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I am going to do the business communication assignment, there got the 2 question, the first question ask for explain the communication process, and how to ensure the intended audience can received the right message.

The second question is ask to create a product will be launch in the market in a soon time. As the product manager, so need to explain how we promote the product and make people will buy our product; and explain what the methods, the mediums that would use to communicate with our target audience.

Question 1

What is communication?

Effective communication requires both of the parties speak clearly and listen actively. They have to learn how to send the message effectively in a different situation and how to be an active listener.

Why the communication skills are important?

Communication skills are important because if the process of the communication got some problem or not clearly part, it might make the message lost the meaning and cause the receiver are confused.

The communication process

Sender- As the sources of the message, you need to understand what you are communicating and why you are communicating. You also need to be confidence that information you are communicating is useful. Your communication skills have to be more creatively to let the receiver are more actively to listen.

Message- Message is the information that sender want to communicate with the receiver. The message is not only communicate by oral; written and the body language is also the way to communicate.

Encoding- The process of transferring the information you want to communicate is called Encoding. Encoding is performing in the transmitter side. Your success in encoding depends on how you communicate and is it the information you sending are clearly.

Medium- Medium is what the way you use to communicate to other people. Example, like face to face meeting, telephone call, written including emails, letter, memos, reports. Disadvantage of the written message is you cannot confirm the audience is already receives your message.

Decoding- The process of receive the information of the sender is want to communicate. Decoding is performing in the receiver side. Example, the party can read message carefully or listen actively to get the right message.

Receiver- The people who are receive the message. You have to know how you can get the right information and what information you get it is a right message.

Feedback- Your audience will provide you with the feedback, verbal and non verbal reaction to your communication message. Please pay attention about the feedback, because it might list down what are you wrong or any opinion about you from the receiver. If the receiver know give you the feedback that means they are receive and understand the right message.

How to ensure that the intended audience has received the right message?

The written communication is the one type of the communication. Written communication that means using writing form to communicate with audience. Example, letter, memo, report, and others.

The way to ensure our intended audience can received the right message from us is avoid the broken language, some people are not higher educated so they can't write the correct word. Example, some words are easy to make people make the mistake or got the arrange problem, like for, to, from, who, whom, where or else. This kind of word is easy to make people do the mistake. So, the people have to develop the mistake if they got it before because sometimes the audience cannot understand because of the arrange problem. Example, Today we eat at where?

List down the point also is a good way to let our audience can receive the right message from us. List down the point can let the audience know what you are trying to explain, and list down the point also can let people easy to understand the things.

Use the correct format is very important for the written communication. Letter, memo, report also got their own format so every people write the report must follow their format. Write the letter, memo, and the report most important is using the easy words because you are don't know who will see your memo. You cannot ensure every audience can understand the meaning if you write some difficult words.

The straightly way to ensure the audience can receive the right message is double confirm. We can ask them what the things we tell them to make sure they are receiving the message. We only can keep asking them see whether the audience can understand what we say.

The most important way is avoid short form. In the new generation, many people especially teenager are like to launch to some social networking website (Facebook, Friendster) to know more friends and chat with them. They are like to create the short form of the words to replace the original words. Example, u, whr, wat. They will continue to using these words on the writing communication with others. So, that's why the intended audience always misunderstanding the meaning from the sentence, maybe because of these short forms.

The oral communication is the one type of the communication also. Oral communication means they are communicating by speak. The receiver has to listen properly because might get one chance to listen the words.

The way to ensure intended audience can receive the right message is explain creative. Sometimes can the audience receive the right message is depends on how the sender explain, if he or she can explain more creative, it can make people easy to memorize. Besides the creative, the volume is important also. Sometimes, the sender is explaining effectively but the intended audience cannot listen what he say. The sender should explain creative and clearly, they also can give some example because the audience can easy to remember if got example.

The way to ensure intended audience can receive the right message is straightly say the point. Some sender is like to tell them the long story and haven goes to the topic. It will make the audience are no mood to listen what you saying. So, it might cause the audience cannot get the right message from the sender.

www.esprit.comF:\esprit copy.png

Question 2

Esprit is going to launch their new solar watch into the market in a soon time. The model of the solar watch is called "SW001". This is the first solar watch of Esprit.

"SW001" is a solar watch so the watch is generating by solar energy. The watch still can use one day without solar. If more than one day, so the watch will automatically generating by the battery. Of course, the battery is only the backup for the watch. This feature can help customers save a lot of money to change the battery.

The watch is made by stainless steel and the strap is made by belt so can make the watch look youngest. The target of "SW001" is mainly focus on 20-40 years old. Temporarily this type of watch is available for men only. Esprit is providing the guide book to every watch. It teaches every customer how to setup the watch.

