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Technology significantly affect human as well as animal species ability to control and adapt to their natural environment , it affects the society and its surrounding in numbers of ways like developing more advanced economics , solving problems of pollution. Laptops is one of the most important source of technology as it helps in the educational aides one of the most important technology are laptops which have good effects in our lives as it makes you think critically , makes you to participate in our media life by news , here in the article "why am I against technology in classrooms ? Why do I ban laptops in my classrooms ? ". The author David Cole , a professor of law at Georgetown university discusses the claim which is banning laptops in classrooms as he thinks that it is not comfortable for a teacher to teach students who are dealing with computers to take notes . In the article "why do I ban laptops " The author offers good and valid common ground that I agree with which is laptops sometimes makes the students not focusing well during class but there are many points of weakness as the author makes laptops decreases the rate of cooperating in class, discussion and has no benefit for students to use in class .

In the article "why do I ban laptops " the author says that laptops during classes makes students cannot focus with teacher well and that's may be right as there is high possibility loss of eye contact and that's right as there are students who do not care or concern about their studies or even to have chance to listen and understand a certain lesson may use the laptop for playing games or checking their e-mails, In the article "several faculty members feel that students may spend more time glancing at the screens of their laptop than looking to the teacher " . (James Efaw , Scott Hampton , Silas and Scott Smith Teaching and learning with laptop computer in the classrooms ) . However there are some students who can focus well while taking notes by computer as they can type quickly even without looking at the screen or keys as most of the people cannot do this with paper and pencil .

The author makes some wrong assumptions about how far banning laptops in classrooms is useful , In contrary laptops should be in classrooms as it makes students works in teams to answer questions , synthesizing their own experience , get ideas from sources find on a web , helps students to improve their spelling and grammar , A teacher can have his students during a class visit a specific web site related to a certain topic by this way the cooperating in class will be more easy and good . " Use computers to enhance the academic culture of the school ".( Justin Reich , Laptops in the classrooms :Mend it ,don't break it ).

David Cole says that laptops has not any use or benefit in classrooms as there are libraries , books and net but at home only as to be able to understand well than in classroom as they makes the students gets confused But this is not true as for saving time students can go the library without leaving the class or getting disturbed . Sometimes laptops in class provides the ability of having an in class research with the instructor " An instructor can teach students while they learn how to conduct academic searches and scholarly research this is better than having the class at the library or watching the teacher showing an example on the main computer " . (James Efaw , Scott Hampton , Silas and Scott Smith Teaching and learning with laptop computer in classrooms ) .

David Cole makes the laptops decrease the rate of discussion in class but that is really wrong as it depends on how the teacher controls his students as simply the teacher can let all the students close their screens until he finish explanation then order them to open it again Prashash Nair stated that students must use the laptop in classrooms by the help of their teachers . "Teachers must step down from being the sage on the stage and learn to be the guide on the side " "strongest educational institutions will not the one that leave laptops" (Justin Reich) . David Cole also says that avoiding technology will save money But he forgot that people can buy cheap ones no need for an extra expensive one and by this way money can be little saved .

Through the whole article , the author is biased , he provides evidences trying to force the audience to be convinced by his idea ,he fell in hasty generalization in paragraph six when he used his own experience as a common for all students that they will not be able to focus or even understand as long as laptops are in classrooms , In contrary not all of the students are like that . Moreover , David has some statistics to support his idea of banning technology but they are so poor and not convincible at all , Here there are some other results and statistics to prove that using laptops in classrooms has a good effect on the students , As James Efaw , Scott Hampton , Silas and Scott Smith stated that " 73 percent of students that used laptops made comments included Typing is a faster ,taking notes faster, efficient and keep stuff organized , all notes are on laptop , they are neat , readable on the computer on contrary in a note book they possibly have been lost or neglected or less legible" (Teaching and learning with laptop computer in classrooms ).

At the end , many students might be groaning more than usual as they have prepared for their exams by handwritten notes that's because more and more professors are banning laptops in classrooms , Laptops is very important in our educational system , as it become the most perfect tool for any university student or scholar student which facilitates the property of doing research on anything in a short time without having to go to the library which helps the student to keep updated on projects and tasks which by this way life in school or university become much more easier .

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