Building Self Esteem And Build Your Dreams English Language Essay

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While walking down the hallway you catch a reflection of your self on the mirror? What 's your initial reaction? Do you savor your uniqueness with statements like, "long hair really suits me or I really look good in red ?"

Or are do you crucify your limitations by saying "I should really have lose weight," or "I should have worn another shirt."

Given the reactions mentioned, guess which statement will lead to a "happy, fruitful experience" and which one will attract a "ho-hum" type of day with probably a few frustrating humps on the road?

The quality of your life is determined by your thoughts and feelings. If you declare that today is the "healthiest, happiest and most successful" day of your life, topped by a feeling of utmost exuberance in your heart, then for sure, tyou will paint the town red, and your name will be up in neon lights.

However if you wake up each day dragging yourself to work, curisng your boss, and calling your co-workers' names, then you are probably calling forth your immediate dismissal for work. You better be ready to lose your job, oone way or another, with an attitude like this.

Our success or failure is determined by our view of life's circumstances. And this all begins within ourselves. How do we feel about our total being, as a person? Do you actually believe that you deserve to be happy? That you have everything that it takes to be successful?

A person with a high self esteem believes in his capabilities. He has faith and confidence in himself that he can achieve what truly desires.

With the confidence comes the respect for one's self, and respect for others. Notice how confident people take time out to listen to what other people say. They keep an open mind are always ready to accept new ideas. These people are fully charged about life and are ready to take on any form of challenge.

On the other hand, a person with very low self-esteem, does nothing criticize himself and others. They often complain, give excuses and blame others for their shortcomings. Most of the time they are sad, because for them life is worthless.

A person who dwells on the difficulties of life is bound to bring in more challenges. T he "The Secret" a book by Rhonda Bryne discusses "the law of attraction," which simply states that whatever is going on in our minds we bring it into our lives.

"We are like magnets - like attract like. You become and attract what

you think," furthermore "thoughts become things, thoughts are magnetic, thoughts have the frequency to like things."

Therefore in order to build self-esteem and achieve success we must think, feel and look our best at all times.

Let start with our thoughts, what types of ideas do we feed our minds? When we look in the mirror do we immediately notice our "flaws" or our "uniqueness"? Instead of noticing your wrinkles, shower yourself with praises like "I am looking younger," or "I look so intelligent" after all these are just conversations in your head, no one can hear you. Do you want to look beautiful? Then tell yourself how beautiful you are. Say "I am ravishing, scintillating and glamorous."

Start your day with uplifting affirmations. Pick the statements that are most truly describes what you want to achieve. There are a lot of affirmations book available, although, if you truly want to alter the course of your destiny, it would be best to make your own. Make sure you word it according to how you want your like to be .

With the positive thoughts come the positive feelings. You do not only have to look good, you have to feel it I your heart that your are beautiful, rich and intelligent.

How do you train yourself to feel good? You can start by clearing your mind and removing all negative statements. Notice how sad experiences, make us instantly teary-eyed. That's how sensitive we are to the goings on around us. Make an effort to be happy at all times. Avoid listening to sad songs, or songs that promote anger. Listen to songs that make you happy.

It is also important to always be in an environment where people are happy and loving. Surround yourself with friends that make you feel good. Avoid listening to other people's problem, if you have to, then make sure you offer a positive advice in order to make the person feel good.

Avoid Gossip. There is nothing in this world more negative that talking maliciously about other people's misfortune. Worse, the message is passed on to different people, thus you also pass on the negative vibes. Gossiping is fun, in fact it can be addicting, notice the way people are glued to showbiz talk show, but it really doesn't amount to anything good.

Challenges are part of life. And sometimes no matter how we avoid it, problems do come, thus leaving us sad, frustrated and discouraged. It's alright bad every so often, as long as it is temporary. Sometime we have to feel the pain in order to help us move on. However make sure you do not spend too much time wallowing in depression. A day or two of feeling sad is fine, after that, stand up and start reciting your affirmations again. It may be hard at first, especially since you cannot really feel "beautiful' when you are getting over a broken heart. But you have to start somewhere. And so teach yourself to feel good again, once you are ready, this will help you find the right solutions to your problem and even help you move on with your own life.

Another way to feel good is to actually looking good! Make an effort to look your best. Invest in new clothes, seek the help of a stylist in order to find the right haircut that suits the shape of your face. You do not have to buy the expensive brands, although if you can afford it, why not? If your clothes do not bring out your best features, then buy a few practical pieces. Look through fashion magazines, or surf online, for the right clothes to suit your budget.

Aside from looking your best, go to places that excite you, that make you feel good about life. Visit car showrooms and pretend that you are "planning to buy" a new vehicle. Read architectural magazines and pretend that you are building your dream house. It may sound childish at first, but this is the initial step in fulfilling your desire.

When you feel good inside it will manifest in the outside. Your healthy self-esteem will make you look good and confident. You will send positive vibes and you will be treating other people differently. People will notice a glow in your face and they would always want to be around you.

Self esteem uplifts your self confidence. You will learn to respect yourself and others and this will result in happy and fulfilling relationships.

So stop picking on your faults. See yourself as someone beautiful and successful.