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In selected courses, you will build or revise a portfolio. The portfolio is intended to be a place where you collect your work and achievements and showcase your intellectual growth while in college. By the time you complete your program of study, included in your portfolio will be a narrative, a professional marketing plan, a career map, job-seeking documents (resume, cover letter, references), evidence of program-specific knowledge and learning, and life-long learning competence. Once completed and graded, a clean copy of these documents will be uploaded to Optimal Resume for future use. Building the portfolio throughout your academic career will allow you to set goals, establish a plan for growth, and stay on course for graduation and lifelong learning achievements.

There are two portfolio assignments in SOSC 102: the Mid-Term Essay and the Research Paper assignments. You will complete the Mid-Term Essay in Week 4, but we wanted to get you started on the Research Paper by introducing it now. After successful completion of these assignments, you will have initial evidence for your portfolio of your relational learning skills (transfer knowledge from life lessons and formal instruction to new situations) as well as your ability to research and provide evidence to support your thoughts and ideas. As you progress through your program of study, you will produce more advanced evidence for your portfolio of your relational learning skills. During job interviews, you will want to highlight how you used relational learning throughout your program of study to support your ability to transfer knowledge from life lessons and formal instruction to new situations.

The second SOSC 102 portfolio assignment is the Sociological Research Paper. Sociology is the study of society, social relationships, and the organization of human groups. The study of sociology is extremely important in developing an understanding of self and in relation to others within the dynamic communities of college, career, and life. The main objective of this research paper is to explore an idea, summarize the idea, and analyze the main points of experts in the field. You will also demonstrate your academic integrity by properly crediting the authors and their ideas. In this way, you will develop your relational learning competency, which is best explained as the ability to transfer learning from one context to another. Through the summarization and analysis process, you will learn how to take an important sociological idea and apply it within different contexts in order to develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the topic.

This assignment is not an argumentative paper or an outline for a debate. The main objective is to develop an essential question on a sociological idea that is interesting to you, research and analyze this idea, and concisely summarize the ideas of experts. In your conclusion, you will offer your own perspective as you consider application of these ideas within the dynamic environments of college, career, and life. To facilitate delivery of the information you find, it would be appropriate for you to bring the personal "I" into your essay. Feel free to share what your initial perceptions were of the issue you have chosen to research and how your perceptions changed while researching and writing this assignment.

The Research Paper is described below. Review the requirements for this assignment; think about the question or questions you will have to answer to complete the assignment successfully. As you approach working through the assignment, formulating questions will allow you to clarify the assignment and move forward with greater confidence.

Assignment Requirements:

Explore your chosen sociological idea and develop a thesis statement that concisely expresses the direction of your paper.

Write a research paper in which you define a sociological issue and relate it to your life and your future career interests. The research you perform for this paper assists your development of the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for realization of your career aspirations and reinforces your information literacy skills learned in COMM 150.

Provide a factual review or summary of what experts contribute to the general knowledge of the topic. For example: If your major program is Human Resources Assistant, you might be interested to explore theories of human social development or employee assistance programs within an organization.

Your research paper should include the following:

A title page

A well-developed thesis statement that addresses a concisely worded essential question about a sociological concept of your choice.

A summary analysis of various authors' perspectives concerning the central question or theme.

Your own perspective based on your consideration and application of these ideas within the dynamic environments of college, career, and life.

Appropriate citation style (in-text) and reference page according to the conventions of the American Psychological Association (APA). You will need to cite from at least four (4) different sources: course textbook, an online database from the Virtual Library, one journal, and one other source of your choice.

This essay is to be a minimum of three to four pages, typed, and double-spaced, not including your title page and References page. It should conform to all APA citation and paper format rules.

As a final note, following your reflective narrative think about and discuss in a paragraph the following statement. This response will allow you to "think about thinking" (metacognition) and how you should approach a research paper in other courses.

If I had to do this assignment over I would approach it in the following way…….

Potential Topics

What is society?

What is culture?

What is an organization?

How does Maslow's theory of human needs explain conflict in human society?

What is communication?

What are the different communication styles?

What types of communication are most valued in organizations today?

Why is it important to consider different communication styles when addressing a group?

How does our society measure success? How do different cultures measure success?

What is emotional intelligence? What is the relationship between emotional intelligence and success?

What is an attitude? Can an individual change his/her attitude? How does a change in attitude occur?

What is motivation? What is the relationship between motivation and achievement? How do you know?

What are the qualities of a good leader? Can leadership qualities be learned? Explain your answer.

What is lifelong learning? Do individuals ever stop learning? Explain your answer

What is organizational culture?

What strategies can individuals use to adapt and thrive in organizational cultures?

What type of organizational culture best suits your career and life needs?

Does reliance on technology systems promote or hinder effective communication in the work environment?

The chart below illustrates the due dates and feedback schedule for this assignment. Though this is a more formal approach for instructor feedback, speak to me regarding any assignment any time before it is due.

Monitor Your Progress

Requirement or Due Date

Verified or Complete ƒ¾

Topic in the Form of an Essential Question.

Submit to ANGEL drop box by Week 3

Instructor Feedback on Draft of Citations for the Reference Page. (Be ready to explain what information you will be drawing from these sources and how you will be using them in your paper.)

Submit to ANGEL drop box by Week 4

Peer Feedback on First Draft

Determined by student

Instructor Feedback on Second Draft

Submit to ANGEL drop box by Week 5

Final Version

Submit to ANGEL drop box by Week 7

Upload Clean Graded Assignment to Optimal Resume Account

Upload to O.R. account by Week 7.5