Colours Affect The Feeling Of A Person English Language Essay


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Colours do affect the feeling of a person, but not only that it also affect the image of a branding in business to people. I as a researcher, I had done some research about the topic of my research question of 'Why red colour use in fast food?' However, I had found 5 articles online as my literature for my literature review. The first article I found is 'branding- why red & yellow is used by the fast food industry', it was posted on March 30, 2011 by Karen Hallerr. However, my second article for my literature review is from Melanie Haehl, by April 14, 2009, name as 'The Psychology of Fast Food Logos'. Third, it is an article from a blog, name as 'Why food companies use red colors', and it was written by ColorSchemer Blog administrator by the date of July 17, 2007. Moreover, the fourth article I found was the article name as 'Subliminally Red- Fast Food Signs Hypnotize Kids' by a person name as '14AndOut' posted by date of October 13, 2012. However, the fifth and also the last article I found is written at December 7, 2009 by Nancy Tracy, while the name of the article is 'Color Psychology and Dieting: How Different Colors Affect Your Appetite'.

From the first article I found for my literature review 'branding- why red & yellow is used by the fast food industry', posted on March 30, 2011 by Karen Hallerr, it say that the feeling and mood of this combination of red and yellow colour emits is perfect for their target market of fast food brand. However, the psychology qualities of red and yellow in relation to the fast food industry, red triggers stimulation, appetite, hunger and it attracts attraction. While yellow triggers the feelings of happiness and friendliness. Therefore, the combination of red and yellow it's about speed and quickness. From the article also say that the language if colour is communicated quicker to the brain than words or shapes as they work directly on our feelings and emotions (branding- why red & yellow is used by the fast food industry ). Moreover, from the article of 'The Psychology of Fast Food Logos' written by Melanie Haehl, by April 14, 2009, say that most of the fast food logos contain red, yellow, orange and green colours. From colour theory, these colours are known to subconsciously trigger hunger, induce excitement and it these colours also encourage guests to spend more and leave quickly. As research has shown that people eat more in a room with warm colour surroundings. As a matter of fact, studies shown that these colours actually suppress appetite because they are associated with foods that may have become spoiled or foods that may be toxic as shown by the article (The Psychology of Fast Food Logos). Carry on, the third article 'Why food companies use red colors', written by ColorSchemer Blog administrator by the date of July 17, 2007 also said that colour psychologist tell that the colour red makes people hungry , instantly attracts attention and it also make people excited, energetic and increases the heart rate of a person. However, it took a prime example of McDonalds, Wendy's and Burger King as which subconsciously lets customers know that the chain is high- energy, bustling and most importantly fast. Moreover, it also give the example of other colour using in the food industry, the first example given is the Whole Foods. Whole Foods keeps its insignia green, while it helps to promote the fresh, organic selling point as green signifies nature. Secondly, MOM's using the combination of freshness of green and the energy and impulses associated with red which trying in elements of the traditional red with a more earthy green (Why food companies use red colors ).

However, from the fourth article of my literature 'Subliminally Red- Fast Food Signs Hypnotize Kids' by a person name as '14AndOut' posted by date of October 13, 2012, it said that red not only meant hunger, it also means danger, like red sirens, or fast red cars, and we know that fast food is dangerous to our health, but they don't want us to think that, so maybe it's reverse psychology. While some say the reason might be because red really catches your attention. Moreover, it also says that the yellow- red combination has a primal connection with "food." In the case of the butterflies, it's "Stay away!" The opposite is true with the companies with logos pictured above-"Come here and eat me!"(Subliminally Red- Fast Food Signs Hypnotize Kids) Meanwhile, from the fifth literature I found from the article of 'Color Psychology and Dieting: How Different Colors Affect Your Appetite' at December 7, 2009 by Nancy Tracy said warm colour like red and yellow stimulate appetite. The same stimulating quality of yellow that revs up the appetite also cause diners to feel rushed, ensuring tables are turned faster to make room for more hungry customers. In addition to the strategic use of colour in fast food restaurant deco and signage, most fast food restaurant employees are outfitted in yellow, red or orange uniforms because appetite stimulating colours influence customers to buy more food. However, green is an appetite suppressant, it subconsciously linked to mild and spoiled food. Other than green, blue also is an appetite suppressant as blue calms down appetite. For the therapy who helps clients achieve their ideal weight and fitness, blue and green was usually use as they supresses appetite so that they can eat less food and still feel satisfied (Color Psychology and Dieting: How Different Colors Affect Your Appetite).

As at the last of my literature review, I would like to conclude of all the five literature I found to my topic of 'Why red colour use in fast food?' As what I written above, all of the literature say that red is the best choice for the food industry as it as best to be used for the fast food industry because red does stimulate appetite and also attract the attraction of people from far. Therefore, red been choice for most of the food industry and become the best choice in the fast food industry. However, red with the combination of yellow give the meaning of spend more, eat fast and leave fast as it is what fast food industry want their customers to be. Moreover, it also written that other colour such as blue and green is not a suitable choice for food industry because they supresses appetite. Therefore, as what I had written above, these five literature do help me to know more about the use of colour to the food industry and also knowing others opinion about it. Moreover, by the help of these literatures I could move further apart on my research.

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