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Entrepreneurship is the implementation of an individuals talent in the resources in which he is available with and expanding these resources in the future so that one can get individual as well as general. The key of entrepreneurship is creative, perseverance and hardworking. A good business idea is very important because it will quickly bring your to the success way. In the beginning, start a business is not a easy job, the market of world is big but how to start with a good product or services is a big problem, creative be a main role in this stage. After this, you must think how to competitive with other entrepreneur. It need a lot of thinking, creative and research. Customer is your important supporter, try to know and think what customer actually needed related of your product or service.

To sustain your business, perseverance and hardworking are important. The risk of the business also cannot be despise. Some small problem if you not solve early may lead your business into blink alley. Entrepreneurship is important to every entrepreneurship to check yourself can be success and maintain in your business.

Part 1: Profile of the Past

Step 1: Examine Your Personal Preferences

The question is ask about what gives me energy and why. My energy is come from many thing and people. The main source of who give me energy are my friends and family. My friends and family always support me and give me many suggestion when I face the problem even in the education, work, or daily life. I very thanks for them because they are heartfelt to help me and no ask for reward. Besides that, games and social media also give me a lot of energy from daily. Its help me relax and reduce the stress, when my stress was gone, my energy is come back. Reading books also can help find the energy. Book help me open my mind and give me many idea and opinion. Is also help me improve my thinking and increase my emotional control. These above thing is always give me energy to help solve the problem improve my personal accomplishment.

Assuredly, it was something will take out my energy. The most heavy is the education of my course. With study advanced diploma and degree, we face double of the stress, especially this semester , left few week to rush assignment, presentation, and prepare final year project. This make me feel stress and loss energy to start everything. Furthermore, now I am still as the student, no salary and income, cannot buy something which I want and need. It also make me loss energy.

The last question for part one "In 20 to 30 years, how would you like to spend an ideal month? Include in your description your desired lifestyle, work style, income, friends and so forth and a comment about what attracts you to and what repels you about this ideal existence."

My answer is I will spend most of the time in my work or business. I will take these years to success my work or business and build a happily family life. Besides that's, I also will find my lover to build our happiness world. I will give her the anything can give her. These are my some goal in 20 to 30 years.

Idea Generation Guide

By review the idea generation guide, I completed above and list the common attributes of the 10 businesses you wanted to enter and the 10 businesses you did not. The 10 businesses I wanted to enter are creative, freedom, good environment, good goal, good product and services, international, clean, friendly, challenge, and interest. This 10 attributes are my favorites because I like to thinking how to complete the task with an simple and fast method, I also always have some creative ideas in my mind, more challenge and risk can let me growing fast and strong, this is what I liked. Besides that, the 10 business I did not entered are conservatism, stubborn, selfish, proud, careless, no vision, dirty, bad environment, bad product and services, and boring. This 10 attributes show opposite my view of just now what I mention above.

I would like to start my own business someday because of few reason. First, I dun not want my work constrain by somebody, I am more like the idea can discuss with other people and receiving different opinion to improve our ideal to implantation successfully. Second, I would like make some different products or services to serve the people. My product or services is specially and convenient to the people. Last, to achieve my goals and ideal. I want my product or services can let people enjoy our product or services. Earn profit also important, start own business is very hard and many challenge, but also is the way earn higher income to do many meaningful thing such as charitable donations, take care my friends and family, and help the other people.

Last questions is imagine i have $1,000 with which to buy the items. Indicate below how you would allocate the money." I will allocate to two different part, first part I will take $500 to money invested, and second part I will take the remain $500 save in to the bank to prevent my investment deficit. Investment is the only way use money to earn money, but the risk also higher than other work. Before do the money invested, I will do the homework and careful observe my investment. Some small risk investment such as forex more suitable for me.

Now I list activities that have provided my financial support in the past, that have contributed to your well being and that you have done on your own

The activities that have provided my financial support in past is part time job such as pc fair promoter. In December of 2012, I work for one IT company as power bank promoters, my salary is RM80 per day, I total worked 3 days which mean I get the RM240 for this work. This is consider high financial support in my past part time job experience. My job is responsible to introduce the power bank to customer, demonstration how does power bank work. Furthermore, work as the shop assistant also provided my financial support in past. The salary is normal but the advantages is I can working longer than pc fair promoters. These are

Next is discuss what specifically influenced each of your decisions and why i became involved in each of the activities above. In my opinion, part time job is most suitable for me because the time of part time job is flexible and can fulfill my leisure time. Use the weekend to do some part time job bring many advantages to me. First is increase my financial support, second is reduce my parents burden, third is enhance my job experience and the last one is make more new friend. This few benefit let me involved part time job and influenced my decisions.

