Different Shapes And Sizes Of Electronic Communication English Language Essay

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Electronic communication comes in all different shapes and sizes. You may be wondering what electronic communication even is. To put the definition of electronic communication in a nut shell it is communication by a computer. Some are with cellphone's and some are with your computer. You will read about a variety of different electronic communication devices. Involved in the computer aspect of electronic communication you have email, video, social networking, and blogs. You also have a cell phone which has a few of its own electronic communication like text messaging, instant messenger, talking, and internet.


When some people here electronic communication they think of strictly communication by computer which is the definition of electronic communication. With a computer you have multiple electronic communication devices. While you are on the computer think of all the things you do that other people respond to. When you go on your Facebook that is electronic communication, same if you have a blog and other people read and respond to it.

Email. I would argue that a good amount of the people with internet capabilities have at least one email account. I myself have at least three different email accounts on different email networks. Email is an electronic communication device because you send emails back and forth between friends, family, school, or work. A short list of different email networks would be:






Video. While you are on a computer you have a few options of videoing other people. When you video other people you have the ability to see them and hear them. It is almost like you are with them, but you can't physically touch them. This is an electronic communication because you are using a computer to see family and friends and be able to have a conversation with them seeing their faces. A few places you can video people are:



MSN Messenger (live messenger)

Social networking. Facebook having over a million users is defiantly a social networking site. When you go on Facebook you can chat with friends, look at their pictures, or write on their wall. Other social networks are MySpace and Twitter. Social networking is for sure an electronic communication because you can talk back and forth to friends/family in messages, chatting, or on their walls.

Blogs. Blogs are good if you are trying to find music or if you are exchanging exercise ideas with others. Other forms of blogs would be bulletin boards and threads. All three of these things are devices of electronic communication because you can communicate with others through your computer.

Cell Phone

When you are on your cell phone now-a-days you can do a number of electronic communications. You can text, go on Facebook, or instant message people.

Text Messaging. Text messaging is a way to communicate with people without having to talk to them using you voice. You can text while you are supposed to be listening in class or when you are just watching television.

Instant Messenger. On cell phones now you can download all different types of programs do instant messenger your friends. Some programs you can get on your cell's now would be yahoo messenger and AOL messenger. This would be electronic communication because you are using the internet on your phone to communicate with other people.

Talking. What are cell phones good for if you can't just talk on them. Another electronic communication on a cell phone would be the capability to just talk on it. This is obliviously an electronic communication because you are talking voice to voice with at least one other person.

Internet. On your cell phone, especially smart phones you can get the internet on them. On the internet you can get on your Facebook, you can go and check your email, you can check your finances on your bank's website, and you can even shop and purchase things. All four of those things are all devices of electronic communication.


There is some hardware for your computer that you can use that would qualify as electronic communication. The two that I am going to write about would be a fax machine and a scanner.

Fax Machine. A fax machine would be an electronic communication device because you are sending a paper or papers through the fax world to end up in somebody else's fax machine for there use.

Scanner. A scanner is also an electronic communication device because you are communicating something from your hand to send it into your computer. Maybe you need a picture for a report in school, you can scan it into your computer for your use.


As you can see there are many different types of electronic communication. I am sure that there are many more than just the ones that I listed. Electronic communication is defiantly a huge part of our lives. Without it we couldn't just call or text someone asking them a question. We couldn't see pictures instantly of friends/family. We may not even be able to do our work. If it wasn't for electronic communication I know that I would be lost.