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When you plan for hiking or trekking, then there should be a down sleeping bag with you. This is the best alternative for the normal bed that you cannot carry. There are lots of models available in the market. Amongst the models, down sleeping bags as well as synthetic sleeping bags are the remarkable ones.

Down filled bags have soft cushion on the base that comforts the user. So, choosing down sleeping bag will be your best choice to enjoy maximum comfort. You can include an extra bed pad for more comfort. While compared the warmth ratio, down bags are the best. Therefore, it is advisable to choose these bags in cold weather. These bags are similar to the blanket with zippers.

Another advantage of the down sleeping bag is it helps the user to protect from sunlight, cold, and dust. No doubt, if you were affected during night, your sleeplessness would affect your next day's hiking. So, it is essential to have a good sleep at night that maintains your health as well. As the down sleeping bags are light weighted, you can carry it easily. Even though synthetic sleeping bags are also less in weight, if you compare the advantages of down sleeping bags, sure you will not think back. The quality of the bag can be measured by its down content and fill power. Getting a quality down sleeping bag is a good investment. With its compactness, down sleeping bag makes the user's choice right.

As there are numerous models available in the market, you can choose as per your wish. Of course, down sleeping bags are little costlier than synthetic filled bags, even though the investment is a valuable one. There are types of weatherproof bags available in the market. Anyhow, carrying the light weighted and compact down sleeping bag is clear of comparison.


Use damp cloth to clean the small stains to avoid repeated washing. Without hesitation, you can use the cleaning solvent to clear the stains that is on the down sleeping bag.

It is advisable to wash the down sleeping bag by hand in the tub. To wash, you may use mild soaps. Avoid detergents, and avoid adding fabric softeners. As you have invested a lot over the bag, it is good to use the down cleaners that are especially prepared for the down products.

Use warm water to fill the tub and use the recommended volume of down cleaner. The key objective is rinsing the bag all out. While the down is in the sack, put the bag into the water and leave it to wet totally. Pull the down sleeping bag from the stuff sack and gently squeeze the soapy water throughout the bag. Take care of scrubbing the dirty places like head and foot. Without hesitation, you may use the cleaner directly on the worst areas. Of course, the cleaner will not remove the entire dirt. Leave the down sleeping bag to soak up to at least an hour. It is important to transform the soapy water at least twice, and do not change it several times. You have to rinse the bag with clean water numerous times to bring the soap out. Bringing out all the soap is a critical one; of course, the manufacturer's instruction is to rinse several times. After each rinse, empty the tub to let it dry. You should be careful about the stitching, as it may be tear loose. After each rinse, press the bag to get the water out.

After your last rinsing, move your down sleeping bag carefully to the machine. The washing machine will allow using the final spin cycle to remove more water and will save the dryer time.


In lightweight backpack, down sleeping bag is an essential investment. So, it is important to give proper care to prolong the life of the bag.

It is advisable not to store the down sleeping bag in its stuff sack, so that you can extend the bag's life. Ensure the bag is stored loosely in a bulky cotton bag and not in a hot place. Keeping the bag in the sunlight may harm your bag, as the UV rays will degrade the fabric slowly. Try to store the bag flat or hang it up in a cabinet. If you store the sleeping bag inside something with watertight, it may result into mildew and condensation. In addition, if you store the bag in hot place, that may dissolve the natural oil that is in the down sleeping bag. Before storing, it is important to dry your bag completely after your trip.

Airing out the down sleeping bag after your each trip will help you to keep the loft dry. If necessary, turn the bag inside out. If you use a compression or smaller stuff sack, it may increase the stress on the down when stuffing the bag. While stuffing, begin with the foot to release the air, and do not roll the bag. Firmly push the bag into the lower portion of the sack and possess it in even motion, so that you can avoid the stitching issues.

If you keep your bag clean, it will result into the extension of bag's life and you need not wash it often. It is important not to lay the bag on the ground directly. Ensure your tent floor is clean, and wear clean clothes to the bed. This will give the protection against sweat, dirt, and body oils that could harm the down sleeping bag.


To avoid the bedding being kicked off by fault, sleeping bags help the kids by creating a valuable bedtime routine as the kids stay warm and comfortable. Sleeping bags are available for all ages starting from the birth. It keeps the kid safe, and works like the quilt. It helps to prevent the kid from being knotted up while bedding or moving much around the cot. These bags themselves are loose fitting, and should not be over tight. There are lots and excellent branded sleeping bags available in the market, and most of them are recommended and from respectable companies. Of course, sleeping bags now a day are must-have in the kid's room. It becomes the important part in the kid's bedtime routine.

