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Parent, government and student themselves will have to play an important role in order to increase English proficiency among students in Malaysia. The major obstacle that the student facing and need to be resolved is student exposure towards English language

Provide early exposure

It is important for parent to understand that English can help their children to grow and English will able to bring their children to another height. It is good for parents to teach their children English language as early as possible beside the national language and the community language / dialect as young children enjoy learning and they do not care if the activity will benefit them, claimed Languagelizard (2011). With the early exposure, student will be able to build up the confident to speak in English and this will automatically help student to be more relevant and participate in any English language activity.

Enhance English language role in education

Government also plays an important role in providing exposure to our students in English language as well. First of all, the most important thing that the government will need to act is to make English as a compulsory subject to pass just like the national language. This will give students a clear sign that English is an important subject and this will be one of the requirement for students to further their studies. As the same time, some subject like Mathematics and Science are more proper to teach in English as it is a fact that these subject knowledges is in English. As mentioned by Gooch (2009) during an interview with Mr. Han, a teacher in St. John's Institution,

""English has been used as the language of science for 300 years and you cannot really convey the scientific concepts to the students in Bahasa Malaysia at a very high level."

When some important subject like maths and science are in English, Students will tends to enhanced their English skill in order to have a better understanding to the respective subject as these subjects are consider interesting subject for students.

As our student currently weak in English, it would be fair if the government increase the teaching hour in the particular subject as mentioned by Gooch (2009).with the increase of teaching hours, student will have more time to spend and explore themselves in English language especial English is a complicate subject and it is not easy to learn.

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Teaching Effectiveness

A teacher with wide knowledge of teaching experience and ability are important to guide a student in achieving his or her goal. A teacher with the mentioned skill will be able to motivate student in classes while in the learning process and at the same time makes the subject more interesting for a student to participate. It is the tutor responsibility to make the subject interesting and create awareness to students. Other than teaching skill, a English teacher qualification is also important. A English tutor need to have in depth knowledge in the English language itself particularly in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation so that a student can absorb the correct knowledge from respective tutor.

Students attitude towards learning English

Apart from getting exposure from parent and schools education, it is also important for students to find and grasp hold of any chance which could enhance their English language. Mastering English is a two way interaction where teaching and learning are needed at the same time. It will be useless if a high quality tutor is ready to teach but a student does not have the interest and willingness to learn

Speak & Write Regularly

Daily communication in English is one of the most important aspect to enhance proficiency in the language. For student who use bilingual at home, it is recommended to allocate a period of time each day to speak in English only with the family. Interaction with other English speaker will also further strengthen an individual fluency, communication and confident in speaking the language. Further to that, it will also help to increase a student's English knowledgeprticularly in grammar and pronunciation. Beside enhancing communication skills in English, a student also need to strengthen their comprehension skill. A student may start to write their daily journal or dairy in English frequently. As blogging now is a trend among the students and most student have developed the interest in this, blogging using English is also the best way to improve an individual comprehension skill. Another old method to enhanced comprehension skill is to find a pen pal. Writing a letter to pen pal will significantly increase the student grammar and vocabulary.

Expose to different type of English learning material


In this modern era, a student can easily reach any learning material which helps them to enhance their English language skill. Students may used the internet service which provided to them to look for related English material which can improve their vocabulary, grammar & pronunciation. There are also certain online games in the web which is able to enhance a student vocabulary such as hangman, crossword grammar talk and etc. Beside that, a student will also able to gain access all kind of English ebook which will help them in mastering the English language.

Other sources

Read English medium and listen to English song is also one of the best way to improve an individual English language significantly. This is due to when one person doing an activity which the person interested, full concentration will be given. With the full concentration, one can absorbs the information totally. Further to that, watching English movie with subtitle will tends to increase a student interest in the language as well and this should be the easiest way to improve a student English language. Student who listen, watch and read English medium will sometimes get a chance to learn new words which are useful for them.

Get a good dictionary

A dictionary is very important for student who tries to enhance their English language. As there will be chances that student will meets with new words. A portable and reputable English dictionary would be useful to explain the word on the spot.

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It is a well known fact that our English standard among local graduates are declining tremendously and this resulted to the numbers of unemployment grow rapidly. Many of the surveys have found out that the poor command of English is the main factor because most of companies, especially the private sector cited that good English communication skill is their main requirement for employment. As it is very obvious that local student has least exposure to the language, action need to be taken immediately to solved this issue by providing them more exposure in English studies and also to create interest in them towards the English language.

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