Behaviourism Theory Into Practice English Language Essay

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Which Learning Theory predominates your Lesson: Behaviorism. Identify the key factors influencing learning in your lesson. Where are these used in your lesson? One of the key factors is observing the learning behavior of the students which will be observed when the teacher sees all the introduction and body paragraphs. Another key factor is shaping which the teacher will observe when the students write their essays because shaping is the learning of new materials and applying it.

What is/are the teacher role[s] in your lesson.

One teaching role is to provide scenarios and learning situations with stimuli, desired response, and reinforced patterns. The other one is to analyze and determine means of triggering desired response in learner.

How is/are this/these role[s] accomplished. [in other words - Where is this demonstrated in your lesson? Be specific.]

These roles are accomplished by generating performance goals will the rubric I have created. Also by providing an atmosphere where students can modify responses to stimuli through the friendly debate of the topic.

What type[s] of learning is/are best explained in your lesson:

The type of learning that is best explained in my lesson is lower order learning tasks. The debate and the writing assignment are activities that require response to specific stimuli. The debate will force the students to recalls opinions and facts they already have and the assignment will force them to recall the proper format of writing persuasively.

State the teaching method[s] used in your lesson, and, for each, briefly explain how this/these method[s] relate to your lesson plan. [in other words, how is that method demonstrated in your lesson]:

One teaching method that is used in my lesson is directed instruction. I emphasize traditional teaching and assessment through the information given in my PowerPoint and through assessment of the crossword which is a type of skill worksheet.

State all the teaching strategies used in your lesson, and, for each strategy, explain how these strategies relate to your lesson plan. [in other words, how are the strategies demonstrated in your lesson]:

One teaching strategy is the use of computers to provide immediate feedback when the students are using the computers to write their assignment and to find sources. Another one used is using environmental cues to elicit behaviors, which is what will happen through the debate.



Identify the types of learners (multiple intelligences) you are addressing in your lesson. You MUST refer to Gardner’s work [see Lab 5]. Minimum of 3 identified and explained.

Interpersonal intelligence is used when my students engage in the debate and when they

share their thoughts and ideas. It is also used when they are brainstorming in the group.

Visual-spatial intelligence is addressed through my use of PowerPoint and video. The visuals

will keep these learners attention on the lesson.

Verbal -Linguistic learners enjoy reading and writing and word games so these learners will

enjoy doing my crossword as well as the assignment.



Content resources (books, handouts, materials, etc.) -

Internet website: for my content and my own knowledge.

Hardware (computers, TV, VHS, etc) â€"

Computer was used to make this and the students and teacher will use computers as well for the lesson. The teacher will also use a projection screen and projector. Student computers are provided by the school.

Software/Web Resources (CD- ROM’s, URLs, graphics, pictures, etc.) -

PowerPoint, Google, Facebook, Hot Potatoes, NVU, Excel, Word, YouTube, Webspiration.

Other media, video, satellite, etc. -

Not Applicable



I will evaluate my students by their essays using the rubric I have made. They will also be evaluated on how well they do on the online crossword. The substitute will also evaluate their participation in the debate.



Microsoft Office Excel 2007-Attendance.xls: will be used to record attendance and participation by the teacher and will be accessed on the computer. Results is that it will be used for evaluation.

Microsoft Office Word 2007-Seating Plan.docx: will be used by the teacher to put students in their debate groups and to maintain classroom management and will be accessed on the computer. Results in helping with guided practice.

Microsoft Office Word 2007-Dear Substitute.docx: will be used by the teacher so they understand how the debate will work and will be accessed over the computer. Results in helping classroom management.

Hot Potatoes- MyJCross: Will be used by students in evaluation process on the computers to see if they learned the lesson.

RubiStar- Rubric Persuasive Essay.mht: Will be used by teacher on PowerPoint to show students what is expected and will be used by students so they know they know what guide line to follow.

Webspiration-Pros and Cons of Choosing Secondary Education.rtf: Will be used by the teacher to demonstrate what the students need to do for the concept mapping. Will be in PowerPoint on the computer and will result in clearly showing expectations for students.