How Business Communication Skills Make A Difference English Language Essay

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These lines I am writing now is meant to realize the importance and need of communication skills during the course of our life. We are now in 21st century, it is the age of information and technology; media has played a vital role to minimize the distance and maximize the Economic and Commercial activities and we are aware that Communication skills provides "life blood" to the information technology. Online systems, Internet, Websites, Television, Radio, Telephone, Fax, E-mail, Cell phone, E-Banking, E-Commence, Hard news, Electronics media, and Print media all are depended on Communication skills.

"What is what, who is who"

Communication skills makes us able to face the challenges of life, we got a good sense about how to deal, when to speak, what to discuss and why. We can express our aim-n-objective, motive, perception, desire and effective plan through our Communication skills.

"To strive, to find, to seek and not to be yield"

In fact, Communication is a word with Latin "Communis" origin "Co" which mean common language. Therefore, we have to say that Communication skills are needed at every step and it pays at person and collective level. Career orientation and training is a part of your Communication skills. Inter persona relations such as Speaking ability, Listening and understanding, transcription and Shorthand, Telephoning, meeting and Conference are the of interaction with other people. You're Demonstration, Presentation and compelling is totally depended upon your Communication skills and way of projection. How forceful, you are talking about the matter to bring round the other people with Courtesy, Consideration or your attitude. How you present your point of view and your body language "Greeting and postures" is some other supporting aid with your oral Communication skills.

Non-verbal Communication:

Non-verbal communication is the basic form of the communication and it have some rules and usually it occurs unconsciously and its different from verbal communication in some ways like nonverbal communication is less structured and secondly it is done unconsciously and naturally

Components of non-verbal communication:

The use of body language and it include facial expressions like the face is the index of mind the eye, the lips and the mouth can express many feelings like the signs that we make with someone. It can also be used to deceive e.g. poker face.. Tone of the voice also tells about the speaker emotional state and it is the most important aspect is inflection. It also include the way we dress the way I place my hands or the silence I keep and the certainly the way I laugh, so the surrounding will play a important role in non-verbal communication

Functions of non-verbal communication:

It's used to support and clarify verbal communication and it has some specific functions like to provide information, regulate the flow of conversation, expressing emotions, to control others and to qualify verbal messages.

Importance of non-verbal communication:

Non-verbal communication will do more impact even when it's unplanned. It is very important in conveying feelings and mostly emotional meanings are exchanges in the interaction. It is very reliable most of the people deceive others easily with words rather than nonverbal behavior. It is very help full in credibility and leadership potentials.

Effective non-verbal communication:

I can make more improvement in effective non-verbal communication by practice. It's mostly bases on a person's non-verbal communication and it includes the personality, the level of confidence in me and the level of awareness of what other people thinks about me.

Advantages of non-verbal communication:

It will reinforces oral communication

By adding visual stimuli

Quantify Ideas

Disadvantages of non-verbal communication:

Difficulty interpreting without spoken words

Comprehension and interpretation skills

Can be expensive

Convention use in e-mail:

E-mail is called as electronic mail it is a computer stored messages which are exchange by telecommunication and it is usually written in text. We can also send non-text files like images and sound files via attachments from one pc to another pc and e-mail is the the first use of internet and its quite popular till now. It has many parts like "To" it is used as action address and From" is used to tell some information that this mail coming from whom person." CC" it is used for information address, to pass information as it is an order for "To" and just to tell others and "Subject" is used to write something about the information which we are sending and there is a option of "Attachment" which is used to send some files or any image or any sound file which is attached by the mail and BCC" is used to tell about the e-mail to only that person no other from CC" and can seen by BCC" and there is also a option of Forward" which is used to send the same email to some other person.

Job application letter:

A successful job depends on how you market yourself. It is a part of marketing. It must be persuasive and must have a interesting start your talent must be with the job and also must attach your CV and every job application letter must have a positive ending.

A job application consists of two parts

Letter of application which must be persuasive written

A resume (CV) must be informative written

Letter is then attached with resume my covering letter is badly written the potential employer will not even open the attachment so that he will read my resume. Like in resume my application latter must be in a form of advertising it must have a standard opening my letter should be open with the standard one that identify the publication in which you see the advertisement of the job. e.g. with reference to your advertisement in the Sunday post dated 16 February 2008 I wish to apply for the post of associate manager in your company. Always show your potential employer that you have that much skill that will match what the job requires. Spend I spend my time on studying the job so you can match your latter with the job. Your letter must show the strong points such as your current job and your working experience. While writing a letter always end the letter with a positive note like I trust my qualifications and experience meet your requirements and don't show off that I am a busy person and I can't take time for you.


A resume is a form of advertising so that I can get an interview. My objective is to call the reader's attention to my best features without misrepresenting my facts.


The reader first reaction will base on my appearance not on my contents; it must be clean black type on letter-size white bond paper. Corrections should be unnoticeable use break up text using headings. Grammar spelling and punctuation must be correct and writing style is always simple and correct and use short phrases starting with action verbs.


Name and address

IT should be started in the opening section of the resume

Career objective

It is useful because it provide the reader with a frame of reference for reviewing qualification. Always specific about what I want to do and do not make a narrow statement


If I am in school name the school and location, duration, my field of study skills, abilities I developed, degree are certificate earned. Start with the school which I have recently attended. If my work experience is my strongest qualification then I will start it with this.

Work experience

Emphasize jobs that are relevant to my target field including part time. List jobs in chronological order with the current or last one first.

Activities and achievements

I will list my projects that required leadership, teamwork. These include speaking writing experience sports or any creative activities.

Other relevant facts.

In this describe other aspects of my background that relate to my career objective e.g. languages travel experience etc.

Personal data

These include references to hobbies, willingness to relocate or travel etc.