Euthanasia Intervention Should Be Prohibited English Language Essay

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Imagine that your husband was caught into a bad accident, and he was rushed into the hospital. He was sent to the operation room right away. The doctors and nurses are working on him racing against the clock, but the main surgeon comes out and tells you that your husband is in deep coma at the moment and that he probably cannot make it to the next day which means he need to be on the ventilator. Now that is a very distraught situation. You have your children to think about supporting them. You yourself are not employed. The doctor tells you that he can help ease your burden by helping your husband die sooner than expected by not using the life support machine. It is up to you to decide. Which will you choose? Help remove his suffering by consenting to undergo the intervention of euthanasia or allow him to die naturally? In general, on a medical perspective, that act of euthanasia should be abolished for valid reasons.

Everyone is born and everyone will die. We do not know when death will come before us but we have to get ourselves prepare anytime. We do not know when but only God himself knows when and where or how to end our lives. Therefore, god is the creator of our lives. We must not kill one another nor commit suicides. People should die peacefully or wait for their last breathe to be over. With two types of euthanasia, passive and active, we should be aware of and try our best to prevent ourselves from getting involved into that situation. In general, on a medical perspective, the act of euthanasia should be abolished for valid reasons.

We should die peacefully or we die naturally. Therefore, there are two types of euthanasia one is passive and the other one is active. Passive is when a patient die peacefully or naturally yet in a manner way. A patient who does not go under euthanasia so that he or she can just get away from his or her pain easily. It is a person who is not afraid of dying. On the other hand, active is when a medical assisted to help a patient to die by giving injection such as morphine, potassium or to take off the life support from the patient such as the ventilator machine that is providing oxygen to the patient to breath. The injections are prepared by doctors but the patient or the relative will be the one to inject their loved ones. Once the consent signs by one of the family member, he or she will inject the patient but not the doctors or the nurses. Dr. Agapito, Dennis. One on one. 02 February 2011.

One case about active euthanasia was two of my relatives were sending to Guam for treatment because they were very critically ill. The doctors placed them on the life support machines. The families were concern about their bills that they cannot afford to pay them off, they have decided to sign a consent form indicating that their loved ones must go under euthanasia. Both families know that euthanasia was illegal in Guam. Somehow, the doctor was agreed to their proposal. What would these two poor patients think about their relatives' decisions? However, active euthanasia can also be called murder. For example, like this short story of my two relatives, they have a big chance to wait for their last air to breathe it out but instead, it is the family who decided for them to go. Second example is you have a terminally ill husband or wife whose been suffering or depressing from her terminally illness. You are the only caregiver to that person. No one was there to support and assist you on your daily routine bases, and you are doing your best of doing your responsibility of taking care of him or her. You have decided to end the life of that person by giving inject so that your husband or wife can relief from the pain and die peacefully. But in the end, you feel that you have committed a crime of what you have done to your husband or your wife. Of course this is murdering someone who does not wish to die like this without knowing the procedure of what you have giving him or her. (

None of us would like to be killed by someone else right? But why do people seek the doctors for? Doctors are there to help people for their health by providing them medication to relief their pain such as headache, abdominal pain, chest pain, etc…doctors are meant to be trustworthy for the patients' safety. For example, imagine a doctor that will overdose you with a medicine or could give you a wrong medicine for your sickness. Would you like to visit a doctor who is not worthy enough to be trusted? Well, I suppose you wouldn't even think of seeking any help from these untreated doctors. I believe that some of these patients would rather die instead of seeking any help from the unworthy physicians. Also with the cost of medication or treatment, some patients would even thinking of coming to the hospital because of the expenses they will be facing. Therefore, doctors are to heal patients but not to kill a patient's. (

People should die peacefully or naturally but not undergo euthanasia. The reason for this is because most of the people around the world tend to kill due to jealousy and hatred. However, these killing are over rated by individually but not by one person only. That's whey people should prevent them from getting killed or committing suicides. What would a family think of their girl been kidnap and killed? Pain and hatred I suppose. Of course, this family member will seek for justice for their girl who has been kidnap and murder by a murderer or rapist.

God is the giver of live and he will take away our lives too. People believe that god is the creator of all living things and none living things. Each one of us is responsibility for his or her own lives once God have given you. It is us that we should take care of ourselves because we are the children of God. We are occupying this world that God have given us. But in return, we tend to kill one another or even committing suicides that some of us shouldn't have done it before and in the eyes of God. Yes that is true, but do we believe that God will abandon his children go? Is that why people are killing each other by committing murderer and suicides too? Was there a way for the people to redeem themselves? I was taught by my Bible Teacher back at Seventies Advantest School about the Ten Commandments that "you shall not kill" and "love your neighbor as you love yourself" for he is the Lord and God of all Gods. This is the Christianity believes. (

Each one of us does not know when death will strike us upon us but we have to get prepare for ourselves. We have to prevent our lives by committing murder and suicides. For myself, I would die peacefully or naturally but not by someone else. I strongly believe that people should know more about the negative side of euthanasia "Mercy killing" so that they can encourage their love ones not to commit any crime.