The part time job help me learn a lot of thing. I have learn the time management during my work. I can do my part time job in weekend also can done my assignment or homework in the weekend. This show time management is so important to me because I must allocate each other in perfect schedule, does not delay my work. Second, I also learn how to control my emotion. When I face same customer, I must use double patient and attentive to explain and promoter the product to my customer. This help me improve a lot of social skills. Last, I learn the communication skill from my part time job. In the pc fair, I will face different type of customer, some customer very kind, some customer very difficult to communicate, some customer did have any IT knowledge, so I must listen carefully and find what out what actually customer needed. This 3 important thing is I learn from my part time job.

Furthermore, next question discuss other activities such as sports in which you have participated and indicate whether each activity was individual or team.

The sports I have participated and indicate in team or individual is chess. Start from secondary school, I start have strong interest about chess, so I attend the chess club in my secondary school, learn how to play chess, how to guess the mental of my opponent and etc. I also always practice my chess skill with my club friends, they help me improve a lot of chess skill. Chess also help me improve my thinking skill, I can thinking about more with the problem, help me come out many different solution to solve and analysis the problem.

Next, If I have ever started a business of any kind or worked in a small company (if not assume that you plan to start one), list the things I liked the most and those you liked least and why. The things I liked the most is internet technology. Internet technology I my studies course, I can apply what I learn into my work, this also is my favorite interest about internet technology. Step of technology are changing in everyday, I have sincere to learn the new thing about all of the internet technology. Besides that, people nowadays are cannot leave with internet, everything is related online. Second, the liked least of my work or business is traditional business. Traditional business is need to following the step of formerly, less creativity and freedom. Furthermore, it also not my interest and not related to my studies course.

If i have ever worked or plan to work for a larger company (over 500 employees or about $5 million to $60 million in sales), list the things i liked most and those you like least about your work and why. The things I liked most is the competitive environment. In this such big company, many talent employee are work and competitive with me, I must be pay more attention, careful and focus on my work, although it is stress and tension, but it will help and improve myself in a short period time, this is more meaningful in my work.

Last question is talk about the summarise those factors in my history that you believe are entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses. In my view, my strengths is my thinking logic. When I face a problem, I can use different view to think and solve, I can come out many idea with my creativity and practicality to implementation the tasks. My weakness is communication and social skills. The main cause of this weakness is my English language very weak, sometime cannot explain my expression by using English. I am still try hard to learn the English language hope one day I can improve it very well.

My "Business Hero"

My "Business Hero" is the Mark Zuckerberg, a legend in social network. He born at may 14, 1984 in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Zuckerberg is interest in developed computer in early age, when he was 12 years old, he used Atari BASIC to create a messaging program named "Zucknet". He father, Edward Zuckerberg use the program in dental office so that the receptionist could inform him of a new patient without yelling across the room. To continue his interest, he taking graduate courses at nearby Mercy College around this same time.

After graduating from Exeter in 2002, Zuckerberg enrolled at Harvard University, he had developed a reputation as the go-to software developer on campus and at that time that he built a program called CourseMatch,. It can helped students choose their classes based on the course selections of other users. He also invented Facemash, which compared the pictures of two students on campus and allowed student to vote on which one is more beautiful and attractive.

In ther years 2004, Zuckerberg and his friends created a site that allowed users to create their own profiles, communicate with other friends and upload photo. The site is called The Facebook. After his sophomore year, Zuckerberg dropped out of college to devote himself to Facebook full time, moving the company to Palo Alto, California. In the end of 2004, Facebook had 1 million users.

The Facebook site growing with a amazing number, in years 2005, Accel invested $12.7 million into the network, which at the time was open only to ivy league students. Zuckerberg's company then granted access to other colleges, high school and international schools, pushing the site's membership to more than 5.5 million users by December 2005. In years 2007, Facebook had made him a billionaire at the age of 23. By years 2010, Facebook had an around 500 million users worldwide and reached 1 billion in 2012.

The positive traits or characteristics of the Mark Zurkerberg are creative, perseverance, and good vision in his mind. In the entrepreneurship, this three are important because if you wan stand longer in the world market, you must come out different product or services to competitive with other company. The creative and resourcefulness strategy also important to sustain in market.

The creative I learn for him is I am always think about different view from one thing. For example, I have a idea about attendance, inside our student ID card, we can put in intelligent chip, when we come to class, the machine will scan though the chip and mark the attendance as present. I also always follow and subscribe the IT news website to update myself. Furthermore, every week read some book also will help me open mind and learn from the book to improve me creativity and logical thinking.

