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In this assignment, the first question I had required to explain and details the Communication Process. Communication is the various methods of sending information and message between people. Process is step by step approach to something. In communication, there are many ways to communicate with a person, such as the verbal or nonverbal communication, oral or written communication. The main point in communication is at least between two people to communicate- sender and audience. The communication process is most important for one communication to be success. Communication with people is often arising in our life, but many attempts to communicate are unsuccessful. . If you understandable the communication process, you can identify and improve the communication skill, so you will more success in communicate with she or he or a group.

2.0 Body

The Communication Process Diagram



The diagram is showing the 8 step in communication process

Above of the diagram, Communication Process has eight steps direction how ideas travel from sender to receiver. There are message, encoding, choice channel and medium, transmission, reception, decoding and understanding, respond and feedback.

1. Message

The first step in communication process is sender has an idea. That contains the information or tidings to convey or send to him or her. The message may be verbal, nonverbal, oral, written, or symbolic. Besides that, message can come from feeling, thought, inspiration, and many more. You conceive an idea and want to share it. For example, in advertising that simply writes some words and put image to convey the public.

2. Encoding

The next step is the sender encodes the idea in message. This process kwon as encoding, refers to putting thoughts, idea, or information into a message that your receiver will understand, you are encoding it. For example, many symbols have universal meaning, such as a red circle with a red line thought it to denote no or skip and add some image or symbol such as P is mean no parking .

3. Choice of medium and channel

Next, sender produces the message in a medium. The senders need to choose the medium and channel to be used, that way you to present that message to your intended audience. The medium and channel of communication are of two types, personal and nonperson. Personal are direct face to face contact with a person. For example, the salesman selling some product to customer, and salesman using mouth explain and communicate to customer. Besides that, this method uses it between in family, colleagues, neighbor or friends. The non personal are carry a message without interpersonal contact between sender and receiver. Non personal are include ads, newspaper, magazines, email, SMS, radio, and television. For example, the xx company user magazines to communicate with public.

4. Transmission

After you choice of the medium and channel, it continues to provide new communication channels you can use to transmit your messages. Medium is which carrier the message and channel is which allows access for the message. For example, a shampoo company choose the television is a channel and medium for transmit the message to target audience.

5. Reception

The audience receives the message. When audience receives then message, some time has problem. Such as misunderstanding, message missed or message ignored. However, the message is no guarantee the receiver understood correctly. For example, the student are receive the message from the teacher or lecturer, they will pay attentions for receive the message.

6. Decoding and Understanding

The audience decodes what is the message and understands its contents. Receivers are the consumers in the audience who read, hear, or see the message and decode it. For example, the students after receive the message or information, they will be analyze the message or information and decode it.

7. Respond

The audience responds to the message. The receivers need to say or does something answer or reaction to something after receives the message. For example, salesman introduce product A, and the audience can buy or reject to buy the product A, this reaction is respond to the salesman.

8. Feedback

The audiences send feedback to you. The receivers when after you give the message, audiences may also give feedback to the sender. Feedback is information or comment about something that you have done sender tells you how good or bad. For example, in a personal selling a product to customer, customer may ask questions, comment or objection or gives suggestions is a feedback to the sender or spokesman.

How does one ensure that the intended audience has received the right message.

To ensure that the audience has received a right message, the sender of the message should ask the audience whether they understand the context of the message. The sender should give chances for the audience to ask a question based to the understanding of the context message.

Barriers to Communication

When you are in communication, message often can be disrupted by a variety of communication barriers. The barriers can are noise and distractions, channel breakdowns. These barriers will cause communication failure.

Noise and distraction

The unplanned distortion and interference is known as noise. Before communicate to he or she, you need to plan which place is a better place to going communication. For example, a manager do the business with other company, the manager need to choose a quite place such as meeting room to do the business. Communicate in noise and distraction environment will make mistake or error to transmit the message.

Channel breakdowns

Sometimes the channel simply break down and error to transmit the message to audiences. For example, message missing in the mail, because the technology got some problem. So, the communicator needs to make sure these barriers are not around to communicator.


In conclusion, communication process is useful and helpful in our life. Understandable communication process and remember 8 steps can help the sender successful in communication. I hope the communication process can add in secondary school, and let the student more success in communicate to their parents, older generation, and friends.

