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Ever since electricity was discovered, technology has evolved tremendously. One of the biggest inventions in technology is the computer. For the most part, computers have come to the point where it feels like it is essential to life. "I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them" says Isaac Asimov, a past science fiction writer. What is it about a computer that makes it impossible to live without it? Computers are needed in everyday life, from the business world, to school, to right in your own home. Computers help us by keeping us connected, research, shopping, and making life easier.

Staying Connected

Imagine back in the day how it must have been to contact someone without having to walk miles just to ask one question? Or send out a telegram, only to receive a response a week later? Thankfully, we live in the days of phones, internet, and quick responses.

Business. Electronic mail, also known as e-mail, is one of the hundreds of things a computer can provide for a business. "Three-quarters of workers who used a computer on the job said they used a computer to connect to the Internet or use e-mail" according to In other words, aside from the overall computer in high demand, e-mailing is also in high demand. E-mailing comes in handy with contacting others or others contacting you. These people to e-mail could be a personal client, a company client willing to support your business, a supplier for your business, and more. E-mailing keeps you and the other e-mailer's finances, plans, situations, questions, and more (depending on what kind of business) all confidential. Also, because so many people use e-mail, people check their accounts daily.

School. At some schools or programs, such as Brigham Young, you can e-mail your teacher for certain questions you don't understand. As said before, most people check their e-mail daily so the teacher would receive the questions quick, allowing him or her to respond quick. Also, e-mail allows another way of submitting school-work. Through Brigham Young, I found out it is easier to submit assignments via e-mail rather than via mail due to the many different reasons including the chances of my assignments to not even reach BYU via mail.

Home. Friends are something everyone needs. However, there are times when you start to stop seeing your friends. That is when the internet comes in handy. Social networks such as or allow friends to re-connect with each other by simply instant messaging them, commenting on one of their pictures, or 'liking' something on their 'wall'. Lately, most teens 'facebook' each other but e-mailing is always an option. My mom moved to America from Japan so her and most of her friends and family have a long distant friendship. However, they fix this by e-mailing each other. The computer allows us to stay connected with friends, old friends, and family.


Researching is probably one of my least favorite things about school. It's like the encyclopedia makes you look up three other things because you don't understand the one thing you were meant to look up to begin with. However, when you can research on the internet, it feels so much less of a burden. The answers, though need some in depth research, are like a few types away. Researching helps, however, not just school wise, but other ways too.

Business. In business, there are quite a few reasons why research is needed. Whether it's for a new company product or background check for a new client, research is constant. One thing that might need some research are business trips if they are out of country. You will have to research the plane tickets, hotel rooms, exchange foreign money, research customs and the language of the country.

School. When thinking of research, I automatically go onto However, there are millions and millions of articles and thousands about academics. However, with foreign languages, there are websites that translate words. This would be great help in that foreign business trip. Unlike foreign languages, you already know what most of the English words are. However, there are websites for a thesaurus, dictionary, and rules of English for language arts classes. Likewise, there are tons of websites of history when you don't understand it in the textbook. Science is one of the least favorite classes. However, I've come to learn that science is always in the textbook and rarely online. This is because online, it is always more complicated since it does not know the level you are in. I noticed through my algebra troubles, another of one my least favorite classes, the best way to understand math is by watching it with examples. This is where videos such as on can really help you understand math problems, which helped me pass my finals.

Home. At home is when you don't have to think about school research (except homework, of course) and when you research, you research something your interested in. Something my mom likes to research are new food recipes and Korean soap operas, (even if she isn't Korean!) I, a typical teenage girl, research fashion tips. I can find these anywhere, from fashion runway photos to make-up tutorial videos. There are so many things you can research that you are interested in and the possibilities are endless.


It's pretty hard to not like online shopping. You get the best deals, don't have to worry about seeing an ex or enemy at the mall, and not waste gas money- all without leaving your chair. There are different aspects of online shopping, which is just buying things online, to business, school, and home.

