Does Texting Have Adverse Effects English Language Essay

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During old era when technology was not too much dispersed, it was nearly awkward to talk to the person living miles away. It was certain that people could just interact with those who were living closer to them but they didn't know about other people who were living far away from them and it was very difficult to travel and convey the message of one person to the other without travelling and giving the message personally as it was the only thing which had to be done to talk to the people of other countries. Therefore, as the time passed, people used their minds and made efforts to improve their way of living as it is in human nature to attain perfection in everything as much as possible.

With the passage of time, as the life improved, a postman helped people to convey their messages. This system has been used for centuries and is still used rarely. Now in the modern world, technology is advanced too much and the whole old system of working has been replaced by the machines and the electronic equipment. In this world of technology where everything is unbelievable we are using mobile phones, computers, automobiles etc. But the most wonderful thing is internet which has made the world a global village and now nothing is impossible.

In this present age where everybody is too much busy, modern technology has made our life calm and comfortable. We are now in contact with every person living in any part of the world and we are aware of all the things happening in any country of the world with the help of social media, internet and mobile phones but the thing which has significantly changed with the progress of technology is that the face-to-face interaction has been replaced with texting. We use short message services and emails to talk to people instead of the old techniques like letters etc.

As everything holds certain benefits to itself, it also owns certain drawbacks. Texting have a number of advantages which are very useful. With the help of texting we can convey our message to millions of people in just moments by sending them email or through mobile phone, instead of telling each person separately and distinctly. It is a very fast process and is cheap also. Texting is used enormously in every country of the world for several purposes and it is very efficient nowadays because it saves our precious time and it is the easiest way to inform other people about something within seconds. Another interesting thing about texting is that we can save and keep the record of the stuff which we send. Texting is a silent process in which we don't have to speak and we have a lot of time to think before writing and we do our best to tell anything to other person in an appropriate manner by texting. As it is a silent process, it helps us when we are in a meeting or in any public place where it is immature to talk with a person via phone then the process of texting helps us in such situation.

All these advantages on one side, the drawbacks of texting cannot be ignored. Sometimes people receive emails which contain no certain alignment and are carelessly send without any specific and needed insertions of greetings, regards and punctuation, however the email is important one but looks like the kindergartener has wrote it. This is just due to the vast and widely spread misuse of texting. We never care about the punctuations, capitals and spellings whenever we send message to our friends. We use words in their short form which slowly fades out the quality of our English writing and due to this when have to write something for any important person, we are unable to write it in an appropriate manner.

Texting has an adverse effect on a person's ability to communicate effectively in other manners. We are losing social awareness and our new generation has forgotten how to communicate well with one another. We have made ourselves socially stubborn to the communal norms of the society. With the help of communication we can get advantage in the society but we need social awareness because it is something which cannot and should not be lost. There are many aspects of communication which cannot be spread through text or whatever the medium of writing is like certain emotions etc. Communication involves both sound and sight. Hearing someone is more of a dynamic interaction and there are no long pauses whereas in conversation during texting, long pauses usually end up in the form of a long silence and the persons on the both ends are not sure whether the conversation has ended or not. We have to wait for the other person before he/she read the text and reply us.

Although texting is a quick and an easy method to communicate yet it does not allow us to build social skills for face-to-face interaction. No one is born with the capability to communicate. We can learn about communication skills just through real experience. So if a person constantly uses texting and ignores face-to-face interaction, he will become clumsy. People around the age of 20 often have troubles in conversation during social situations because they are too much used to texting and instant messaging. Massive use of texting has changed the way a person's brain processes the information and his way of communication. But the use of texting is increasing rapidly among young people and children instead of spending time with their family. A recent study showed that the young generation alone is spending over eight hours a day online. They spend a lot of time chatting with friends, which has deteriorated their social communication skills and due to this they lose their self-confidence during interviews or in any social situation.

We cannot save ourselves from texting because it provides us several benefits but we have to pay attention on the demerits of texting and we, instead of making ourselves its slave, must take steps to minimize them as much as we can and don't let ourselves get affected by it. We should text when needed but not get too much addicted to it, especially the young generation. Texting is not good for any person because it makes a person appear like he is busy in his own world and he loses concentration in the real world. Texting should be done when there is a need of texting and avoid the unnecessary and unwanted usage of this service.