setting goals and rewards for achieving those goals.

There are few advantages and disadvantages for this method of motivation.

A few advantages would be that the child will gain a better understanding and view on the subject he or she is studying, another would be that parents and child will gain a better bond with each other and always be able to come to their parent for help if it is needed. The child will understand that they can achieve more if they work harder to make sure they get what they want, this is useful peace of knowledge that a child can poses because that could help in the Childs development. Or a high school student rewarding himself for his hard work for achiving his targets could help him self for his future success. Almost all high school graduates wish for a successful future and use this method of motivation. These are a few of the many possible advantages of setting goals and then rewarding ones self for achieving them.

A few disadvantages would be that rewarding the child on the occasion that he does well could be expensive if the family can not afford to do so, especially if the promise is over a long time, rewards go be expensive if it keeps going on. But I like to think that a Childs education is priceless regardless of the cost. Another disadvantage would be that there would be a chance that the child could learn that he or she can take advantage of the parent's kindness to get what they would want this could be a real problem for a child and parents.

For a high school student rewards could become a distraction more than a motivation therefor it could be a problem for all students if look at wrongly. These are all but a few of the many disadvantages and advantages that are available for setting goals then rewarding ones self for them. Depending on the situation it could become a advantage to the child or teenager or a disadvantage if look at poorly.

2.14 How it can help making studying easier

When using this motivation technique students will learn a few different lessons, one of them would be that goals can be achieved though hard work and determination, one can also be rewarded for putting hard work into something when working for a organization, this is taught in school when parents or teachers reward student for achieving their goals. Student start to take a interest in school works, wishing to do well so that they can be rewarded, try to strive to do well in school so that parents will take notice of them and congratulate them in some way. All this can help the student in his or her later life, meaning when they start to work they will understand that if work if done well and efficiently their superiors may take notice of them and reward them in some way.

Question three answer

Important of taking good notes

In any secondary or third level of education premises note taking is a important and essential need for learning, proper note taking skills or knowledge is important so that notes made can use used when needed. It is important to have clear, short and precise notes to use when needed so that the student can use them to study or revise for exams or whatsoever.

3.10 What do notes do for you

Many students and professionals decide to try and make a complete record of the lecture, book or meeting they just had or read and put it all down in their notes, this is a recipe for failure in other words it will not work. When trying to get down and note all that happened it leaves no room to think about what to write and how it will all fit together.

The purpose for taking notes is to simply help you study better and more quickly. This would mean that notes don't have to contain everything but only the most important parts of the lecture. The reason why taking down everything is bad is because when revising for a exam you wont need to go over everything to find the small part that are useful for the exam.

3.11 What is needed when taking notes

When taking down notes there are certain things which are more important than others, it is important that you don't take down what you already know. For example if you already know the name, date and author of a book then you don't need to take it down.

What is relevant to notice when taking down certain notes, there are a number of different kind of information to know when taking down notes needed; these information includes;

Dates of events, it is important to know the date of a certain period, book or what so ever when taking down notes, especially for the subject of law where dates are needed in the cases which are relevant.

Names of people, being able to match names with the key ideas will help you remember those ideas better, to recognize the ties between ideas and if they are proposed by the same person or related in some way.

Theories, statements which have relevant theories in them should be recorded in notes because in most cases theories are the main points in most lectures.

Definition, just like theories these are usually then main and most important points of the topic unless you already know the meaning of the words used in the lecture.

Arguments and debates, listing down all the advantages and disadvantages which are debated in a lecture can be a critical key term which could be related to the topic. It can help you understand the key idea from two different perspectives.

Images and exercises, taking down all images which are related to the topic that can illustrate a main point or a class exercise with a few words which can record the exercise, this can help you understand better what the exercise is about.

3.20 Note taking techniques

For good note taking there are three well known ways of taking down notes, these three note taking system are outlining, mind mapping and the Cornell system. Learning how to use these three methods can help in mastering note taking.

3.21 Outlining

This is when you use roman numerals (numbers, Roman number) or bullet points this is a good way of capturing the relationships between data and ideas. Say in a law class you would write the name of the case study then under it the date of the case and who would be involved, by doing this you can link the information together easily. It's a simply and easy way to take notes from books and even meetings.

3.22 Mind-Mapping

College students might find this method more suitable for lectures because mind-mapping is a more appropriate way to keep track of all the relationships between ideas. A mind map is where you start in the middle of the page then start to branch out from the center outwards. This helps fit pieces of information all together. If a new topic come out all you need to do is make a new branch to record the new data for your notes. This is the best suited method for lectures.

