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According to the Portland State University (PSU) Bulletin for 2010-2011, a Writing 115 course helps students develop comprehensive study skills, provides practice formal and informal writing, provides practice in building confidence one's in my writing and finally introduces college level writing. The circumstances under which I first started taking Writing 115 course, I fear and thought the course was going to be complicated because I knew I was not an extraordinarily, adept at writing, and anticipate that writing would be too hard, stressful, and I would never be able to get it. Despite the fact that I declared the class was going to be hard, it actually pretty fun. In current Writing 115, I read different type of essays from the book, Norton Field Guide and these essays help me learn how to write memoirs, reflection, and analyzing a text, evaluations, and arguing a position. I always make sure I read them carefully, and tempting to jump in and start taking notes for example, it I have find something useful from the text, I would paraphrase it on my own and report back to the rest of the class. I do free writing which help me develop, participate, ask question if I do not understand some of the criteria of an assignments, I read texts out loud to help me understand words or I would write them down, and later to find out the meanings. The description announced that Writing 115 course help students gain writing sills, and willing to introduce students to college level writing, despite the fact I have read different type in the book that are also pretty good but, I believe Organ Sales Will Save Lives is the only delightful piece of writing help me understand, how to star and argument position and in my opinion, would be the most helpful for students enrolling a Writing 115 course following on it readability, interestingness, and immediacy important and most of the criteria that is in the text related to the description of writing 115 course and its goals is to help students improve they writing skills.

"Organ Sales Will Save Lives" is readability at the same time as easy to understand compared to some essays I have read from the book and one example would be Dough Lantry, this essay is hard to understand prior to confusion of words and the writing style itself is way too complex. If the essay bundle up for readers to engage in, it would be more interesting due to the fact not enough resources use in the story. I never declare that, the author did not address his story well, simply feeling is, I did not learn greatly I wanted from the text. Matter of fact, he actually did well by summarizes each point and clearly focus on his analysis on a theme running through all three advertisements for instance, he says the concept for a woman to find happiness, she must be strongly healthy to appealing to men. Yes, he make a good reason by describes patterns of images and languages in all three advertisements as evidence. I thought that if he did summarize the picture by using only languages, instead of shows the exact pictures he describe to readers in the text, that would make readers get involve with the text, and wondering more to continue reads , while use they own imagination base on the image. For example, "Lantry add, "alone woman peers dreamily into a fireplace, where she sees an apparition of herself as a bride in a white veil, being fulfilled as a person by marriage to a handsome man" (44). I visualize the image pop in my head and while continues read the text and look over the next page I surprise to see the same image appear. I would definitely write an argument paper about this theme for writing 115 course, I rather the Organ Sales Will Save Lives as a result of Joanna Mackay carefully describe a powerful position that Legally allowing people to sell their organs and more lives will be save. Organ sales is currently illegal in the U.S. and it an arguable subject. This explain good reason for readers to understand what she is arguing about. Her thesis statement first explain where she's coming from by declared that governments should not ban the sale of human organs; they should relate it. This help me understand she's approaching through by putting down much effort, careful details and the essay is amusing, readers want to continuing read, easier to understand, interesting, and more immediate important for Writing 115 students. It hold attention of many readers and would be the most helpful for writing 115 students considering the fact that it meet the criteria to show students absolutely in what way to start argue a position that is well explain.

An essay that exhibit interestingness, is an essay that is unexpected, comprehensible, and well gathering information, brighten enough to make readers break on silence. Also is to learn something that is completely new and make people want to go further beyond to explore more substances of what they already appreciate correct?. These substances help me and will do the same for future writing 115 students to improve they writing skills to become such professional at writing. I used to dislike writing an argument paper because of the biggest fear about writing. By entering in the writing 115 course was the best decision I made for the reason that I gain more skills to be a better writer, I continues reading essays, especially ones on arguing a position, I improve a lot but, Organ Sales Will Save Lives is the most interestingness. it's the key that help me engage to write, and reason for it grab readers attention, it is subject matter, and compelling, easy to understand, the writing style show in the text and the uses research to make readers aware of how the rule of money, drive people to transplantation a healthy kidney, to those who are dying from Renal disease. she come up with support evidence why readers should care about her subjects, a composition that entertain me to pay attention to content, to use a clear interpretation or judgments and reasonable support for conclusions. Her theme, Explain acutely and the way she centers analysis on subject matters by focusing on the mean topic. Also a description for future writing 115 students as long as it help me get perception to arise an argument position. The theme is very specific and had arguments with self distraction and memoirs, a type of subject that is well explaining details, and it also good considering the fact that it is something I have the opportunity to discuss in class and also give me ideas. This essay is approaching to some particular essays from the book as well , "Us and Them", and "How it feel to be colored me, these two subjects can also be helpful for writing 115 student because its fit's some of the criteria of the essay I selected.

The purpose in completing this assignment is to help future 115 students expend benefit from reading and in conclusion it easier to understand, it is interesting and more persona. Joanna Mackay argue a powerful point by using evidence, details, examples to allow readers to realize that she understand what she is writing like regards. She begins with a thesis statement that say governments should not ban the sale of human organs; they should regulate it. Here, she explain a powerful point of arguing on the grounds that we read her essay. The theme grabs readers attention, it is the subject matter, tone using, compelling and the research she did and it tell us interview added human quality of people. It combines academic components, provide background information to help understand a topic and make me want to continue reads. Under circumstances in which I believe the essay is the most helpful in term of writing 115 courses, taking everything in mind of what I declare it is important but, there is a necessity for students not agrees?