Honest hearts

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“Honest hearts produce honest actions” Brigham young quoted. Why did this remarkable author say that? Now, in my speech I will be discussing Honesty as a merit. I can strongly agree with the author. However, not every person will feel the same. How does one acquire honesty as a virtue? Is it by practice and training or simply just born with it? Or is it the way one is raised within the environment? Is it good or is it bad? Now a person of pure honesty will not vex whether honesty really pays. They feel that they must be honest at all times yet this quality might bring them deprivation because it is right to be honest and never be dishonest.

Typically, some people are very stiff and they loathe those individuals who fabricate reality for any motive. Others, allow “white lies” depending on the conditions, even though they naturally do not like stating lies or being dishonest. In my opinion, I firmly believe that in any kind of relationship, honesty is the best key to maintain it. Those persons who work hard at practicing or committing this quality are unmistakably better parents, students, employers, employees, and by great difference more triumphant in their lives than those individuals who do not. On the contrary, those who do not apply honesty may get pleasure in life and big success, however, their dishonesty always overtake them and they may live the rest of their lives in agony.

Living in the world nowadays is tough. People are finding it difficult to be honest with each other and this always generates issues that at times lead to someone getting harmed in the flesh or psychologically. It gives the idea that, there is always something to lie about in our daily lives. Now a person, particularly a young person may pose the question, “What is Honesty?”. If one is feeling regretful for self because his life took a negative turn in their life, they should try tracing whatever thing that is going wrong back into ones previous actions or whole past, and if honest with self, they will find out that a given point in the past, they might possibly have done something that is responsible for what they are feeling today. I am able to grasp the concept that there are various happenings that we do not have any control over such as sickness, peoples actions or accidents. When talking from the perspective of being honest, I am talking about those events that we do have partial or total control over and the ambition to do something relating to it and preserve a clear conscious.

Throughout our nurturing, our parents enlightened us one of the greatest human values: telling the truth at all times. Based on this, our parents can aid us in resolving life tribulations, and in turn we build the healthy familial relationship with each other. For example, neglecting the truth or lying towards our parents may get us in trouble or still in life's critical situations. irregularly, it might be overdue for our parents or any other person for that matter to help us even though they try hard to get us out of the chaos we brought upon us. But if we had been honest, they would have advised us on the best way forward and may be gotten us out of our troubles such as teenage crisis (drugs and unplanned pregnancies or crime) before it was too late. However, being dishonest, we get ourselves deeper in the chaos we have created since we are impelled to tell more lies to cover for our prior ones. Besides, sooner or later the truth will be uncovered and consequently, those we love lose their trust in us and doubt almost every single thing we do or say. We all make mistakes and considering all that, we should at al times tell the truth and be honest about everything we do so we can often avoid more and mostly likely grave or grim situations.

Evenly, throughout maturity, I believe that in any professional relationship being honest is extremely vital. Lying or being dishonest in whichever way may jeopardize firms our colleagues or our careers. furthermore getting unsuitable references will tarnish our professional vision forever. Being trustworthy and honest is an essential professional quality.

In conclusion, trust is progressed up all through our lives. Telling a lie at any given instant in time can harm someone else's feelings and emotions and devastate a relationship or even harm someone physically. Dishonesty may intrude on our friendships, marriage and career. Telling the truth and being honest at all times may be difficult at times, but this is always the right thing to do since you avoid more sophisticated problems. If we consider that uprightness and truth are far more important than success, riches, and title, then, obviously, an honest heart produces honest actions.