Demographic Revolution

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The increase in the proportion of elderly in the population isworldwide phenomenon so pervasive that many call "demographic revolution".In the last half century, thelife expectancy increased by about 20 years.According to a resource of the U.S. census bureau, the number of people with 65 years old and over would more than double by the middle of the next century to 80 million. “ About 1 in 8 Americans were elderly in 1994, but about 1 in 5 would be elderly by the year 2030”.Aging is a natural phase of lifehuman and should not be treated as a disease, they have the right to be well cared in a nursing home facility. This time of their lives can bea time of achievements and respect, where the use of experienceaccumulated can be invaluable.

We all are supposed to feel safe in our homes, if is a house, a facility or a care center. For many elder and disabled citizens, nursing homes and other extended care facilities are their homes. Unfortunately, such residents often lack the fundamental ability to protect themselves where they live. Most nursing home employees are excellent caregivers who are experienced with doing physically difficult and emotionally draining jobs. It is sad and embarrassing for us when we know about a defenseless elderly is abused; physically and psychologically by the ones who are supposed to provide their protection and daily.

Oftentimes patients acquire life-threatening problems after admittance to nursing homes, signaling a problem within the structure of the home. Administrative ineffectiveness is certainly a major portion of the problem of abuse in the nursing home industry. Inadequate staffing rests on the shoulders of the administrators that hire poor staff, with bad qualifications, most of them don't really want to work with the elderly and help them to have dignity and a good care, they just want a job, and don't really appreciate how special the elderly are. In the nursing home setting, often administrators are faced with a shortage of staff due to thenursing professionsdistaste for work in nursing homes. Administrators are in need of staff and often choose candidates to fill positions without proper background checks due to the need to staff their facility. However, the nursing home industry has found itself targeted by a criminal element that is eager to take advantage of the elderly residents with the facility.

The public and private institutions that combat this type of crime have difficulty in taking forward the processes, exposing the elderly to new aggressions and abuses. In all cultures, usually abuses are rather terminated.Combat and reduce the abuse of elderly requires a strong approach and interdisciplinary involving not only physicians, but the whole society. The study of the conditions surrounding the elderly has earned attention in recent years.Care in the area health are the responsibility not only of the bodies this area, but involve a number of aspects social preservation of public health as a whole.In aging, the responsibility for the care and the disease prevention lies expressively on health facilities maintained by government programs and the family.

The factors of representational neglect, aggression, depression or ridicule may prevent adequate care to the individual ages, both from the point of view of the subject that age, as health professionals who serve them. This study intended to raise observations on risk situations which are submitted to the elderly, from the viewpoint of health professionals, as well as the elderly users of health facilities.According to World Health Organization, they consider abuse to the elderly any act isolated or repeated, or the lack of appropriate action occurring in any relationship where there is a expectation of trust which causes harm or discomfort to a Elder.This includes: physical abuse: provocation of pain or injury, physical coercion, restriction physical or chemical abuse, psychological / emotional: the imposition of mental anguish, financial abuse / material: exploration improper or illegal and / or use of funds or resources; abuse sex: non-consensual contact of any kind with elderly; neglect: the refusal or failure to comply obligation of any care including / excluding effort conscious and intentional infliction of physical pain or emotional in elderly.

Thankfully there is a nursing home abuse injury laws, that protect the elderly and their rights in the nursing homes, but, still most of the time the cases aren't reported, just the abuse the their silence after. Poor hiring standards, lack of applicable candidates, and scarce funding resources leave nursing homes ill-prepared and in a cycle of staffing problems which lead to cutting corners on care catapulting into incidences of abuse and finally government sanctions. The final government sanctions have not proven to correct problems, only cite them. Further research is needed to determine how to correct the problems of underlying administrative problems leading to abuse with the nursing home setting.

According to a article on ABC news, it is always questionable if our loved ones are being well cared in a nursing home,