Falling Behind In Conceptual Understanding Is Problematic English Language Essay


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Some dual language students who can speak English clearly while speaking to someone else, can be place in a class where only English is spoken will without someone to explain the conceptions of what is begin studied in the way the students can understand, will fall behind the students that speak English only. (Intro. To American Education Textbook, p.58)

b. Create a team concept to handle present and future problems and have the inclusion of the students also.

c. All dual language speaking students would be given the chance to attend a class given in their native language that would explain the conceptions of the subject that is hardest to understand.

d. Setup their schedule to have a opening for the class during the week or have a Saturday class.

e. The take home study items would be in English and their native language.

f. Set a time period for review of study materials and assessments of progress.

CH. 3

Bullying and harassment have become significant problems in schools today. Develop a scenario that you might witness as a teacher walking down the hallway, during an extracurricular activity, or while on yard duty. Include a description or what you observed and the action you might take. Offer a hypothesis as to why the incident may have developed the way it did and what you might do to help the perpetrator and the victim from involvement in additional incidents like the one you witnessed.

While walking down the hallway during classroom changing, I see two juniors having words, edge on by a senior. He has spread rumors about a girl that they both like. There are blows and one goes down with a bloody nose. I intervene before there is any more damage is done. I detain all three and make our way to the school office. I know all of the young men involve and know the senior is a wiseass, with a bigmouth and likes to cause problems with the young students. The other two feel that must complete with one another. They are best friends. As we walk I tell the two friends that they must not let someone else get into their heads and cause them to be kicked out of school. As for the senior I let the office deal with him.

CH. 4


Gotham City Middle School has a large multicultural population that includes an annual influx of many English learners. The State Department of Education has announced that the school will lose funding because standardized test scores have not improved over the last three years. On the other hand, Poplar Ridge middle school, in an upper middle class part of the district, will receive additional funding because it has posted improved standardized test scores during the same time period. The staff at Gotham city feels that the actions of the state are contrary to social justice theory and that the immigrant children of the school will be seriously disadvantaged by the reduction in funds. As the representative of the staff, prepare a critique of the state's actions and defend the school's request for adequate funding.

The State Department of Education decision ro reduce funding based on the standised testing scores over the last three years are irresponilbe and defeat the pirpose of the

CH. 9 You may select Q4 or Q5 to answer.


Describe how you would apply the three characteristics of philosophical thinking (abstraction, imagination, and logic) to an idea. Illustrate by an example that includes the types of questions you would ask in each of the stages. -Read this again; apply all 3 characteristics to 1 single idea that you come up with.

CH 9. You may select Q4 or Q5 to answer.


There are a number of ways in which the philosophies of realism and pragmatism are alike. On the other hand, there are also major differences between the two views. Compare and contrast the two views by discussing two similarities and two differences between them and the way in which they affect the classrooms of those who accept them.

CH. 10 You may select Q6, Q7, or Q8 to answer.


Tayshaun Evans is about to begin his first teaching assignment. He has come to you to discuss ways of considering motivation in a teacher-centered environment as opposed to a student-centered environment. He asks you what you think are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. How would you respond to Tayshaun's question?

In the teacher-centered approach the student is in a set control setting where one does not need to use his or her mind because the teacher will explain everything for them. They just have to memorize the information and repeat it back. The only motivation there is to be able to remember. In a student-centered approach, the student with help from the teacher must take the step of making the information his or her own. The students must understand that the knowledge gander is bottomless. Another problem is grading and assessment from the teacher-centered approach when used with the student-centered approach it may be incompatible. In other words the effect of using a letter grade could cause a student to fold. If a student becomes involve in his or her own assessment or grade will become more interested in learning. Also understand, that motivation comes is enhance by the material by you. If you show no joy about what you are teaching, then your students will feel the same way.

CH. 10 You may select Q6, Q7, or Q8 to answer.


Liam O'Donnell is a student teacher who is very impressed with the behaviorist theory of education. He is teaching the same grade as you in an adjacent room and he has asked you to help develop a behaviorist approach that he will be able to introduce to the class. Using at least five specific examples of what should be included in the plan, explain what he could do and indicate how your suggestions fit the behaviorist theory.

Instruction: If I were you I would use the student-centered approach combine with study modules and computer guided study questions.

Environment: Open up your classroom, allow the students to set where they want to, give some space. Put posters, plants and add some colors to set the room off. Allow the students to help with the project.

Interaction: I know that silence can be golden at times but attempt to allow your students to talk with you and other classmates. Allow them to become involve with the projects that you may present.

Behavior: Set up a code of conduct with the students and have them sign it. Lay out what is expect of them and what the outcomes of bad behavior will be.

Reinforcement: Give those that do well a reward, but also give those that are doing so good a pat on the back also. Show them how they too can get rewards.

I use all the elements of the behaviorist theory to set a plan that is most viable in student-centered learning approach.

You are participating in an interview for a teaching position in a new school. The principal says, "The state curriculum framework is built around the constructivist theory of education. Choose the grade level and subject area that you would like to teach and explain how you would organize and employ a constructivist approach to a topic from the course." Formulate the best response you can that will help you obtain the job.

You are participating in an interview for a teaching position in a new school. The principal says, "The state curriculum framework is built around the constructivist theory of education. Choose the grade level and subject area that you would like to teach and explain how you would organize and employ a constructivist approach to a topic from the course." Formulate the best response you can that will help you obtain the job.

Adult learners and the subject is history. Hi everyone, I would to start with my name and tell you a few things about myself. First, as you see I'm black and lived through the civil rights movement of the 60's. This is not some that I read in a book somewhere, this was my life. I saw the white only signs at bus stations and other places. I saw the white only water fountains; I saw and remember what I saw. I'm also a Marine veteran who served four years with 13 months of that in Vietnam. I was at the battle of Khesanh during the Tet Offensive in 1968. For 77 days and nights I was under fire not know if I would live or die. I has fought at places many people never knew where there. But there is something that you must also remember , you too are a part of history, that everything that you do affect you and others.

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