Most of the sleeping bags are wearable blankets, and they will not slip over the kid while sleeping. The main benefit of the bag is that they cannot slip under the covers.

Sleeping bags come in option and with ratings, and so we can choose any from them apt to the weather. The bags are to be sleeveless to assist temperature loss and air movement as the kids sleeping under usual blankets hardly ever sleep by their arms inside. More over when the weather is cool, it is suggested to dress the kid with a long-sleeved top.

While the kid has absolute freedom of movement inside the sleeping bag, the armholes and neck assures that there are no dangers of slipping. Most of the sleeping bag brands are following the rules of health professionals that the kid sleeping bag should be well fitted and light in weight. To meet this, most of the bags come with weight of less than 2.5 togs.

Sleeping bags of 2.5-togs are best for all weather conditions until summer. The 1.0 tog sleeping bag is preferable for year round use.


Earth presents us many opportunities for adventures and excitements. One among the opportunities is backpacking. Of course, backpacking is one of the excellent ways to enjoy the opportunity that the earth offers. You cannot live in the earth without the place to sleep. No doubt, if you were unable to get good place to sleep, then you cannot go hiking. Nature is the dangerous mistress; everyone should enjoy the experience of the earth's mistress like sleeping under the sky. Yes, sleeping under the sky will give you several magical experiences.

To experience this, you have to prepare yourself and get the essential things; the important one amongst them is down sleeping bag.

Benefits of the down sleeping bags

While comparing the down sleeping bag with synthetic filled one, you could find the benefit of down sleeping bag such as its warmth by its impressive insulation. If you were using the down sleeping bag, definitely you would be comfortable during the night. If you handle the down properly, the life of the bag can be extended. These down sleeping bags are hardy and durable. Moreover, these are bags are light in weight and compact. The down sleeping bag is easier to carry, and it gives you more space for your things like clothes, food, and some other essentials.

Drawback of the down sleeping bags

The biggest disadvantage of the down sleeping bag is its cost. While compare the cost of down sleeping bag with synthetic filled bag, down's cost is higher. Particularly if you go for the high quality models, you have to bear more expense. Besides, some of the people are allergic to the down. Sometimes, these down sleeping bags are not working well at heavily moist locations.

If you properly maintain your down sleeping bag as per the manufacturer's instruction, you can enjoy years of comfort.


While choosing the sleeping bag, it is important to consider the type of insulation fill. Sleeping bags are usually prepared with down fill or synthetic fill. All these types have both advantages as well as disadvantages. However, it is advisable to choose the down filled one.

The reason and the benefits of down sleeping bags are discussed below.

The weigh:

When climbing, both your backpack weight and its content's weight is crucial one. If you carry a lot, no doubt, you will be tired out soon and will require a break. The down sleeping bag could help you by making your pack weigh lighter.

Warmer than the Synthetic filled:

The weight of the synthetic fills cannot match the down fills to warmth proportion. Down filled bags catches lots of air and performs as a superior insulator than all other. The warm sleeping bag is an essential one during your camping in cold. Definitely, everyone expects the composed sleep during night.

The compactness:

While choosing camping gear, the pack space will be the key factor. The down sleeping bag would squeeze more to adopt fewer backpack room than the synthetic filled. This gives you more space for all other things like additional clothes and food.

Even though down sleeping bags are having many advantages, there are some disadvantages also like the flexibility and price.

During moisture conditions, down sleeping bags may be a wrong choice. Because, the wet down sleeping bag become extremely dense, and providing small insulation. To avoid this issue and for making your rainy camping comfortable, choose the down bags that are available made with waterproof material.

Another disadvantage is its cost. Down sleeping bags are expensive while compared with the synthetic filled sleeping bags. Of course, for higher quality bag, you are typically paying when you choose the down bag though.


Have you ever experienced a backpacking trip without having sleeping bag? If yes, then definitely, you would have faced the sleepless night. Hope, you need a sleeping bag now to experience your next outdoor.

Of course, finding the ideal sleeping bag would be your priority before arranging your trip. The real problem here is finding out the best sleeping bag, as there are many models available in the market. The discussion below about the sleeping bag would help you much to choose the best one.

We can classify the varieties of sleeping bags into mummy bag and rectangular bag known as old school sleeping bag.

The cut and the shape of the sleeping bags is the key difference between these two types. With mummy bag, you will be wrapped up tight without enough room to move. On the other hand, with the rectangular bed, you can move your legs freely.

Before choosing, you have to keep in mind your warmth rating and heating capabilities. The bag's bulkiness should also to be considered. Most of the parts in the mummy sleeping bag are small in size that allows the backpackers to carry. Rectangular sleeping bag's size is not such small; on the other hand, its bulkiness is not a big issue at all.

