Government Gun Control

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Listen to the news that Seung-Hui Cho, a student at Virginia Tech, has killed 32 people and wounded many more before committing suicide, the deadliest massacre in history. The ways using gun have to be control strictly, and to be enforced by laws. The reasons are to control the people who using gun, reduce the gun crimes, and the number murders each year.

Government had to control more strictly to reduce the gun crimes because today gun crime is on the rise. According to the Department Bureau of Justice statistics, there were 3.6 violent gun crimes for every 1000 individuals compare with 3.1 the year (2003) before. Gun crime is continuing rising every year by compare the number of gun crimes in the past to the number of gun crimes today, government has to do something to stop the rate which is rising every year. If the gun crime continuing rising, it will affect the development of the society, not only the society but also the population.

As the gun crimes are increasing, the number of murders also increases. Gun represents a more effective method of killing than other varieties of weapons, and their elimination would lower the rates of death and injury. FBI estimated that 661 of murders in 2004 were committed with fire arms. Especially the number of murders committed annually with a fire arms by people in the 14-24 years old age group which increased 173% from 1985-1993. 14-24 is the ages of teens from high school or young adults just graduated from college. Gun raises the level of violence in any disagreement between people. These people may use guns to find over some stupid problems like boy/girlfriends, protect each other, even they think that using guns will make them look cooler and everybody would respect them…others used guns in different purposes like gangsters, mafia, robbing….because of these the number of homicides and suicide will increase. The government has to control and establish more laws about control the way to use gun in public.

Government should control strictly the people who own gun with different purposes. Especially the people have without any idea how to use gun (i.e. kids and teenagers), and people with mental problems. A story the kid name Dave accidentally shot his best friend Tom, according to the story Dave discovered a gun in his wooden chair, he thought it was a pellet gun. Turned out it was a real gun and they didn't know it and the game over with the death of his best friend. People, especially teenagers, need more education about guns and know how to control them safely. Some people do not understand the tradition of responsible gun use, nor do they understand the concept of self-defense and justice. Gun is not the problem the people who use it is the real problem. That's why government should control the people who use gun strictly.