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Communication In The Business Environment English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 1352 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Business communication is that communication which promotes a product , service , or organization and relays the information within a business or functions as an official statement from a company .

Business communication or communication in a business context , encompasses the topics such as marketing , brand management, customer relations , consumer behavior , advertising , public relations , corporate communication , community engagement , reputation management , interpersonal communication , employee engagement and event management . It is related to the fields of professional communication and the technical communication .

The types of business communication :

Verbal communication :

Verbal communication is a type of communication that involves the use of words for communicating .

Non-verbal communication :

Non-verbal communication is a type of communication that involves the use of body language and various other physical gestures as the means for communicating .

Written communication :

Written communication is a type of communication that involves the use of written words for communication .

Employment communication :

Employment communication is a type of communication that is particularly used for the acceptance of applicantions for the job .

Electronic communication :

Electronic communication is a modern way of communication that includes electronic and latest technology for communicating such as tele – conferencing , e-mail , video conferencing etc .

 Each of these communication forms is significant in context of business . However , written communication usually requires more thoughts and efforts . Writing must be concise , informative and easy to read as both an informative and instructional tool . The importance of written communication in business is evident by the plethora of forms , manuals and materials that companies publish each day .



Unclear message keep the receiver guessing, and create misunderstanding and delay actions. Every person must be provided with all the required facts and figures .

EX – when you are inviting a person for a meeting , you should tell him/her about the date , venue and timing clearly .


In writing you should be brief and be able to say whatever you have to say in fewest possible words without sacrificing the meaning and content of the message .

EX – if you want to say ” at this point of time ” inspite of this you can use say ” now ” , which in concise in nature .

Concise prose is clear and compelling . It is easy to read , understand, and remember . Wordy and rambling text , on the other hand , can be sometimes frustrating and difficult to decipher . A reader should not have to wade through many words , carefully considering their interactions in order to grasp the sentence’s meaning . Succinct and precise text flows well , it can be comprehended with a minimum of time , effort, and hassle .

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If your prose is clear and concise , then the readers are more likely to read it thoroughly , to understand it accurately , and to appreciate the message . Whether you want to attract the customers , impress your boss , motivate your employees , or inform your coworkers , the goal of your writing is to communicate , therefore you must obtain your audience’s attention and comprehension . Make the reader’s job easier and your job more successful by writing simply and smoothly .

Modern English

Using modern English is very important. English is world excepted language. We should be very careful while using words of different meaning but same pronunciation. Using write wrong word at wrong place can leave bad impression .

Using correct grammar is also important, punctuation should be kept properly. Sentence structure should be good. Knowing proper grammar rules will enrich your writing skills and improve your public representation. Good grammar makes you appear highly educated and professional .

12 best ways to communicate effectively :

Less is more :

In business communication people are less willing to read as they are very busy. So writing short and correct and simple sentence makes a positive impression. Wordy expression should be avoided.

Ex- wordy – due to fact that

Concise – because. Etc

Wordy – in due course

Concise – soon

Avoid jargon :

There’s a reason that jargon is so often used when a writer wants to not say anything. But it’s not necessary to use technical word and everywhere when it is not in need.

Write once check twice :

It is possible to make mistakes while typing/writing a document. But people will judge you on that only. Some times because of the spoiled mood, we write something which we don’t want to convey. That leaves a bad impression.

Ex- putting sometimes , re – reading etc

Pay special attention to names, titles, and genders :

Calling Mr. Smith “Ms. Smith”consistently throughout a document is very embarrassing. We should be very peculiar about the spellings and names and gender of a person .

Ex- male should be called him and ladies be her.

Save templates :

If you have a little idea about the things you are using in present will going to be used in future. Save it as a template to avoid writing again and again. It saves time also.

Ex- person names, companies, etc

Be professional, not necessarily formal :

Formal language is fine for legal documents and job applications. There is no need to be formal every time. At the same time, remember that informal shouldn’t mean unprofessional , keep the personal comments, off-color jokes, and snarky gossip out of your business communications.

Remember the 5 W’s (and the H) :

Our communications should answer all the questions relevant to your audience: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? 

Ex- who is this memo relevant to, what should they know, when and where will it apply, why is it important, and how should they use this information? Use the 5W+H formula to try to anticipate any questions your readers might ask, too.

Call to action :

Every business letter is written for a purpose, and rarely retained. Don’t let reader decide what to do and when to do.

Ex- makes reader feel to do things on time.

Don’t give too many choices :

If you are looking to set a time for a meeting, give a single time and ask them to confirm or present a different time. At most, give two options and ask them to pick one. Too many choices often lead to decision paralysis, which generally isn’t the desired effect.

Right tone :

Getting right tone is to consider your relationship with the reader.

To achieve a warm but businesslike tone:-

Don’t be familiar

Use humor with great care.

Do not flatter the other person.

Don’t preach.

Don’t boast.

Br yourself.

Write as you talk :

Before you put fingers to keyboard, get in the mindset of your audience because your content is for them. If you’re attempting to explain something, talk about it from their point of view. How deeply would they need something broken down? Which terms would they use? Where might they get confused? Put yourself in the place of your customers and write like they would.

” You” view rather than “We” :

Take people into consideration. To make our letter more effective we must avoid I’s and We’s and have as many You’s as possible.

Ex- we should use “thank you for your kind words” instead of ” I want to express my sincere thanks for the good words”.


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