Everyone Should Add Weightlifting To Routines English Language Essay

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Weightlifting and resistance training is not just for the muscle bound gym worshipers any more. Everyone can benefit from weightlifting and research is starting to verify that. Women can tone and strengthen their muscles and not get bulky. Men can also tone and strengthen and if they wish build more muscle.

Every time you weight you create small tears in the muscles you are using. This small amount of damage causes your body to respond by repairing and building more muscle. You can become stronger over time as this damage and repair cycle occurs. That is why as time goes on while weightlifting or using resistance we can slowly increase our weight or do more repetitions.

The more muscle your body has the more of an effect it has on your calorie burning ability. The more muscles you build the faster your metabolism speeds up. Increasing your muscle mass allows you to burn fat and loose weight more easily. Cardio workouts and dieting alone are only two sides to a weight loss triangle the last side is the weightlifting or resistance training.

Weightlifting and resistance training have other benefits for you health besides building muscles and increasing your metabolism. Resistance training and weightlifting can help to lower moderately high blood pressure. Lower back pain can also be helped by this type of workout because over time you are also building your core muscles. Your core muscles help to support your entire back, and body. Over time your posture will also benefit from weightlifting and resistance training.

The final and somewhat surprising way weightlifting can help our body is by helping us build up our bone density. By increasing bone density, you reduce the risk of osteoporosis. If you are at risk for osteo don't think you have to be lifting hundreds of pounds right away. Even a small amount of weight can help increase bone density. Just like muscle your body will increase bone strength (density) over time as stress is applied to the bone.

It is not necessary to lift hundreds of pounds in one sitting to gain the benefits for weightlifting and resistance training. Even a small amount of weight added to your cardio work out can assist you greatly. With a little extra effort you can have a lot of gains to your health.