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Please do not use medical terms or words that you would not normally use in daily language. This exercise is to expand your vocabulary. The word I have picked to discuss for this question is 'sundry'. When I first heard this word, I didn't understand what it meant. It is pronounced suhn-dree and is an adjective that means various kinds or several things that are not worth mentioning as individual items or miscellaneous items. In a sentence, for example it can be used instead of listing every single item such as; "The hotel has room for parking, a laundry room, a gym, swim up bar, a convenience store and a gift shop with a wide range of sundry items." Or " The music we play during opening hours include sundry pop music and Australian rock." Sundry is an uncommon word, as many people tend to use its synonyms, which are 'different', various and 'several'.

Q.2. Give an example where communication competence is important to overcome a difficult situation. (Refer bottom of Pge 3)

Communication competences means people can know how they do or talk with another people (we can call this is communication behaviour) to match with the problems or the situation they have. But sometimes, people have wrong decision. No one can say they have a perfect the communication competence; they need to practice and learn from their life. They need to learn and know which skills are useful to them and how they use their skill in each different situation. We have a lot of ways to communication from people to people such as writing, speaking, typing, body language and verbal communication. For example, I'm an international student and need to use English with my friend in campus, my can feel very comfortable to stand in front of a lot people to speak but my writing is not good and around the campus I have some friend with same my country so we use the mother language to talk. It is the easy way to me and my friends can understand together but it's not good for my study. That why we need to practice every day. Also, the international student always contact with the family and me too, but the internet's signal in campus sometime is not good and if I pay for the fee of phone it is too expensive. It makes the conversation between me and my family very hard, the information is not clear and very hard to listen.

Q.3. Refer to the David Armand video clip shown in class. Describe how he used NV communication to tell the story of the song. Did it amuse you? Why?

Communication skill is required for all of jobs and any person all around the world need it to build up the achieve for their life. Communication is not only verbal but also it had non-verbal communication; this is a part of life when from people was born to people dead; they need to them to communicate every day. People can use many ways to send the message by non-verbal such as eye contact, facial expression, posture and gesture. Also, the personal appearance, body language which is using the body movement by hands or the posture to send the main idea and the message they want to give to audience and the person they face to face to communicate. To prove for these information we have the example about the man who is a dancer and he use the body language to perform a mime dance interpretation of Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn". With the black costume the dancer appearance and get one hundred percent from the audient under the bright stage lights and in front of red curtain. With music and by the body language he send whole story to the audient very clearly. His performance was very professional and it makes everyone feel comfortable, interesting when they look every single moment from him because it is very attract. He uses the body language to describe clearly any characteristic in the song. With the special person who can't hear, it's a best way to give them the information. Body language seen as a visual communication, the main reason is the eye contact and the facial expression were excellent, he looked the audience and he makes them excited and laughing during the time performance.

He has a lot of achieved for using the body language to send the information:


He use the level of eye contact to attract to audience

He is so confident when he stand in front of a lot of people

No fear and nervous when he is presenting

The costume match with the background and match with the clients


So professional and he look very relax from every single movement

Information clearly and friendly with the story and the music

The video and the way he performance, it makes me very impressive. Firstly, music, and about the story that make me focus and then I'm very surprise with the first movement of him. I know he is the dancer but it is very hard to attract people because dancing just the entertainment but he uses his skill to make everyone focus about him. Also, we can study the lesson from him that is we should to know a lot of way to communication to easy connect with people, show them how you feel and how you think. It makes everybody close together.

Q.4. Find an article from a newspaper dated 2012 that uses graphics and text to explain a current news story. Write an evaluation of the article, discussing the effectiveness of:

1. The textual information presented

2. The graphic information presented.

What grabbed your attention - the image, the heading or the text? Did the text seem appropriate with the image? Or were you misled by the article?

The chart shows the rank of the country about the event call Miss World 2012, the most famous event we have per year.

The chart from the international website that call Missology. In the general of the beauty contest, the Vietnamese's representative always in top of the favourite candidates when people vote online. However, they are located at the second and third rank; it is hard to break to go up for the first position.

Back to Miss World 2012, Hoang My who is the representative of Vietnamese spent a busy schedule. One 26/8/2012, they have a show in Shanghai, it calls "the World Designer Award", the contestants are divided into groups and performed colourful costumes. The news information about this event will be update soon and we will know more about their information and result of event soon.


