Bilingualism Is An Issue English Language Essay

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As for my opinion, I strongly believe by promoting bilingual education results more advantages than its disadvantages. This is primarily because there countless advantages of bilingual education. The advantage of bilingual education is boost brain power. For example a child who picks up another language at a very young age has the tendency to grasp vocabulary, grammar and nuances of both languages. The child's cognitive development will also increase rapidly. These facts are proven by the researchers from Canada's York University according to BBC News in 2004. It is said that by being bilingual, it provides an overall benefit such as becoming "mentally sharper". Furthermore, this same child is able to learn the third and fourth languages easily if he or she taught more than one language since they were young. Based on research shown, kids tend to absorb knowledge quickly. This is why being educated with languages at a young age is advisable and also essential. Acquiring knowledge of a new language not only plays an important role in breaking down barriers, but also as a support in making way of life choices, or is essential when making new friends around the world. In many parts of Europe, knowing two to three languages is a very common phenomenon.

The second advantage is bilingual education is fluency in two or more languages can be very helpful when traveling abroad, job applications or working with international social group. For example applying for jobs and working with international social group. While scrolling through Job Street, there were many job opening but on top of a diploma/degree/masters or PHD, and experience, knowing two or more languages has become one of the main requirements by the management of a company as it would make communication much easier with international clients. In fact, person who has the ability to speak more than two or more languages has the plus point of getting a job compared to a person who only knows one language. Many researchers have also proven that a bilingual individual arises as a better problem-solver and is more efficient in multitasking.

The third advantage of bilingual education is students will develop a better sense understanding and appreciation towards various cultures and societies when they are exposed to multiple languages. The student will not only have a better sense of understanding and appreciating various cultures and societies but also gain self- esteem and to boost their confidence to boost their confidence in blending in with other culture. A person who knows more than one language would be expose to a second set of customs, traditions, and history provides a different viewpoint on many questions and makes life a lot more interesting and rewarding. Apart from that, another significant benefit which can be found in the system is that a person who originates from a non English speaking background can achieve better command in the usage of the English language. This works both ways as he masters his own native language as well as English. With all that is stated above, I am still in favor with the bilingual education as it provides advantages that are never ending.

Every good thing has its advantages as well as its flaws. The fact that many people in this era that are in favor with the bilingual education, there are also people who are against this type of education. Bilingual education has been dismantled in our society today.

There are also the disadvantages of bilingual education. The first disadvantage of bilingual education is unavailability of qualified teachers. The number of trained and qualified teachers that are proficient in both native and foreign language is very limited in schools. This results a huge gap between the demand and the supply of teachers to teach bilingual languages. The lack of bilingual teachers nationwide renders existing bilingual programs questionable. Susan Headden, writing in U.S. News & World Report, commented that, "Poorly trained teachers further complicate the picture. . . . The scarcity of qualified candidates has forced desperate superintendents to waive some credentialing requirements and recruit instructors from abroad. The result is teachers who themselves struggle with English.

The second disadvantage of bilingual education is this education is seen to be a very expensive medium of education. This is because the cost of teaching one dominant language in schools is much lesser compared to teaching more than one language.. For instance, in our country Malaysia that are limited of teachers, who actually exercise both the native and English language thus it has caused the government to export teachers from overseas. Furthermore, materials such as books are also need in this process of learning. Undoubtedly, this proves that millions of dollars are wasted just by focusing on this form of education. As a matter of fact, certain people being skeptical and often claim that the English language can't be taught without the "immersion approach", where a student is supposed to give undivided attention to that particular subject alone. If this is implied in a bilingual education system, the students might get confused in mastering various languages. This is because students are facing stressful situation as they are being pushed into the bilingual system. For example, our Malaysian Education System that changed into bilingual by implementing the teaching of Science and Mathematics subjects in English. A sudden flip of the cards for the students may seem to b difficult to handle, they not only have to master the secondary language, but they have to concentrate on their native language as well. This serves them as a problem in their studies.

The third disadvantage of bilingual education is upon receiving bilingual education, certain individuals tend to forget their roots of origins and thus claim to be otherwise. There is a sense of prevalent which elderly think that by learning another language they might lose out their own native languages. The tendency for a student to discard the usage of their native language is higher when d universal language of English is taught alongside. People developed a negative mindset by paying less attention to their native or spoken language compared to the English language, since English is used worldwide n serves as the lingua Franca among countries in the world

In conclusion, there are always two sides to a story which is positive and the negative side. When a person has been exposed to bilingual education, he or she can have the benefits of being able to understand and blend in with the world

they would definitely have an upper hand in almost everything that relates to multi cultural relationships which can include doing international business deals. Based on the statements, we can clearly see that advantages surpass the disadvantages of being bilingual. Therefore, being exposed to bilingual education is an "ace for a card player".