Dont Mistake Unemployment For A Vacation English Language Essay

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According to Desmond Biney, the Unemployed Graduates Association of Malaysia issues this press statement to the Government and the good people of Malaysia to emphasis the fact that the continuous increase in unemployment of school leavers, especially university and polytechnic graduates, is not only a disincentive to schooling but could also be a recipe for social unrest if not immediately checked especially as we enter this year's election.

Unemployment leads to frustrations which could find manifestation in different unfavorable forms. There is a saying that the devil finds work for the idle hands. The meaning of devil find work for the idle hands is talking about they cannot find a job and stay at home nothing to do.

It is an additional fact that yearly, several graduates from the country's tertiary institutions estimated to be in the region of 69,000 come out of school searching for jobs. It was with a sense of call to duty that we, the members of Unemployed Graduates Association of Malaysia between 30th August and 5th September embarked on a nationwide tour to all regions to register new members and mobiliser all unemployed graduates towards the staging of a massive demonstration in the coming weeks to register our displeasure with the current order.

The tour revealed among other things that over 88,000 graduates nationwide were unemployed who makes about 50.8 percent of graduates from the universities, polytechnics and other tertiary institutions.

When we are not speaking because we are lazy. We are speaking because, the harsh economic environment is making it very difficult for our members to find jobs or even transform their creative ideas into meaningful enterprises.We hope to call on the Government of Malaysia to immediately come out with workable solutions before our frustrations become a threat to national peace.

2.0 Presentation & Analysis

First and foremost reason is that graduates have much higher hopes after working hard and spending a lot of money studying, only to find that the jobs that they get are not compatible to the education that they had acquired and a lot of graduates they hope for can get a job high salary, they have find a lot of job but it because of not high salary they are not going to do this job. In others problem few percent of graduates, they wish to get a high position job also. In this paragraph as we know is a lot graduates unemployment until now in Malaysia 50 percent is because of they only choose job either high salary or high position if not they wouldn't do the job.

A lot of people may thing that this is only happen in Egypt but it is also happening in Malaysia, only to a much lesser extent. The governments keep on blaming the students for being choosy and not equipping themselves with the right education, and yet allow students to waste their time studying and spending money on useless education.

If people are still jobless, then economy Malaysia will be decrease. Jobless problem also effect economy growth and growth of the children, because when will can't study, so they will choose find part-time to earn money so that is one of the reason their children not growth well of the children.

2.1. School leavers

A lot of student uneducated, so them they less will knowledge and very hard to find a job this is also a reason of jobless problem. And some of the reason is because their children give up their study and go to work , although they work, they also can't fulfill their desire , so they always like to change their job but they are lack knowledge , so their working area are very less. Although they have work but low salary so cannot afford their life.

Because didn't have enough knowledge school levers is unsuitable for office job ,so their only suitable can do the food department job and other low salary job, but it is unable to survive if they are need to take care of their family. Furthermore, when they are cannot handle their expenses and become poverty.

Besides that, according

2.2 Fresh graduates

Some of graduates is because of they are less interview skill, when they are interview they feel fear about speak to interviewer face to face. And also they did not prepare properly since they are going to interview.

Some of graduates cannot get a job is because their interview skill so this page is talking about few ways more easy to get a job. The most important of course is our attitude and how do you show your skill when you are interviewing. And second is our outlook because outlook can give a image to interviewer. Furthermore how you did you do research and homework?

Furthermore some of the reason graduates cannot a job is because their attitude. When a person is very bad attitude this kind of person is very hard to find a job whatever how smart they are because if I am bosses I have reason for hire a very bad attitude worker would talk back to the boss.

Many male students would rather work than study. This is one of the many reasons why women out of number men in Malaysian universities. Another danger sign of the graduate unemployment in Malaysia this is very bad.

Some of graduates cannot get a job is because their interview skill. The most important of course is our attitude and how do you show your skill when you are interviewing. And second is our outlook because outlook can give a image to interviewer. Furthermore how their did they research and homework?