Question 2

1.0 Introduction

In this assignment the second question, as a product manager I have given the task and responsibility to produce the soon to be launched product. Explain the various methods briefly, choose the suitable medium and list the way to promote the product. This product is a high technology new design. It is considered as a very useful, helpful and convenient for the teenager and the people around the globe. Every step must be well formed and put into the assignment.

2.0 Body

2.1 The Soon To Be Launched Product

This product of the new soon-to-be launched product is a warm jacket. First of all, I want introduce warm jacket function and advantages is it can control the temperature how cool and how hot the body of the person wants. For example, if you at Iceland, you can set the temperature high and warm your body. However, if you at a season climate country then you can set the temperature down to maintain your body temperature. This product is high technology product, a new collection in 2012. My target audience is for 19 years old and above the 19 years old. A jacket the price is RM399.00, this price is not expensive for consumers. For example, a branch clothing price is above one hundred. Besides that, but the warm jacket can save the money not need to buy winter, and many jacket.


Medium can be verbal and non verbal communication. Verbal is when sender communicate with the receiver is using oral communication or written communication. Oral communication is meaning you using your mouth talking to another person, can hear. The written communication includes the letter, memos, and notes. For example, nowadays the younger generations often use Facebook and email to communicate. Non verbal communication is body languages. The body language is very often use between communicate. For example, formal presentation the sender need often use body language to communicate with the audience. Another example for body language is when you see someone the eyesight can let the person know how is you felt, is good or bad. In this project, I decision using the written communication as our medium to produce the soon to be launched product to our target audience.


Methods of communication there are two types such as above the line and below the line. Above the line is anything electronic such as radio, fax, TV, mobile phone, and many more. Besides that, below the line are newspaper, magazines, handwriting and many more. I decision to use television to communicate to our target audience. The reason why I choose the television as a commercial is television is a basic electronic. Nowadays, I believe in each household have a television. They have a television in house rather than have a computer in house, because television price is cheaper than computer. Besides that, watch TV no need to pay any fee. So, using the commercial is better than internet to communicate with our consumer. I prefer to use a few model to produce and introduce our product to attract my target audience.


Vehicles of communication has 6 rules, there are keep it simple, use metaphors and analogy, use many different forums to spread the word, repeat key messages, lead by example and listen and be listened to.

First of all, keep it in simple. Between in the communication, I need straight to the point or straight to the target. Make it simple, clearly and understandable. Second, use metaphors and analogy. Give an example, metaphors and analogy are very useful and helpful to complex the message and make it simple to understand. Third, use many different forums to spread the word. Spread the information in formal presentations and meetings. Meeting can be informal and formal. Formal meeting like companies meeting, in the formal meeting the participant consist employee and employer. In formal meeting, they need to wear formal clothing. Informal meeting can be a group or one to one talks. Next, repeat key messages. This is very important one rule in vehicle of communication, because it is opportunity to attract our target audience. Besides that, lead by example. If you do the opposite of what you say, no one will listen to you. So, you need lead by example. The last rule is listening and listened to. Communication is important to let us understand each other, the sender send the message to receiver meanwhile the receiver also gives response and feedback to sender. The sender listen receiver response and feedback, this manner wills benefits to the sender.

Persuade my target audiences buy my product

First of all, I need to planning, writing and completing the persuasive message. The first step in persuade my target audiences is planning. In planning, I need to analyze the situation, gather the information, select the medium and organize the message. After this, writing the message need to maintain my attitude, use positive language, respect culture different and establish credibility. Next, completing the message consist evaluate the content, revise for clarity and conciseness, evaluate design and delivery and last proofread the message.

After writing the persuasive message, the AIDA plan are useful in persuade our target audience. AIDA is mean attention, interest, desire, and action. If persuade the consumers to buy your product you need make them attention, interest, desire, and do the action. So, I will show the investigative report of market demand and feedback of the person who after tried our product. Show my target audience how good how perfect in my product.

One promotion method for my product

The promotion method is bought our warm jacket can participative in the lucky draw. This is simple and fascinating game, many people will interest in this game.

3.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, I felt nowadays younger generation is very happiness, because them can learn and uses many electronic to communicate with other people. Besides that, the methods of communication there are two types; above the line and below the line. It is many methods can use. Moreover, communication is very important of interpersonal. In younger generation should learn and increase communication skills. This manner will benefit in our future.