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The fast food industry has now becoming more and more prosperous in China. According to the data provided from relevant agents, the most famous two giants in fast food industry: McDonald's and KFC had opened up more than 100 branches in Beijing.

Here comes a question, why do Chinese people prefer fast food so much? For one reasonis that it is really "fast", you order and then you grab it, probably in only 5 minutes. While on the other side, the fast food restaurant like KFC or McDonald bringing an American style that most Chinese have never approached, But, in my own point of view, the fast food obviously have its own disadvantage. Although they offer people good tasting, and can be provided in an efficient manner, but the food itself is

lack of nutrition, and high calorie contained. And do not rely on those so called junk food.

Previously, the term fast food was from a magazine's title which called Fountain and Fast Food Service. And in 1960, the magazine was renamed as Fast Food.Where in February, they released a statement that "delicate scallops are really fast food etc, because they come ready to cook." Then in July, another statement declared that fast food restaurant provide all sorts of food from morning until night.

In 1921, White Castle first appeared in America as the pioneer in fast food industry which sells hamburgers for 5 cents. Since then many competitors followed their foot print.


McDonald's first appeared in San Diego, California, 1948. In 1954, Ray Kroc joined the company and expanded the franchise. In 1972, when Wendy's was founded, it introduced the very famous "drive-through" window.


In order to fulfill the character of "fast", those fast food are processed in a standard method with common ingredients and cooking method. It has now become a common acknowledgement that the accelerating obesity rates was due to fast foods. Most of them were deep fried using hydrogenated oils, and during cooking, the fatty acids are formed.

The fatty acids can be found almost every product of fast food, and also some food manufacturers use it as well. For example, cookies, crackers, cereals and waffles all contained with fatty acids.

Any way, fatty are less costly compared to oil, and they also capable of extending shelf life of food products, moreover, the fatty acid can be used for more than once while at the same time, it also have the benefit to provide flavor and texture.

Fatty acid can replace the saturated fat, but however it could be more dangerous. The major impact found was that itcan break the balance of high/low density lipoprotein cholesterol level within blood. Meanwhile, the fatty acid can also clog arteries which will cause a extreme high probability of apoplexy.

Fast food usually combined with highly sugar contained soda drinks, and usually with extremely large sized cup. Over consume of sugar will cause a series disease that

is the diabetes.

ResearchWhy quick meal been prefer by publicNowadays, the fast food is very popular among the people around the world for several causes.First of all, people have not enough time to sit for their meals for a long time. If they eat fast food, they can eat it as fast as they can and use the time to eat less than normal food when they have the rush hours. It can save their times so much. The second cause is the convenience.

Today people spend more time to work but spend less time to prepare their food, so it is very comfortable to eat fast food. They don't need to cook it and wash their dishes themselves. In addition, the fast food restaurants have many different menus and they always create the new menus to meet their customers want. These can attract the customers who like to taste the new menu. The final cause is the false belief. Someone believes that if they eat the fast food, they will be the updated persons. Fast food is fashionable but normal food is outdated. These are the false belief of some

teenagers. Although some peopleknow fast food is bad for their health, they continue choosing it when they have the rush hours.It’s fast and convenient, while in many country, people are busy on their workings and do not have much spare time, so it is widely accepted.

After such longtime, the quick meal industry had developed to fit many different culture and taste. Like, there is big difference between Pizza Hut and the original Italy pizza, in China, the taste had already accepted by Chinese people.The disadvantage of quick meal

Nowadays, the urban people require a very fast life pace that everyone wants to save time on everything. On working hour, people do like to finish their breakfast and lunch quickly in order to save time for their job. Thereby the food the needed must be quick and convenient, in other works, it means efficient. Consequently, fast food provides to serve well, it can perfectly match this occasion. About a decay ago, the fast food industry been imported to China, soon the younger generation quickly addicted to it because of its taste.

Fast food is not good for children if they addicted to it since it has the characteristic of low nutrition contained. And adversely, the food have too much "junk" for human body, children will got serious health problem while growing.

So carefully chose whatever is new brought to our life, it doesn't means newest is the best, but we also can not stop our step because of fear and suspicious.

Quick meal is easy causing health problem, usually the meal contains high fat and high energy, thus will make people gain fat easily.

Today, the massive requirement of fast food supply is requested by those people who

live in a high efficient environment. There is an old saying, time is money, and in order to same time, food also must be efficient. For normal people, if they consume a lot of fast food, and at the same time do not have the willingness to do exercise, disease will then haunting around. Besides, it is not only the burger and fries can be called the fast food, it includes all other foods that cooked with oil and contained massive amount of fats. Like pizza, it can also be termed as fast food and some Chinese take out as well.

It has been convinced that there are some direct connections between fast food and heart disease.

Quality food

Generally, most of fast food chain serve fat meat or lean meat which mixed with fats. And those fats are usually from animals and it could be also effective in human body. Those fats will accumulate in human arterial walls, and change the blood quality of people, therefor constrict blood vessels and arteries.

The way fast food are cooked

Almost all the patties within a hamburger and french-fries are fried using oil. The oil is also re-used which could cause some serious diseases other than heart and blood problem, like cancer. Scientific believed that high temperature can change the structure of oil molecule, higher aliphatic acid will change to some dangerous blastomogens, and people may get cancer after consuming them.

The quick meal will do more harm for children, it usually cause fat problem and malnutrition, because of the quick meal do not have much element we people acquired. On the other hand, the uses of containers for the quick meal have some harmful element for people like Aluminum, which have already been found as the causing of Senile Dementia.Cooking at homePeople can cook based on the taste of them. Cook can help to practice the patient and perseverance, after all cooking is really a hard work.Cooking at home is clean and cheap, and the food will be more nutritious than quick meals.Whatever people want to eat, they can make it by themselves.Nowadays a lot young people do not havethe experience of cooking, the just fell cooking is hard and boring.Tell young people learn to cook and make cooking tools easy to use, this will probably increase their curiosity on cookingWant to let the people improve to cook a meal of interest, the best attention; some have convenient interesting kitchen utensilsSome convenient and interesting kitchen utensils

Interesting bowl

The bowl is a vibrant colors and interesting designSome quick and convenient kitchen utensils

Convenient design

Design Description

When pouring cooking oil it follow the pan and its not pour into the right place and is poured on to the ground


Convenient funneThe convenient funne is a small tool assisting cook it can easily spill everywhere.In order to resist the high temperature a pan, the funne shall be made of thermos table plastic will can stand above 150 degrees temperature.

IKEA Design

1 This bedroom is designed for children, like the colour is bright and there are much more interesting detailed things: Flowershaped and star liked lamp, a lovely bookshelf with a small blackboard, they can like this.