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The audience for this article consists of thousands or millions of us who have studied a foreign language, but still cannot speak confidently and listen with ease. The author describes five tips for acquiring skills in the language of the course to enjoy everyday activities.

Years of study in a foreign language classroom we may have reached the point where we are able to unravel the correct answers to test questions, stay in a conversation face to face with a native speaker, and even read a novel.

However, our straight A record in the classroom, and the years of domination by the grammar, we probably left scratching their heads after watching a movie or listening to the political rally in a country where our second language is spoken.

This is because the teaching of languages rarely provides adequate exposure to the idiom and informal patterns of speech. To fully understand how different normal speech patterns may be of the written word or speech of the script, you just have to listen to a sports radio program. The hosts will use one-word sentences, interrupt each other and themselves, and generally speaking in a way that few beginners in the study of the English language would have any hope of understanding. Few of us are articulate enough to express anything but a simple thought, without changing gears constantly, and reformulation to start halfway through a thought, using the enforcement of sentences, and off when it seems that a point been done.

To claim the fluidity truth, one must be able to understand all types of expression, not only speaks flawless speech or specifically directed to you as a listener with an understanding of the marginal. When talking with others for whom English is obviously a second language, of course, chose our words carefully and express ourselves in the most likely to be understood.

In sharp contrast to the way we learn our mother tongue, reading and writing in a foreign language are generally far ahead of dominating the listening comprehension of a series of very good reasons. The most important reason for this is that when we read or write, we do at our own pace. We stop at the difficult passages to the extent necessary to understand, if they must be based on a book or a dictionary word or through a simple search of our memories.

However, unless we have been fortunate to live in a country where our language, second, third or fourth time we speak, can seem almost impossible to reach the level of fluency that allows us to understand a disc jockey, pick up the nuances of a film, join a roundtable discussion authentic or understand the lyrics of a popular song,

These are skills that must be purchased and acquired our native language as children - to hear a lot and piecing things together through context. Here are five easy ways to install the practice of class to hear in our day without taking time away from our regular activities.

Use the options on the DVD subtitle foreign films in English Seeing

When watching a rented movie at home, check the language options in the DVD menu. Often, you will be able to select subtitles in the second language. This is a great tool as the subtitles are good translations are rarely directly from the script. Instead, a writer of dialogue subtitles reformulated qualified to match the way it would be the same idea expressed in the language of the subtitles. Because of this, a foreign film in U.S. British film or may be a better learning tool subtitles in English at a foreign film. So while you're relaxing and watching the latest hot without pain also can pick up a lot of idioms and common methods of phrasing that probably did not learn in the classroom.

The sound recordings of your favorite movies of Foreign Affairs

If you are not yet truly fluent in a foreign language, you probably need subtitles for movies in that language. While the practice of reading subtitles include useful, are less useful when it comes to improving your listening skills. In fact, they are actually a kind of distraction.

Moreover, once they have seen a foreign film favorite one or more times so that you are familiar with the plot and the images that go along with it, the memory of the visual effects usually provide enough support when I later heard sound recording in his car, which lets you hear the words and phrases that would otherwise be lost.

Aha, so what I said!

Foreign streaming audio radio station while working on other things

Currently, there are many options available to foreign radio stations streaming all have the opportunity to establish a foreign language as our background noise of the election while they are online. Instead of listening to instrumental music, folk songs or their own culture, filling the air with constant chatter in a foreign language will allow a greater comfort level with the sounds and the meter of the language and increase their familiarity and level of comfort with the language they can not consciously studied in a way. You will be able to concentrate and go as the demands of their primary activity permits, but if you do not give your full attention dissemination, is skills development.

Memorize Song

The lyrics of popular songs from all cultures and all languages are widely available online. To find them, just learn some simple phrases to search in the language they are learning. Then comb your music collection for the songs you enjoy in another language and listen again with lyrics in hand. In addition, you will own every word, phrase, contraction, and expression in the letters you have learned.

Get your news from another country

The news of foreign countries is widely available on both cable television and Internet. News programming is usually formatted in a predictable manner with an introduction to the story followed by the presentation of reports at the press event site decisions often with pictures of the event itself.

Not only will you see news program from another country to improve their language and listening skills will give you a new perspective on how world events are seen outside their country and culture.

Just as we never stop learning and improving our knowledge of languages in our native language, learning a foreign language is an ongoing process that never ceases to be rewarding, especially if we have a little fun in the process.

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