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I entered the profession in this semester; when I first come to Malaysia, I hope I can finish my courses. My teacher told me the degree which is important to my future. So I have some targets to improve my study. Even though I only have to deal with four different subjects, I find that studies have been a difficulty for me. The biggest obstacle comes from my proficiency of English. I find it not easy to infer what my lecturers say in the class. I always need to refer to some Chinese reference books in order to cope with the lessons. Even though my English teacher claimed that it is not the suitable way to improve my English; I do not have other choices. I always think that I need to take some time to brush up my English but I just have not taken any remedial actions. In this way, I think that I should set up a proper timetable in order to improve my time management so that I can make my life more organised.

It can help me to better for plan the time. I think it is important in my class. First I want to improve my English level which is Benefit from us. I will try my best to study English, Creating context, laying a solid foundation. I should be careful studying in the morning. I plan to one with curricular-related reading Chinese books before December. In my view, we should be first depending on the foundation for learning English. If a person who have a good foundation, he can know more about English meaning.

I can surf internet to improve my English, in the internet, their have large useful information to give people to use. Network is a great medium; give us more fast and effective information. Help us better understand the international information. If a person surfing the internet, he can find the different important knowledge,I can use the knowledge finish my homework. I think it is necessary to improve English. Studying English will spent our long time, so I should put much time practicing using English everyday besides, we should listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in class. Go over what is learnt regularly and finish doing our homework carefully. If we have time, we'd better listen to English radio programmers, read English stories and newspapers, and watch English films and TV programmer, keep an English diary. If we make mistakes, I correct them at once and try not to make the same mistakes. What's more, we should look up new words in the dictionary before class and prepare each lesson carefully before class. I believe if we work hard and have good ways of learning English, we will learn English well. In my point, it can better able to listen in the class. So student can understand in the class.

Speak English like a mother tongue. I try improving my English language in January. After studying English for third months, I think that it is time for me to speak to others in English. For this, I will try to speak more with the people from different countries. I also find that it is an efficient way in enhancing my communication skills with others because different people who come from different countries have their own cultures. In this way, communicating with them is just like killing two birds with one stone. I have the chance to practice my English and I also have the chance to understand people with different nationalities better.

So I can Easy to communicate with others. And I will be clearer in the class. So I think learn English language is very useful for me, I can make friends. Know more friends from different countries the history. In china I often go to the English Conner to communication with others. We often get together use English discuss the problem. I feel that can be improving my English language level. Sometime we do some English competition or sing the English songs. So I can happy learning English.

Keep the prepare lesson before the class. In my view, keep the prepare lesson is very important for me everyday. First, my English is not very good, so I should work harder than other. Prepare a lesson could help me know about the lesson. Through the preparation, there must be a part of the content do not understand. So that I can listen carefully in the class, or ask teacher the question, make me better understand the lesson. Second, Preview can improve attendance levels; In general, the preview is not possible to understand all the new lessons, it will leave some problem, waiting for class to solve. Obviously I can study very clear, positive attitude to pay attention to study. I think it is a good effect. Better than those who listen to what the teacher talking about the subjective not prepared, no focus, no specific goals to study. When the teacher talks I understand contents, I can repeat again review and more clearly. Third, prepare lesson can improve the level of notes, due to prepare the book, so I can write my opinion in the book. In the class, the book does not focus in mind, or their some parts is not clear, teacher repeat reminded of the key word, I can put more time thinking about understanding issues.

Pass the exam. I hope I can pass the exam. Exam can inflect me in the school to learning. Which is important for me, when I leave china, I guarantee my parents I should try my best to pass exam. I like study; I feel study can enrich my live. So I go to school everyday. I can learn a lot of knowledge in school, so if I pass exam, maybe I have opportunity to get a degree. This is my dream, I think anything is possible. So I should harder to study. Carefully do everything.

have more about practical experiment,it is benefit form me to do everything, for example, I can make more different friends. If I join in the activity, I can learn more knowledge, Serve for the society, finding a way to deal with this society is the first decision young man must make. I believe: If I face to everything with my heart and learn in the environment of society I can defeat myself and surmount myself and success. For example, Travel or attending a community event will be informative and bring about some interesting connections for the future. We can see different history and culture, that so funny. On the other hand, I can join in club to meet friends who share common interests. If we have common interests, we can improve our relationship. I feel I will have a full and fantastic college life. Because of there varieties of students committees on campus and I can join the ones my favor. Enables university student both to enjoy pleasure in the mass organization, and can consummate oneself, moves in the mass organization grows mature.

Effective time

When I go to college, I should plan to study, if I is not elaborate plan, I not arm to plan my course. Because my poor English can not make me easy to study. So I should harder than others, I should prepare a lesson before sleep. I think it could be helping me better to understand the teachers say, repeat the lesson after class, I think it is very necessary for me to learn. I listening the English FM everyday which can improve my English listening. Read some books about the lesson improve my curricular knowledge, make me better to study. Back 10 English words per day. I always think that I need to take some time to brush up my English but I just have not taken any remedial actions. In this way, I think that I should set up a proper timetable in order to improve my time management so that I can make my life more organised.

Effective organisation

I get up at 7'clock, so I should early in the morning. I like exercise everyday, I think it is keep your figure. Exercise is necessary to health. I often invent my friend walking in the evening. We also talking laughing, singing the popular songs, sometimes we are swimming in the guard. I persist in strengthen exercise for myself. I like shopping in the weekend, I feel shopping can relaxing for me.


It comes to everyone's knowledge that time and tide wait for no man. However, many do not know how to manage their time efficiently. In this report introduce my opinion, I how to use my time everyday. So I do this at the very least, I learn good time management. The essence of time managing is not about managing time, it's about allocating it. A good way to manage time is to make a prioritized to-do list so that the most important tasks are completed first and the less important ones are completed last.


I think write this article can better to plan time and life. Front wrote my personal study plan, Learn the skills for time management and planning, in order to become the master of your time. I understand my strengths and weakness make me better to plan. It can make me rapid and brilliant progress in my studies. I think do this plan can make me progress in English study. If I will regularly study English each day for six months, my English will greatly improve.


A) Responsible -In my view, responsible is very important in my study, I will try my best to finish my homework, If a person who not have responsibility, he will nothing achieve.

B) Confidence-Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish. ---Sam Walton. There is noting too difficult if you have hard working, you will success. So I think confident is important in my life.

C) Independent- I think I possess lots of strengths. First of all, I have formed a habit of working under great pressure, I am a hard working man; Second, I am independent, and always try to use my own methods to solve my problem.

D) self-motivated - if I very tired to do something, or avoid to difficulties, I self-motivated to continue to make progress in learning.

E) Motivated-I think I an a full of energetic and fashion-minded person, I willing to study and progress, and I have good analytical capability.


Languages-I think it is biggest problems in my study. Sometimes I am hard to communicate with others. It is makes me feel very inferior. I cannot stand my poor English, so I will improve my languages level.

Lack of patience- If I learning for a long time, I will fell very boring to study.

Talking - if I feel upset, I will talk with my friend for a long time. I think this is a bad habit. So I will try to correct it.