3.23 The Cornell System

This system is a very simple but extremely useful way to increase your recall and usefulness of your notes.  About a quarter of the way from the bottom of a sheet of paper, draw a line across the width of the page. Draw another line from that line to the top, about 2 inches (5 cm) from the right-hand edge of the sheet. You've divided your page into three sections. In the largest section, you take notes normally - you can outline or mind-map or whatever.

Question for answer

4.0 Importance of communication

In any cooperation communication is very important, however it is easily over looked the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is needed to be able to carry out tasks, thoughts and visions of the organization to its customers or employees. Communication can come in speech, words; signs and so on there are many forms of communication which can be used in a workplace, these forms of communication will be used to show direction or provide information to others. Without proper communication there would be no way to express ideas, thought and feeling to one another.

4.10 Types of communication

There are two main types of communication which are used mostly in day to day life inside or a organization, these two types of communication are verbal and non verbal communication. Basically verbal communication is spoken information share around the company and non verbal is basically information which is not spoken that can help in an organizational day to day lifestyle.

4.11 Verbal Communication

There are two types of verbal communication, first oral communication which is basically speaking to one another to share information, ideas, theories, visions and so on and secondly there is written communication which is information which has been written down and passed around the business sharing whatever is written down.

Oral communication, only using spoken words which would include face - to - face conversations, speech, telephonic conversations, video, radio, television, voice over internet (recordings). Oral communication is influenced by the pitch of someone's voice, the volume they are speaking with (meaning loud or soft), speed of their voice ( if they are talking fast or slow and the clarity of speaking meaning if what they are saying is clear and you can understand it.

Written communication, normally written communication uses written signs or symbols are used for communication. Written communication basically is message which are printed or hand written. Normally written communication is sent though email, letters, report and memo and so on. For written communication to be useful one need to be careful when writing information down, clarity of writing and so on. This can all effect written communication.

4.12 Nonverbal communication

This type of communication is based on sending or receiving wordless messages, we can say that communication other than oral and written. Nonverbal communication can be sent and received by gestures, body language, posture, tone or voice or facial expressions, there are all known examples of nonverbal communication. Non verbal communication is all about communication though use of the body.

Appearance, though clothing, hairstyle, use of cosmetics, neatness and tidiness of a person one can show signs of nonverbal communication to another. It is important to be careful when choosing how to dress your self because it can give a good or bad sign to the person your trying to communicate with.

Body language, this is basically all the facial expressions, gestures and postures that you show while in communication with someone. Someone might think highly or poorly of you based on how you use body language. This is a important factor when in business meeting and such transactions.

Sounds, basically the tone of voice, volume, speech rate and how fast you talk. This all can be categorized under non verbal communication. For example shouting can be seem as anger while tremors in voice tone can show shyness or worries.

4.20 Developing communications skills

To my knowledge there are few certain ways for developing good communications skills, these ways are; through practice, trust, developing you language, eliminating language barriers. These are just a few efficient ways to develop ones communication skills

4.21 Practice

Though constant practice of communication one can get better at communicating with other, this is a simple but effective way to develop someone's communication skills. Simply talking to friends, family or whosoever can help you improve talking to others.

4.22 Trust

Normally one can communicate better when talking to someone you trust, trusting someone means that you feel a sense of security that they wont betray you. So someone will feel more relaxed when talking to someone you known and trust rather that a stranger.

4.23 Developing language skills

By improving ones language skills they can learn the correct way to talk to other, how to use better words, proper pronunciation of words and how to use the correct words for a situation. This is a useful peace of knowledge that can help in communication and in writing.

4.24 Eliminating language barriers

This is where by simply trying to teach others to speak the same language or finding someone who speaks their language fluently can help in effective communication. Sometimes due to the barriers of languages it is hard to communicate with other. Therefor it Is necessary to try and ask a friend or someone who can help you communicate with others.


Question one conclusion

Stress is an common un-wanted factors that will eventually arise in any work place, it is important for employees to know what are the factors for stress, such as what causes stress, what can stress do to you, and how to overcome stress. As stated on top there are many ways to deal with stress and what we can do physically and mentally to over come stress in a working place.

Question two conclusion

Setting study goals then rewarding yourself for reaching those goals is a great form of motivation, there are many advantages and disadvantages for this. As stated on top this type of motivation can be good for the child as in teaching him to fend for him self in the future or it can cause the child to misunderstand the concept it is trying to teach.

Question three conclusion

Note taking is important for any secondary or higher education such as colleges or universities, there are three main form of note taking which can be utilized to help in studies, note taking is necessary for revision for exams and so on.

Question four conclusion

Communication is important in any organization, without effecting communication a business would surly fail. Communication is used to pass information, orders, and messages or just used to break the ice. Communication has many barriers and boundaries that if are not overcome can be a real issue for the organization. However there are effective ways to overcome these boundaries which can lead to a organizations success.