History Of Writing In My Life English Language Essay

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Writing has been fueling our society with knowledge for as long as we can remember, thus playing an important role in every human beings life, dead or alive. From writing signs on the wall during cave periods to digital versions of novels and essays in this modern time, writing has given us all a public access to knowledge. I always wondered if the privilege to be called a "writer" is only limited to people who produce novels, poetry, essays, or plays. In my opinion, a writer writes because he loves to write and is able to make words sing and express creativity in his writing. A true writer has this inner fire that keeps burning and burning giving him a constant urge to write, to spill countless letters on a blank piece of paper, no matter the amount of time spent or sweat dropped. He or she may not be the next Charles Dickens or Mary Flannery O'Connor, but loving what you do may open paths for the unexpected. Writing to a writer is the only thing that drives him - nothing else can satisfy him.

In my life, writing was not a big deal when I was younger, and got to the point where I started wishing I no longer had to write papers for school. As I grew older, I began to realize that writing is the only system that can connect us with people who we have never met, and it's everywhere. With that in my mind, I do not consider myself a writer, but, through experiences that I have encountered and have yet to encounter, I believe that I am a "writer" in a different way since I do not think there is a one true definition that is able to cover all the writing systems that still subsist or have ever subsisted.

Aral Sea, formerly one of the largest lakes in the world, even considered a sea at one point, has now shrunk and divided into five different, small lakes. The region, that once possessed a prosperous fishing industry, now has been destroyed and brought economic, political, and health issues. As the sea dried up, fishing industries and the communities that depended on them collapsed. As a result, seeing people struggle and starve every day affected my mind bitterly. By witnessing these events, my friends and I wanted to help the community to progress by executing a plan that included creating a business and using the profit to help the poor. The plan was to build websites, burn music, films, pictures on DVDs, CDs, and assist people in fixing their computer and system errors. Hence, we taught ourselves how to program in different languages, amd use programs efficiently. When we earned our first remuneration, it was a huge achievement, and milestone in our lives. Instead of spending it right away, we were smart enough to use the money to expand the project and carry it on to new levels. We each shared responsibilities and there was no clear leader. The profit was little and it could only be enough to feed a small number of people for a small amount of time. One day, one of my "business partners," if you will, gave us all a great idea. He suggested that we spend a portion of the profit to purchase a space in local newspaper where we can place an ad so more people will be aware of our intentions. Everyone liked the idea and there was no opposition expressed in the discussion. The next day, we went to meet one of the editors of the newspaper. Although we called him earlier that we were going to meet him, he was very surprised when he saw us.

Him: "I didn't think that you guys would be this young"

Me: "I might be young, but I have a mental age of a grown up teenager"

Him: "Well, that's great.. .I just thought that you would be at least a couple years older than you are now. Do you guys know how to write an ad?"

Asilbek (friend): "Don't you just have to include as much information as possible?"

Him: "Yes, but you won't be able to include every detail about your charity. Instead, you will have to remove certain words that do not tell important information or simply take up precious space. Take a look at this newspaper headline," he said pointing to a headline that read: "A powerful earthquake hits the nation, 30 dead." "See? The author of the article included only the important part of a would-be one long sentence. This not only gives you more space but it also helps grab attention from people overloaded with information. People usually take anywhere from 4-7 minutes to skim over newspapers, therefore, the less is very crucial in writing an ad."

We talked more with him about writing and publishing. This experience still affects me as a novice writer by encouraging me to write simple and short as to help people understand my points. While this project was not as successful as we hoped with our stretch of imagination, it still remains etched in my mind more than any other event because at that time I discovered what I wanted to study and learn: writing, writing code.

Writing code and writing are two different concepts. Programming or writing code is more similar to building a machine than it is to writing a novel or an essay. Your code gives a machine detailed instructions on how to opreate and react to user inputs. Your programmed code either works or it doesn't, but writing is more like an opinion answer - it's always correct. A simple example could be a game design team. If one team member prefers writing a plot for the game, another prefers coding the actual game and its engines - these two activities require two completely different skills. Peope often think that programmers only find solutions to certain problems. While this is true, professional programmers face many more challenges. Designing and writing a program is simply an art. A good programmer makes sure that his fellow programmers will be able to understand his stream of thought and his intentions about organizing the program the way he did. Just like any other spoken language, programming has many varieties of its own language. These languages too differ from each other in style and functionality. To me, writing code is a different universe with completely different laws governing it. Programming has always been my creative source of satisfaction. Finding new approaches to solving problems using specialized algorithms and formal logic further encouraged me to take the path. Having this joy of total control over this universe and creating products piece by piece with my own hands is a reflection of God's delight while creating this world.

Writing played and still plays an important role in a human's life that it has become an everyday thing. Writing is everywhere; it communicates us with all types of people, whether it's through a book, an email, or even a newspaper ad. We all contribute to writing every day; in return, it benefits us all back. As any other student, I had and still have trouble putting thoughts into words and words onto paper, but over the years, I've seen my writing improve exceeding my expectations. I am just not the type of person who likes to spend hours working on a paper, instead I prefer writing code during my free time. But, as we all know, life is a journey. Maybe life will put me on a path that will eventually make me love writing.