For the perseverance, I apply it into my education. Now I study both of the Internet Technology course both of advanced diploma and bachelor degree. It was hard and complicated but I will persist it to the end of course. All is because my perseverance even I fail two paper in last semester. This semester I will put more effort on my subject and get the beautiful result when after exam. This perseverance is like my business hero Mark Zurkerberg. When the beginning of facebook start, he face many problem, one of the problem is finance problem. But he use his perseverance to persist his facebook site and finally the Accel invested $12.7 million into the his site.

I hope I have a good vision to see what is the future market need, this is my future businees to start in good way. This 3 things is I learn from Zurkerberg. He was my business hero and I hope one day I also can become the people like him.

Part II: Profile of the Present

STEP 1: Examine Your "Entrepreneurial Mind"

This part need examine my attitudes, behaviours and know-how and summarise my entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses.

With my checking, my entrepreneurial strengths is good discipline, persistence in solving problems and creativity, self reliance, ability to adapt. This few attitudes is my strengths and lead me to the success way. I have good discipline for example I always list down tomorrow to do list before I sleep and I have good time management to allocate my task schedule. Furthermore, when I face a big problem in my daily life, I will persistence to solving it. I will ask for help from my friend and use the internet power to help search the solution, until the problem had solve. Besides that, creativity, self reliance, ability to adapt also is my strengths because I have many idea ant thinking come out from my mind even sometime it is not logical. I also easy to adapt in different environment like my part time work place, I only need few hours to learn the new things.

Although I have the strengths but I also have many weaknesses. My weaknesses are not have decisiveness and does not have ability to be interpersonally supporting. This two is my fatal weaknesses. Normally, I have to choice with multi solution or anything, I will thinking too much for each available solution, I always need many time to analysis make my decisiveness is very low. Second, my social and communication skill are poor, this make my ability to be interpersonally supporting weak. Especially when I use the English language to communicate with other people, I have low vocabulary and a lot of grammar mistake, this make me less and fear to use English to communicate each other. However, I will try hard to changing this two weaknesses, I will try make a fast decision and study hard for my English language. I will talk more with my friends to practice use the English, dun fear any mistake and learn from the mistake, improve myself leave this two weaknesses faster.

Part IV: Putting It All Together

STEP 2: Assess Your Entrepreneurial Strategy.

What have you concluded at this point about entrepreneurial and you?

I concluded few point about entrepreneurial of me. First, entrepreneurial is need persistence and perseverance to implement and sustain. At the beginning, entrepreneurial is hard and will face many problem. Entrepreneurs need a strong heart and persistence to solve it and take more care about your staff in the difficult starting.

Second, entrepreneurial need much creativity compare with each other. The market already have too much same product services, we need come out more creative product to competitive with other entrepreneurs. Besides that, we also need some different business strategy to sustain in market. Like facebook, in the early period of facebook, it just a simple social network, dun have the pages and group function. But nowadays many competitor come out like twitter, google+, facebook need think strategy, one of the success strategy is allow user and company to create pages and group to advertising and communicate with other user and customer.

Last point is need good vision to survive in the market and lead the company growing more faster. A good vision normally is specially and oppose with other people, but if you believe your vision, you must persist to achieve it. The most famous and success of good vision is Steave Job and his product. That is why the iphone and ipad create the market and control whole phone and tablet market.

This there point is my concluded for entrepreneurial.

Part V: Thinking Ahead

The goals to be accomplished by the time I am 70 are to have my own business, financial is stable, investment and have my property.

In next four years, I would to create my own websites for non-profit use. To build my own website is my bigger goals in next year start. When I was secondary school, I already go find the information and book from internet to study the knowledge about internet technology. When I enter to this course, I know the way to achieve my goal is near a bit. I will apply all of what I learn into my own websites, to service all of the user.

To accomplish these goals, now I must study hard and graduate from my advanced diploma and degree. Furthermore, I also will learn from other people strong point and improve myself. Some book are very useful to me because I can learn the different knowledge compare with my course, now I want to equip myself with prepare to achieve my goals in step by step.

The problem I may face to achieve my goal is financial problem. To build a websites, I need a trusty server company to supply me for stable server. This need some money to buy the server. Second problem is the websites mission. I must think a creative and useful idea to building my websites. It can let my websites have competitive with my competitor and increase the user view. This is the two major problem I face to start create my own websites.


This self reflection report is very useful for me to check myself what is my strengths and weaknesses. this can help me improve myself to let me more perfect and equip me to the way success. I also find out many ways to improve myself like read more book, more communicate with the people who is excellent, learn their strong and practice more for my building websites skill, reference other good websites.

I also learn what is entrepreneurship and what is the key for entrepreneur from this report. My business hero, Mark Zurkerberg is my learning person who make change of the internet of social networking lead the market in to success way. Besides that, this report also help me realize what is my goals in short term and long term. With this report I can more easy to list out my step and plan to achieve my goals.