2.3 Ways to get a job

(A) Attitude

Our attitude and demeanor is extremely important for getting a job quickly. Employers want to hire hardworking, upbeat and optimistic workers. Even if you feel down or pessimistic from your job search, it is beneficial that you display a positive attitude whenever you communicate with potential employers. Make an effort to be polite, smile and thank interviewers for all the time. It is also important not to come off as being desperate to get a job, even if you are. Persistence is also important. If you are turned down for a position, don't take it personally; instead, move on and focus on the next job or interview.

(B) Take stock of yourself

Before you go out and look for a job , please do some self-reflection. Make a list of all the things you can do for which someone would be willing to pay you. What have you done especially well about your previous jobs? What sort of activities in your work and your personal life do you most enjoy or else? The good news is that you will always do the very best at something that makes you the happiest. To help yourself follow the right career track, describe your ideal job. The greater clarity you have about exactly what it is you want to do and also how much you want to earn, the easier it is for someone to hire you.

(C) Done your homework

When you have determine a possible job and set an appointment for a personal interview, congratulate yourself! You've done your homework. Everything you've done was prepared for this event. It's the most critical stage of your job search because, there's no payoff unless you make a sale. Make sure you've done your homework. There is certain factual information you should be expected to possess and bring it into the conversation to let the interviewer know that you've done some study on the subject .This is one of the best ways to ensure a successful interview. The most important non-verbal communication you make about yourself is your outfit and grooming. In the first few minutes the person with whom you are talking will form an impression of you which will affect his/her opinion.


Understand the job market

All labor, including your own, is subject to the economic law of supply and require. The only way to ensure you get a rewarding job is by doing something important for which there is a require in the marketplace and in which you are difficult to replace. A change in technology, consumer preferences or the economy can make a particular talent or specialty obsolete almost overnight. You must continually upgrade your knowledge and skills and adjust your efforts so that they conform to the needs of the current job market. In a free society such as ours, everybody works on commission.

2. Don't mistake unemployment for a vacation

Look at your job search as a full-time job, taking 40 to 50 hours a week to sleep well. Get up and get dressed each weekday morning as if you were going to work do not eat a heavy food, eat a light, high-energy breakfast, and then get going. Looking good and staying productive not only improves your attitude, but also impresses other people, both those inside your own house and those on the outside. Remember, you should never see yourself as unemployed. You are a fully employed person in a temporary state of transition.

3.0 Introduction of Information Technology

Information technology has been around for a long, long time. Basically as long as people have been around, information technology has been around because there were always ways of communicating through technology available at that point in time. There are 4 main ages that divide up the history of information technology. Only the latest age (electronic) and some of the electromechanical age really affects us today, but it is important to learn about how we got to the point we are at with technology today.

According to Jamie Epstein, Information technology has also shifted from focusing on single computers to networks of computers, as the years have passed and technology has advanced. Networked computers allow many different users to have access to common databases, which has allowed databases to be where most business records for big companies are held. Software that implements these databases has quickly become a billion-dollar industry.

Information technology has brought us the Internet. The web has quickly grown to become a primary choice in order for people to communicate whether it be through email or instant messaging services. The Internet also works as an advertising platform for millions of businesses around the globe. Information technology has made banking online a reality. So much time was once spent on daily trips to the bank, but now via the Internet people can keep tabs on all their bank transactions with the click of a mouse.

Some big companies in the IT industry are Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Apple , Hp, Toshiba and Compaq.

4.0 Presentation and Analysis

In the 1960s and 1970s, the term information technology (IT) was a little known phrase that was used by those who worked in places like banks and hospitals to describe the processes they used to store information. With the paradigm shift to computing technology and "paperless" workplaces, information technology has come to be a household phrase. It defines an industry that uses computers, networking, software programming, and other equipment and processes to store, process, retrieve, transmit, and protect information.

In the early days of computer development, there was no such thing as a college degree in IT. Software development and computer programming were best left to the computer scientists and mathematical engineers, due to their complicated nature. As time passed and technology advanced,