Effects Of TV On Children English Language Essay

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Television, has been a controversial issue about effects on viewers. This effects varies to the children. There are various effects about children watch television. As a usual, after school, children sit in front of television sets at their homes and spend almost their time watching television programs. The average children watches television per week and most of this children viewing of violence or sexual acts. During this time there is a violent act like cartoon programs on Saturday and Sunday mornings, there is a lot of violent acts shown every hour until reach afternoon time on prime time television especially cartoons and animated programs. First of all, the children, through his years of watching television, may adapt the concept that violence is the best way to solve problems. The watching of these television shows is where most of the children pick up their own aggressive mindset they have. It is to be realized by what they learn when they are a children, is from what they see. That it can become so dangerous to the children in form many ways. So, no matter what children watching, it became damaging their sense of imagination. Now, children no need anymore to use their imagination, television has even taken that away from children.

Secondly, the children have their own favorite character he or she looks up to, who almost have a violent role in that cartoon. Seeing their own favorite cartoon character acts about kill another character may give an impression that its fun and fine to do the same. The bright colors from cartoons usually catch the children eyes. The viewing of violence, does not make the children violent, but it kind of tells the children that its acceptable for their own favorite cartoon character to hurt others, such as, Power Rangers; how they get rid from a bad guys by fighting. During the whole episode they see the character kicking, punching and attacking the bad guys easily and fun as like their see. Other than that, like X-men, Looney Tones, and even Happy Tree Friends show violence act towards others. No wonder children think its fine to act that way when even their "Super Heroes" their own favorite cartoon who are actually supposed to be a good guys are now, hurting others. They see the good guys doing that things and think its fine to do it.

Thirdly, now, people that live in modern lifestyle, also think that television has a negative effect on the children, especially education. The fact is, now television become a tool of education for children. It helped children a lot on education. It is the responsibilities parents of the children to control what their children watch. In this case, maybe some of these particular children act violently because they have seen violence in their home and not on television. Television has most influence on children than more than anything else. There not has any evidence that television affects on education of children. If parents of the children want to stop their children from watching television, they must stop the children from doing anything else that might be harmful them. Parent of the children should use the opportunity on technological advances to help the children. Parent of the children have already reached the conclusion on that even though television has a lot of bad effect on their children, but it also has even a more of a good effect.

Next, at school, nowadays teachers have been already noticed about children or their student that have difference between children who watch television excessively and those who not excessively. "The watchers fidget in their chairs, eye contact is less stable and their attention to stories is significantly shortened".(George Hottecker; The Big Picture pg1) Children who watch television may find it harder to stay focused on a activity more then a children who not. Maybe can make children have problems with their group activities and can act out negative behave towards other. Even though all this sounds heard bad children can fix the problem by simply eliminating about watching so much television and getting more to do creative things like usual activity are reading books, acting out stories with puppets, painting, dancing, and just getting to interact children with other children on their same age in a safe and positive way. George Hottecker mentions these examples that positive ways of changing their behaviours and that "television just numbs the brain!"(The Big Picture; Internet; George Hottecker)

In conclusion, children would can spend their time at home more actively without sticking on television set. Television should not become the only source of entertainment at home for children. There are other home entertainment activities such as computer programs, reading books, and create own game that plays with all members of family like playing scrabble, word games, monopoly or other than that, which are more productive, time-saving, and important value is healthy to a person than television.