The important consideration while choosing a sleeping bag is the insulation type. Two categories of insulations are available in the market. One amongst is the goose down sleeping bag and the other one is the synthetic blend. Even though both are doing the warmth job, both the sleeping bags are having benefits and drawbacks. Even the goose down sleeping bag is soft and in lightweight, its cost is much and it will not dry easily. On the other hand, the synthetic sleeping bag is heavier, and not soft. However, its cost is less than the down sleeping bag.

Hope, this information will help you much, while choosing a sleeping bag.


The type of sleeping bag you need to carry depends on the weather conditions. There are many quality sleeping bags available in the market. These bags give the warmth and comfort to you to have a good sleep during your outdoor adventure.

If you need to pick a comfortable sleeping bag for your camping trip, then you have to consider the various sizes available. Those that are providing enough room for leg and body should be your choice. If your camping is regular one, then you should not hesitate to invest for a good quality sleeping bag. Sleeping bags such as down sleeping bags are little costlier than others, but their life will be longer than the regular ones.

The sleeping bag with thermal material would help you to trap your body heat. Your old sleeping bags could not have served well at cold places, in such cases; thermal sleeping bag liners could be used. If you do not camp in cold weather, liners will be the good choice.

Most of the sleeping bags are made of various types of fabrics. The Ultra-light comfortable sleeping bag is available in the market that is the tougher than all other sleeping bags and ideal for backpackers. The popular choice amongst the users is down sleeping bag that is the compact one. The synthetic sleeping bags would be the right choice if your campsites are with frequent rain. The key point that should be noted while thinking to get a new sleeping bag is the temperature of the sleeping bags.

All types of comfortable sleeping bags are available in the camping supplies stores. You also can get these from the online, as there are number of stores available online. If you have time, then it is best to search around and find the proper one that provides you the comfort.


Without doubt, backpackers want to carry all their essentials needs with them. Of course, they like the weight should be lighter. It is not a good idea sacrificing comfort for the weight. This is true on sleeping bags as the uncomfortable night could truly spoil your experience.

If you want to go for lightweight sleeping bag pad, consider getting the plain and blue closed-cell foam bag pads that are available in the market. These foam sleeping bag pads comes with 72 inches long and with 24 inches wide. You may cut down its width to reduce the weight a little, and to the size that suits your trunk, this is normally from your hips and up to your shoulders, usually it would weight around four ounces.

By tapering the pad, it would wider at your shoulder and narrower at the hips. The basic idea is to padding your trunk from the cold and hard ground where normally the heat loss occurs. In addition, you can create a pillow for your head by filling more clothes in your sleeping bag's stuff sack. Apart from this, you may insulate by laying your legs across the empty backpack.

Try to make your sleeping bag pad beyond natural resources. To get warmth and comfortable feel, load you sleeping bag pad with leaves and dry grass. While doing this, keep in mind about the atmosphere you are planning on backpacking. Make sure you have dispersed your sleeping bag after your camp is over, and try to keep your bag properly.

New generation inflatable sleeping bag pads also are there that is comfortable and lightweight. The lightweight sleeping bag pads that weigh less than one pound are also available.

Regarding lightweight sleeping bag pads, to bank the weight for your further trip, you have to sacrifice your comfort and warmth.


The cost of the down sleeping bag is quite expensive; obviously, you have to take care of the bag. If you care the bag properly, then it will last long for years and would provide you warmth and comfort on your backpacking trips.

While you are ready to clean your sleeping bag, ensure that you are following the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damage. Do washing only when the bag really needs it. Keep in mind that each time you wash the bag, it would lose at least a bit of its loft. The dry cleaners usually use the solvents to wash the sleeping bag, so avoid using those. Avoid using agitator or top-loader machine as they may harm the baffle construction.

Using hand wash in the tub and using front load washing machine would be the right choice. While using the washing machine, maintain the gentle cycle, and use cold water. Using mild soaps will be best, and avoid using fabric softeners. For drying, keep tumble-dry with least heat setting.

Some manufacturers give the warning against home drying machines. However, if there are no hot or sharp parts inside your machine that might harm the fabric, then you will be fine.

While coming to the storing issue, avoid storing the sleeping bag in its stuff sack. If the sleeping bag remains in it, the bag would lose its loft. Hang the sleeping bag flat in a closet and use larger bag.

Do not forget to air out your bag, after each your backpacking trip. In addition, try to turn the down sleeping bag inside to let the air out during the sun. If you keep the sleeping bag clean, then there would be no need to wash it often. If you wash the down sleeping bag after your trip, means you are ready for your next trip.