Business. As one says, 'image is everything' and you don't want to look unprofessional at your job in a big company. However, you don't want to look professional in a suit if your going to work to your coffee shop, it's just not the right image you give out. You can buy clothes for jobs online for this. However, a lot of people do not trust the measurements online. So what they do is they find a store and call the store, which can be found on the site, and keep it on hold or reserved. Other than clothes, you can buy office supplies online as well. This can vary from simple sets of No. 2 pencils to a new $300 printer, all at your local supply store.

School. Buying school supplies and business supplies are somewhat alike. You can find the right clothes online because you need to look the part at school. School supplies can also be bought, from new pencil cases to a new backpack. Textbooks can also be bought online on certain websites. I bought my first textbook this year online for a biology class.

Home. One of my favorite things to do is online shop for clothes and jewelry. I would have to say ΒΌ of my clothes are bought online. Other than my girly obsession, my little brother has gotten game consoles such as his Nintendo DS and plenty of games for the DS and our Wii online. Other than games, you can buy movies, music, and more for electronic entertainment. However, my mom likes to buy things that help us stay away from the computer screen so she looked up guitars and skateboards for us before going to a store. Online, she knew what store to get it, the price, and that it would be available for in store pick up. Online shopping helps greatly because it helps you find exactly what your looking for if you were to go to the real store. It saves valuable time and valuable money.

Makes Life Easier

A computer's software is filled with numerous applications. These applications can help write documents, organize data, and more. Of course, anything organized makes life a little bit easier for everyone. What makes it easy is how these applications are just a few clicks away. There are many software applications that help businesses, school work, and personal uses in many ways including:




Graphics and multimedia

Word Processing



Business. Spreadsheets is another application and has a huge impact in organizing finances of a business. It is like having an accountant right on your company's computer. You can calculate your company's income, outcome, taxes, and more. Database helps organize files, like a catalogue, and can help you keep records such as detailed incomes and outcomes. Presentations are slide shows which show your company statistics or new ideas. You can liven up these slides by editing them through the graphics and multimedia software. Word processing is one best known applications which allows you to type anything, with any font, with any size, etc. Currently, I am using Microsoft Works Word Processor. It can help type anything from reviews for a restaurant to letters to an executive. Utility keeps your computer protected. Last thing you want is a well typed resume and then a virus comes and deletes it, causing you to re-write it. Calendars keep plans and events organized for example, when planning a dinner or party for your business. It also keeps you in check for meetings or inspections.

School. No one in school likes the concept of learning. But we all like it when it's made easier with less work. Software does just that. Spreadsheets help create graphs in algebra. Word processor helps create essays in classes such as language arts and history. Sometimes, you need to write a report and do a presentation at the same time. Presentations can be with plain slides or with edited ones thanks to graphics and media. The grades you get in these classes are recorded, something a database can help with. Like all hard work, you do not want a virus to delete a project before you get the chance to print it so Utility comes to the rescue and fixes, protects, or maintains your computer. Calendars are a great way to keep your plans solid and clarified. It helps you remember when you have a test to study for or when the bake sale is. Don't forget to bring $1!

Home. When you're at home, all you want to do is relax after a hard day at school or work. However, as a parent, you need to keep up with bills and taxes. Spreadsheet can help keep you organized without needing to hire an accountant. Database can help keep these records and use them for later. Database can also be a catalogue for an endless amount of things such as music files, recipe files, picture files and more. For fun, you can take all the picture files and make a reminisce presentation for yourself or your friends. You can edit the pictures with graphics and media for a little more personality to each slide. If writing is your forte, you can use the Word Processor for fun and let your inner author out on your keyboard. Like your new work? Make sure that the Utility is doing its job and keeping away the viruses, like said before. Calendars are probably my mom's best friend. They keep everything organized. Her calendar is constantly being filled up with work meetings, work events, my brother's soccer games, and much more.


Apple's Mac laptops are constantly upgraded from the Macbook, to the Macbook Pro, to the Macbook Air, meaning computers are always in high demand. Now-a-days, it's as if people can't live without them. Its uses create the biggest impacts mainly in the business world, school, and at home. I've had my own laptop for almost a year and it's made my life much more simpler. It helps me stay connected, research, shop, and makes my life easier. In other words, the uses of computers are very useful and there are approximately 77% of Americans that agree according to