Q.5. Refer to a situation when you have worked as a "team". Explain and discuss how the team was formed and why a specific person was chosen to be the leader (was it you or someone else?).Reflect on the role you played on the team. What is the role of communication when working as a team to achieve a goal?

As one of the group assignment for the subject HRM 102 of Mr. Frawley, we have discussed and learn how to create the restaurant or we can say how to make a business and earn the money. We have 5 people in a group, so in the first group meeting, we make the brand stomp for the our restaurant and we decide 4 jobs that we need to play for each person such as the leader, the designer, the marketer, the person who make the menu and the supporter. Everyone vote for me to become the leader. So I need to organise everything, I start with decide the job for each person and then make the plan for next meeting. One important thing is make sure everyone clear the information I want to send to them to do the job and if any problem they will ask me before next meeting. So, the communication skill is very important because it uses to connect everyone and this is the tool to make the project can run smoothly. The leader should require speaking skill, eye contact and listening skill as well. Why? Because speaking, eye contact are helped the leader transfer the ideas or information to group member easier and so far the listening skill can help the leather to understand the feedback from another member or if any main point in the meeting they can catch and remember the problem or new information for how far to the project. We can't say what role is important and just only this role can make the achieve for team because any part in team is same the important, if we miss or any part stuck, it means the project will be late. So, communication in team are very important, it helps to connect the information and as well as between any department in the company. Also, communication and listen together will build up the best result in team work.

Q.6: How does Music communicate to you? Describe what music you like to listen to and when, or if you do not then why?

Music is one of the oldest forms of communication; it has been used throughout the years to communicate between aboriginal tribes, to indicate times of happiness in Native American communities and times of war in the middle ages. Now day's music is used to change your mood and convey messages to a whole planet. Normally I like to music that makes me happy such as pop and folk, with catchy beats and addictive lyrics, it can change a bad day into a good one and cheer me up when in sad. I listen to music when I am studying, playing sports, cleaning and just hanging out with my friends. I have a lot of kind of music I like such as R&B, Jazz and rock. I usually listen the song without lyric or the acoustic cover by guitar and piano. Sometimes, it makes me think more about my life and what I done? Is it right or wrong? One of the most music I like that is Japanese music. This music makes me feel relax and remember about my childhood and I like the comic from Japan. It likes the winds and you can amaze the smell from the sakura flower. If you have one time to hear and feel I will believe what I say that is right. My favourite singer is Jay Chou.

Q.7: Complete the assertiveness questionnaire, score yourself and discuss your results with others in your class. How accurate do you think the results are? Mohan (2008) Chapter 6, p.160

I often find the easy way to ask people for help

I often make everyone feel happy and comfortable

If someone rude with me, I will never ever do it back with them

I always find it is very difficult to speak with stranger people

I will ask people pay more if I think I really deserve it

I always stop talking if someone interrupt me during the time I am talking

If people think my work is wrong, I never do it again because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

If I work hard and I receive the pround from someone I always respond with more modest than normal.

I can express pride in my career without show off with everyone

People know how to use my advantage

Sometimes I can tell anything, maybe become the liar or what they want to hear from me if it helps me to get more advantage for me

I often lend something for another people even I think it useless

I always win about arguments by using the power of speak in the discussion

I usually show my true feeling with someone I really care and love such as my family.

When I feel really angry because any reason or someone, I always show off because it make me feel better and I know it is not good.

I 'm not criticize someone in work time but if it is need to make a good goal I will become bossy

I often feel comfortable and confident about my ability and I will stand up for my rights if someone is not fair with me.

I always make everyone feel interesting about me.

From these result I had done from the text book, it is show about my personality and my ability. It means I'm an active person and easy to make the decision by myself. Besides that, I can face to face with any problem and I can pass without stress. Also, I usually take care about what people think and how they feel about me. In the general, I'm a person who keeps the relationship very good. However, I'm not good to control myself I'm easy to angry and I can hide my feeling.

In the end, communication is an important part in how we communicate and connect together in our life. If you have a good communication skill, you can take more benefits for your life such as successful in business and give the customer with the high quality in service and give the customer a good impression in their memory. I think after I finish the journal, I know more about how many percent I understand for this subject and I know how the important of communication for my study and my career in the future.