Beside the guide book, Esprit is also providing guarantee book for every customer. Esprit is warrants "SW001" to be free from all detect for 2 years from the date of purchase the product. When every watch is sold, the staff will take a record for the date of purchase and the code of the watch. Every watch got a different code so they can recognize the product.

"SW001" is made in Hong Kong. This new solar watch is also available in Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, France and other countries. "SW001" is only can buy from the Esprit dealer.


The first perception you see this advertisement will know it is a watch advertisement. The people got that feeling because the advertisement is focus on the solar watch. The photo is only capture the man half face because they are worry the people only focus on the man and not focus on the solar watch.

We are using a man to be our model because this is a men watch. From the advertisement, we can clearly see the model is a man. Normally the men products got less female to promote, so that's why the Esprit is choosing the man to promote the new solar watch. From the advertisement, we can clearly see the man is wearing blue color T-shirt and we also can see that is a young man in the advertisement. Because blue color is a quite fresh color, so it can make the feeling fresher for the man. Why we need find a young man to make advertisement? We find the young man because the target audience of our solar watch is between 20-40 years old.

From the advertisement, we can see got some sunlight in the background, because our new product is a new solar watch. So, we take the photo under the sunlight, it can make our watch more prominent. The advertisement is just a simple design because the company doesn't want make the advertisement complex.

What way I use to promote the solar watch?

Esprit will choose printing act to promote the solar watch. What is printing act? Printing act is the company uses the printed method to promote the product. For example, they might use newspapers, magazine, flyer or other types of printing act. It is a most easy way to pass the message to the audience. Printing act is effective but normally the people will dump it after they see the advertisement. In the new generation, the people are more willing get the information from the internet.

Esprit will choose printing act to promote the solar watch. I will choose the Revolution to promote the solar watch because Revolution is a popular watches magazine. Many famous watches like, Rolex, Swatch are make advertisement in the Revolution so if we promote "SW001" in this magazine, our solar watch will look like a high level product. We will use 1 page to make advertisement in the Revolution. Choosing magazine to do the watch advertisement is a good method, because many consumers are doing research before they want to buy a new watch. So, normally they will buy a magazine and compare with the others watches.

Other way, Esprit is also choosing another magazine called Mensuno. Mensuno is a Fashion magazine, so it got many different advertisements in the magazine. Esprit choose the 2 different type of magazine, mainly is let more people know our new product- SW001. Esprit is also promoting 1 page advertisement in Mensuno. Mensuno is not a watches magazine so it got others advertisement like, make up products, clothes, jewelry products. It also got some advantages is make the advertisement in the Fashion magazine can let more people see our solar watch. Sometimes, the people buy the magazine is not look for watches; maybe after they saw our advertising they are interested for our solar watch.

The other printing act is the Esprit catalogue. Esprit has sent the clothes catalogue to all of the Esprit members before. So, now we can send the Esprit catalogue with letter to all of the members. Of course, it is including clothes catalogue and the solar watch catalogue. It can do some promotion to the members also. We will mention all of the members also, after they buy the solar watch. If they are the members of Esprit, they can get more half year warranty and free RM50 voucher for each solar watch.

The solar watch- "SW001" is a big project for Esprit, so Esprit won't only do the advertising with printing act, we are try to make the advertisement with electronic act. Electronic act is the medium which using the electronic energy to pass the message to the audience. Example of electronic act is television, internet, radio, cinema, electronic mail (e-mail) and so on.

Esprit is trying to using internet to promote the advertisement because the people are willing launch website get the information rather than read the newspaper. From the advertisement, the customer can get the Esprit's homepage. We will post the same advertisement on our homepage so make sure the customers are easy to recognize the solar watch. They also can get all the information from the homepage of Esprit. Other electronic act is sending the Esprit catalogue to all the Esprit members via electronic mail. This method is same concept with send the letter to all of the Esprit members, but this time they are using electronic mail to send it. Esprit is more willing to send the electronic mail rather than send the letters because send the letter can save a lot of money.

Esprit will create a new page on Facebook. Facebook is a popular social networking website; so many people can see the solar watch, we can post our advertisement on the page of Esprit in Facebook. It is no need to pay any advertising fees and also can let more people see our products.


After I done this assignment, I know the advertisement is very important for a product. A company product is cannot get a good sales without the advertisement, advertisement can make more people know the brand and the product.

I use many ways to promote a solar watch-"SW001" like printing act and electronic act. I choose 2 different type of magazine to promote the solar watch for the printing act, and I also create a page for Facebook to make the advertisement and upload the advertisement to the Esprit homepage. This is the way I use to promote the solar watch with the electronic act.