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Dangerous Stunts Seen On Youtube English Language Essay

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5/12/16 English Language Reference this

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David Nuno became the latest teenager to die in a freak accident this week trying to duplicate a stunt he saw on YouTube called the good kids high.

Nuno, 15, and his two friends were watching a YouTube video of how to pass out on purpose before trying it out on Tuesday, Chula Vista Police Capt. Gary Wedge said.

Just like in the video, Nuno was standing before he lost consciousness. When he fell forward, he crashed onto an empty drinking glass and broke it with his collarbone, allowing the shard to slice through his interior and exterior jugular arteries.

His friends didn’t see the blood until they rolled him over, prompting one to race down the stairs to find Nuno’s father, Wedge said. As Nuno regained consciousness, he realized he was bleeding and ran down the stairs just as his father was running up to help him. As his father applied pressure to the wound with a towel, Nuno collapsed on the floor.

Emergency responders arrived and tried to stop the bleeding, but Nuno’s pulse disappeared. They performed CPR, but he died shortly after he got to the hospital, Wedge said.

“Anytime a teen dies, it’s tragic,” Wedge said, adding that he’d never seen anyone try to asphyxiate himself to get high before Tuesday, but he’s learned “it’s much more common than people realize.”

Nuno’s death isn’t the first like it – not even the first this month. A 12-year-old suffocated to death in Wisconsin trying to achieve a pass-out high last Thursday.

The Dangerous Behaviors Foundation asked victims’ parents to report choking game deaths and recorded 416 fatalities as of last September.

Emergency rooms are seeing more and more teens with injuries that result from emulating things they see on YouTube videos that include the choking game, and other more innocuous sounding but deadly games such as the”cinnamon challenge,” the “salt-and-ice challenge,” “chubby bunny” and even extreme fighting.

Dr. Thomas Abramo, the chief of pediatric emergency medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said he sees all of it in his ER. Although teens have acted on risky behavior fads throughout his 30-year career, he said he’s seeing trends catch on faster than ever before, and he thinks it’s because of YouTube and social media.

“If you get one kid doing it, you tend to see more kids doing it,” said Abramo, who said two of his patients have died playing the choking game. “The spread of the event is definitely faster.”

One challenge that scares Abramo involves being hit on the head with a bench or a folding chair to “see if you can take it,” he said. A lot of the time, they can’t.

“Fractures, concussions, lacerations,” Abramo said. “Just the things you would think would happen.”

“Once you see some of these videos, you go, ‘Oh my God,'” the doctor said. The “Darwin award” videos, which involve varying dangerous challenges, are the worst he’s seen. “Survival of the stupidest. I can’t believe it happens. It defies logic,” Abramo said.

YouTube’s guidelines prohibit content that encourages dangerous behavior, but 72 hours of new video are uploaded each minute, according to YouTube statistics, making it difficult to prevent dangerous content being posted.

“We count on our users to flag content they believe violates the rules,” a YouTube spokesman said. “We review flagged videos around the clock and remove all those that violate our policies.”

Dr. Alan Hilfer, a child psychologist at Maimonides Medical Center, said he thinks the existing videos validate risky behavior for teens and give them a way to get notoriety if they post a video. He said he hears a lot about YouTube’s amateur ultimate fighting videos, which show teen fights with are no rules — just bare knuckles.

“A kid showed me his video of that, and it was appalling,” he said. “These kids were beating each other to a pulp, and kids were standing around and cheering until somebody gave up.”

Hilfer, who has worked as a child psychologist for four decades, said videos also validate anorexia and cutting by making them seem normal.

However, Dr. Carol Bernstein, a psychiatry professor at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, said she doesn’t think YouTube alone is to blame for teens engaging in challenges that could seriously injure them because many factors are involved. She said other environmental factors, physiology, and temperament contribute to a child’s decision to emulate a video.

“Stress here should be on knowing our children, watching behaviors and having conversations with them,” Bernstein said. “There’s no substitute for parents and teachers who are engaging with their kids in general.”

She said if parents discover their child is hurting himself or herself in any way, they should have a conversation with that child. If necessary, she said parents should reach out to a pediatrician to see if he or she should be evaluated by a child psychologist.

“The message here if for parents to not be afraid to have conversations with their children,” she said. “We need to do that.

