Commentary On Kuala Lumpur English Language Essay

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I have designed a holiday brochure for Kuala Lumpur which informs and persuades (primary purpose) my intended audience to go and visit the place for themselves. The intended audience for my brochure are tourists and families with children who want to go on holiday and spend some quality time together as a family, I have written about different destinations like Sunway lagoon to show my intended audience who would like to go there. We had to stay in a word limit which was 750 - 1250 and I accomplished this as I had used 991 words in my original writing which was challenging but I managed it well.

The format mode of my brochure is written and spoken because the language which is used varies the way I write in my brochure because some of the text will be written formally but on the other hand some of the text might be written informal as how it is meant to be read. The tone used in my brochure is very pleasant, welcoming, optimistic and wholehearted "You can come and experience the modern sophistication and immerse yourself in the profusion of attractions" this makes the reader want to read on and find out more about the place as the purpose of my brochure is to convince the reader to visit the place. The register used for my brochure is quite formal as it sticks to its purpose.

My style model provided me a framework for the layout and organisation for my holiday brochure; I used the same sort of heading (title), a quote about the place. I played about with the layout of my article; I used a plain background with a simple purple heading I found this appearance attractive, appropriate and convincing piece of brochure. I placed the images correspondingly to my style model which gave my brochure an alluring and charismatic look, the layout look was achieved by connecting the lexis and graphology adding to the cohesion of my piece.

The conventions that my style model provided me were correct spelling because this is important as no mistakes are allowed it should be accurate, punctuation and grammar needed to be correct, smooth and it guided the reader throughout my brochure this allowed my brochure to be fluent and easy flowing. Paragraphing reinforces the organisation and layout of my brochure because it makes the brochure look appealing and attractive. Capitalising this showed me to use capital letters for names, people and cities.

The grammatical/ linguistic features that I have used in my brochure are rhetorical question "Dreaming of an enjoyable holiday in Kuala Lumpur, unforgettable holiday?," I used this at the start of my brochure to make the reader think again and again; making them answer the question themselves and hopefully this would grab the reader's attention straight away and make the reader want to read on. I used alliteration "fun, fantasy and fabulous food," this makes the sentence more memorable for the reader because of the emphasis of the "F" word and it is eye catching, noticeable and appealing which makes the reader more interested. I used positive adjectives which have been exaggerated with detail "charming places of interests, fascinating theme parks and sensational shopping opportunities," this describes the place positively because the purpose of all brochures are to be positive and know what they are talking about, this gives the reader reassurance on what the writer is telling them. It also gives an encouraging and confident attitude towards my ideal audience which will also make it supportive to grab the reader's attention.

The other literary devices that I have used are: the rule of cluster of three "sightseeing tours, unforgettable experiences and beautiful attractions," which is a persuasive feature which makes the reader involved in my brochure and it engages them to read on. I used similes in my brochure "the beaches are welcoming, relaxing and refreshing as the fresh air and layers of wave hit you in your face," this creates an image in the readers mind which persuades them to visit the place. I used superlatives "one of the wildest adventures for everyone to explore," i used superlative so the descriptions sound the best as possible and it makes it interesting to read. I used rhyme/ rhythm "which has the spills and thrills to offer all ages," it adds a pattern and rhythm to the sentence so it sounds fluent and it sticks in the readers head which makes it tempting for the reader.

I used personal pronouns and future tenses e.g. "you will experience," this gives the reader and idea of what they will be expecting from the holiday. I used opinions "if your young in spirit and only in town for the night, want to flounder head towards the Bangsar nightlife" and with the personal pronouns "I, it and you," it adds effect of your own personal experience and the reader will think that the writer knows what they are talking about and this will hopefully tempt the reader and persuade them to visit the place for themselves and see how amazing it really is.

The quote that I used on my image "A city that never sleeps" the phrase expresses a lot in a few words about the city itself. It's known as the city that never sleeps because even at night in Kuala Lumpur there is a lot to do to keep you entertained like going to the restaurants, disco's, cinemas, pubs which have live bands and music to keep you interested and most importantly to enjoy yourself and have the time of your life.

I have used exclamation marks e.g. "well this is the place for you!" this is not just making a statement, its making an exclamative statement which gives it more power to persuade the reader and it makes them notice that particular statement.

I used a mixture of simple and complex sentences to vary my piece. I used simple sentences to intensify "it's the most vibrant cities in Asia" and compound sentences for adding description "city features a comprehensive transport network which makes your tourism experience pleasurable and hassle free." The style model used lots of compound sentences to make their brochure appealing "The welcoming 'land of smiles' is truly a land of contrasts."

I made numerous changes to my brochure to make it stand out like my style model so I changed the layout to make it similar to the style model; I did this because my brochure needed an improvement on the layout so it looked more professional and engaging so when the reader had a glance at the brochure they would definitely want to find out more. I also added a descriptive paragraph to make it sound the best.