Cyber Intrusion

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1. Identify the main issues discussed in this article. (45-65 words) (4 marks)

The main issue in this article is James Raj Arokiasamy who allegedly calls himself ‘the messiah’ was caught and faces four charges, including one for hacking into Ang Mo Kio town council’s website. He was also a wanted drug offender who had been on the run since 2011. (48 words)

2. Define the term ‘cyber intrusion’ and discuss what can one do to be safe from being a victim. (100-200words) (4 marks)

According to the definition of cyber intrusion is to compromise a computing system by breaking the security of such a system or causing it to enter into an insecure state. The act of intruding or gaining unauthorized access to a system typically leaves traces that can be discovered by intrusion detection systems (LoveToKnow, Corp., 2014). Based on United States computer emergency readiness team, there are a few methods to prevent cyber intrusion, some of the way are to deploy a Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) to help block and identify common attacks or we can Use an application proxy in front of web servers to filter out malicious requests (Security Recommendations to Prevent Cyber Intrusions, 2011). (117 words)

3. Base on this article, identify and explain the grounds on which the defence lawyer may base his arguments for the possible acquittal of james raj arokiasamy? You may cite from external sources. (100- 120words) (5 marks)

Base on this article, the prosecution had earlier told the court that James Raj said he was suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), despite is protest, the court ordered for him to be remanded at the institute of mental health for psychiatric evaluation. (ADHD) is a neuro-developmental disorder of self-control. As the name suggests, the symptoms of ADHD are characterised by serious and persistent difficulty in three areas, namely inattentive, impulsive and hyperactive (Insitute of Mental Health, 2012) the defence lawyer may base on the credibility of a psychiatrist report to create possible acquittal that James Raj suffers from ADHD and is not in the right state of mind when he was involved in the crime. (117 words)

4. Discuss in depth why hackers like James Raj Arokiasamy, do what they do although they are fully aware that cyber intrusion is a crime? (120-150words) (5 marks)

James Raj claiming to speak for activist hacker group named anonymous. Anonymous is a regular feature of political life on the Internet. They leaks, hack and create mass protest usually against the government. Anonymous has contemporary geopolitical power, the ability to land media attention because of its bold and recognizable aesthetics; in particular, they are unpredictability (Gabriella Coleman, 2013). James Raj said "I oppose censorship and support a free and open internet." demanding the government to reconsider the regulations of their framework or James will be forced to go to war with them (Asiaone, 2013). Hacker like anonymous do what they do because they think that they are fighting for the freedom of knowledge in the internet but instead they are only causing a potential thread to the society and the privacy of the people. (135 words)

5. Based on research, discuss the ways hackers may represent a potential threat for organisations such as banks and government. (110-130word) (6marks)

Research had shown that hacker have the technical abilities and know how to infiltrate and exploit secure banking systems. This action can result in financial losses such as you cash, credit and debit cards and your personal data. ( The Dallas Morning News Inc, 2014) Hackers are unique in posing a threat along the entire spectrum of objectives that might harm nation interests. These threats range from propaganda and low-level nuisance web page defacements to espionage and serious disruption with loss of life and extensive infrastructure disruption. Critical infrastructure hacker can weaken, disrupt or destroy the nation for attack purposes, espionage for technology advancement, and disruption of infrastructure to attack the nation economy. This full scale attacks have to potential to put down banks and the government. (ICS-CERT, 2005) (129 words)

6. Based on what you have learned in this module, how would you apply your skills in understanding this article? Indentify and explain THREE skills. You may cite from your textbook or other sources. (180-200words) (10marks)

In this module I’ve learnt the skill term identifying the argument. In this research I am able to identify the statement believed to be true and presents as arguments or reasons for consideration by the audience. A proposition may turn out to be true or false. The conclusion should normally relate closely to the author’s main position (Cottrell, 2011, p. 41). By using this I can quickly tell what the author is trying to bring across to me. The second set of skill I applied is one of the credibility criteria known as reputation. This may relate to facts know about individuals or interviewees’ professions. The differing reputations of media sources should be considered as well quality national newspapers are generally viewed as more reputable than the popular tabloid newspapers and magazines (Swale, J.2008). By knowing this I only source my research from more reputable website for example the government website to gain more credibility. The third skills is also one of credibility criteria called expertise, think about whether a witness has relevant knowledge and experience to give sound evidence Amateur websites may lack expertise (Swale, J. 2008). From this I know how to search from expert who is specialised in the field rather than Wikipedia (198 words).

7. Summarise this article in one paragraph. (80-100 words) (4 marks)

In conclusion, James Raj was arrested at Kuala Lumpur condominium where he had carried out the cyber-attacks. He was face with four charges including one for hacking into the website of Ang Mo Kio town council on October 28, the rest were for drug consumption committed back in May 2011.The court ordered James Raj to be remanded at institute of mental health for psychiatric evaluation because the prosecution had earlier told the court that he is suffering from mental illness. Another fifteen Singaporeans are assisting with police investigations into possible offences of taking part in public assembly without permit.


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