Ada Del Riego

English 4 honors/ per. 6

Mr. Wright

Article Assignment

Dangerous Stunts Seen on YouTube Hurting, Even Killing Teens

ABC news have informed us about the new game that is killing many teens today. It comes to be that there is a new game, a game in which is causing many teens to lose their lives or suffer major injuries. This game is called the choking game. David Nuno became one of the teenagers to die in a freak accident trying to attempt the choking game. He was with a group of friends and while he was attempting to suffocate himself he fell on top of a glass cup. The cup shredded into pieces because he broke it with his collarbone. The piece of glass allowed it to slice through his interior and exterior jugular arteries which caused him to have internal bleeding. When his friend noticed that David wasn’t responding they turned David’s body over and he was bleeding extensively. One of David’s friends went to go reach for his parents and when his dad arrived to where David was at he applied a lot of pressure to David’s head. They called paramedics but that didn’t save the life of David Nuno. The paramedics did everything possible to keep David alive but moments later David’s pulse was gone and somebody had died because of a game that many kids are curious to try.

Many of these kids are being informed by these games by the social web. You tube takes big part on this game because there are videos posted on how kids can learn how to choke themselves without a problem. Kids do these activities in groups with friends but the sad part is like Advocate Judy Rogg said these kids don’t believe that they are doing any wrong in practicing these games. On the ABC news video interview, advocate Judy Rogg has a story to tell and a message to send out. Her own child was killed by this game and she as a mother didn’t understand why her child who had it all would want to go ahead and try this game. As well kids say that this is a safer game to play instead of doing drugs. Judy’s child heard about this game in school and without her knowing Judy’s son grabs his boy scout rope and decides to hang himself, when police were called in to the scene they investigated that Judy’s son did not commit suicide if not he was trying to attempt the game called ” the choking game”. Judy Rogg has channeled her grief to making a change in society. She has gone around the world to make notice that the choking game has to stop or at least let students know about this game and what it can do to you before trying it. It has been known that 416 facilities have been reported for playing the choking game. As well Dr. Thomas Abramo has said that he has seen almost every type of case in the ER and he believes that the kids are looking at these games like trends and something cool to do and follow. For this reason a lot of these kids are following the trend and its happening at a rapid pace. This is why Dr. Thomas blames the social media for these open ideas kids have now. For example Dr. Thomas stated “If you get one kid doing it, you tend to see more kids doing it,” which caused the spread of the event to happen definitely faster.

These games have different name’s around the world for example the first name known would be the chocking game, knock out and as well California knockout. Unfortunately this isn’t the only game being played, many other students also play games called the “cinnamon challenge,” the “salt-and-ice challenge,” “chubby bunny” and even extreme fighting. The “cinnamon challenge” is when you get a spoon full of powdered cinnamon you eat it and try to swallow it. It has caused several of students to lose their breath and cause the cinnamon to stay in their throat leaving the students with no way to breathe. People who have asthma are extremely in danger because it clogs up your lungs and causes you to have shortness of breath. The “chubby bunny” game is when you have a bag of marshmallows and you try to attempt to stick one marshmallow at a time while each marshmallow you stick you have to say chubby bunny. This is a dangerous game for the reason that in the moment that you are laughing and having a good time one marshmallow can fly to the back of your throat and choke you. The hamlet procedure will have to be given to you but in any time you won’t have the luck to survive the chubby bunny. Dr. Abramo has also seen cases in which kids have themselves be beaten up to see how much they can take from something and the cases end up that they really can’t take much of it. They get fractured; have concussions, and even lacerations. Dr. Abramo stated that the worst videos he has seen have been from the “Darwin award” but he states himself that the people who attempt these stunts define the word logic.

It has come to a conclusion in which Dr. Abramo has made his own opinion that the social web has taken part in many of these kids putting their lives in danger. YouTube has guidelines in which prohibits the people to encourage themselves to do any dangerous stunt. Even though a new video is being posted up almost every seventy- two hours YouTube statistics have said that it has been harder to post up videos. As well YouTube encourages that their members flag the content that violates the rules and regulations that YouTube asks for. YouTube spokesman said “We review flagged videos around the clock and remove all those that violate our policies.”

Dr. Alan Hilfer who is a psychologist at the Maimonides Medical Center states that these videos have changed the behavior of teens, posting up these videos give them notoriety in which changes teens behavior. Dr. Alan has seen this reaction among the kids because someone showed him a YouTube video where kids were beating each other up and all the other kids watching the fight where just cheering and didn’t have any state of mind to stop this fight. Dr. Alan has been in this industry for over four decades and he doesn’t remember ever seeing this type of behavior or even kids cutting themselves.

Another Dr. Carol Bernstein states that she doesn’t believe that the social web has so many faults on the kid’s reaction to these videos, she believes that YouTube itself alone is to blame for teens reacting the way they do. She believes environmental factors, physiology, and temperament cause a child’s decision to emulate a video. Dr. Carol also states that parents should take a big part in their kids’ lives. Dr. Carol says that if any parent or teacher see’s any change with their student or child they should have a deep conversation or if not they can receive help by someone else. This article wanted to state a message to parents out in the world to not be afraid to have conversations with their children.

This article talks about the dangerous stunts seen on YouTube in which are hurting teens and even killing them. These games are games being played because peer pressure is put upon most students. Trends are meant to be followed as in fashion and the latest cars but not in dangerous games. For most teens any game that is being played students want to try to attempt it and follow what everyone else is doing, just because they believe that these game can cause them to get noticed or either become the cool girl or guy in school. These games have caused a lot of unexpected deaths, which is not worth to hear that your family member or friend was killed while playing one of these games. I believe that these games should be put to a stop for the reason that students don’t know the consequences to these games and they are trying them without knowing if their lives can be in danger.

Peer pressure takes a big part in teen society. Once your part of a group of friends everyone wants to get along, fit in with each other and as well look alike in different occasions. For these reasons a game takes a big part as well as in drinking. If one student is influenced into drinking or even doing drugs I believe kid’s mentality would be short enough to not notice that the game they played has caused deaths around the world. Students are sometimes pressured into wearing things they don’t like, things that only students believe that they can look part of the group and not a part of what everyone else and what they are doing. As well I believe that students don’t know when to stand up from what is right and wrong. When Dr. Abramo witnesses to watch a video where kids are being beaten up to points that they get black out is crazy. These students are around the fight or even watching the video as if they would like to be there in person and even picking sides to who was a better fighter. Doctors have realized that teen’s now a day don’t know what is good and bad and what they should stand up for.

Another big part that takes place in these games is the imagination kids have now a days to entertain themselves. Sometime technology takes a big part of students’ lives. I believe that TV shows like “Ridiculousness” are TV shows that show students that these stunts are capable of doing, capable of getting hurt, and capable of not listening to the content that tells students that these stunts are not supposed to be attempted. As well YouTube has been one of the teen’s major resources for students to look up videos that they can imitate. There have been a lot of videos on YouTube in which they haven’t been flagged or reviewed to see if it’s an appropriate video to watch. Students just look at this as a way to be cool and attempt something that somebody else did that everyone else would like to see.

The concerns that many of our teachers, parents and guardian have for us isn’t because they want to be over protective if not they don’t want occasions like these to happen. Health is a big part to look at when you’re doing something that you believe won’t get you hurt, but statistics have said by the ABC news that at least fifty percent of the teen’s population have tried these outrageous games. Most of the population has been boys. Teens have to realize that these games aren’t game’s to be played because they come with one consequence and that is death. Stress is a reason for the kids to act the way they do as well. This should put a warning sign to the teachers, parents and guardians so that they can notice if anything is wrong with their student or child. As well its recommended to know if there is a change in anything you see out of the ordinary on anyone to report it to someone older who can give it to the authority. Doctor’s as well have seen the number of increase in how kids are attempting these games and come to the hospital with the explanation that they got hurt playing these games. I remember games being played when I was little but not the games today that teens are hearing about. “Hide and Seek,” Catch me if you can” and card games are all game that teen’s and even younger kids play. Younger kids are more influenced to do something that their friend has asked them to do because they are friends and the innocence in a kid and teen isn’t t noticed to them yet. Kids and teens trust their friends almost as much as they trust their own family and if playing a game like truth or dare is fun, they won’t see any harm in playing it.

Stunts are not meant to be done by children, teens or unprofessional people. Stunt’s that are posted on YouTube and other websites are either meant for you to see and laugh at or enjoy it. It has come to the conclusion that because of these stunts there have been life’s lost just because others want to attempt something that can cause you harm just because you’re not capable for it. In this occasion I believe since there isn’t much to do any more about these kids to stop playing these games the best way to handle the situation is to create an organization in where students and teen’s all around the world can pledge to not playing these games because they are dangerous. It’s the same concept used in how AT&T is using the schools and people to pledge to not driving and texting.

Opinions by the public have been made that our society isn’t thinking correctly and day by day they just go ahead and sacrifice their life for something that isn’t worth trying. The public blames this situation in many different ways. First they blame the person for doing the stunt because either they are not realizing what they are doing or are just too dumb to notice. As well they are blaming the parents because they are not taking too much responsibility to what their children do and act, and lastly the public blames the media because these stories keep on coming up and it never dies down. It just gives a more of an opportunity for the people to hear about the situation and continue it. I can’t disagree with none of these statements because all of them come into play in this story and article. Everyone has a fault in the situations that the teen’s face today and for this reason I believe that media, parents, and children should all sit down and realize that they have some fault in what has happened. They should all as well help out and find a way where everyone can help out and fix the situation. Media for once should only display what is correct to display and the negativity on deaths and stunts like these should be kept to a minimum on who should find out about these situations. Then again I believe that the article caught my attention because there are so many ways to look at the situation and as well many ways to interpret your own opinion in this article from what you believe is right and wrong, towards what you believe has the most fault in this article and what should be changed to make our society better and make our people understand that these stunts are not meant to be done or shown to others if not done by a professional.

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