Becoming a Good Writer

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Becoming a Good Writer

The human being is created in this world to learn something every day in order to achieve his or her goal. Also, he or she is to improve himself or herself. In the learning process people make mistakes all the time, and naturally, they learn a lot from their own and other's mistakes. It is the same as my situation about my class. My goal that I was hoping to achieve was to pass my English class with a good grade. It has happened as I was hopping, and I learned from my own mistakes. I had English 49 last semester which I had a lot of problems with my first essay. My struggle was all in my first essay but after that I got good grades on my other assignments. For this reason, when I started my first essay, I did not know how to write and what to write. When I handed in my English paper, I was patiently waiting to get my paper back so I could see my mistakes. A week later, my English instructor handed the paper back to me, and I was finally able to see my mistakes and the errors that I had made in my essay. After reviewing my paper, I realized that I needed to focus on using correct grammar, writing structure, and clearer details in order to improve my writing skills.

First of all, when I read my paper, I realized that grammar is one of my major problems that I needed to work on. There were many ways that I worked on to improve my grammar. The easy way that I fixed my paper was by correcting my grammar. There were many ways that I knew how to get help to improve my essay. For example, I went to a computer lab, and I got help from the computer by working on a grammar helping program. Also, there were many ways that I got help, such as going to the Modesto Junior College Writing Center. At the Writing Center, There are many people available there that helped me with my problems in my essays. By reading a grammar book, it helped me with the grammar rules that govern the composition of sentences, phrases, and words. It helped me a lot with the rest of my essays that we wrote in the class. My teacher said that it is very important to use correct grammar because if someone uses a wrong grammar, the essay will have a different meaning and will not be understandable. So, I learned that it is good to use correct grammar that an author can be able to read the essay and understand it. It was very helpful for me by going and using these programs because finally I was able to fix my own paper.

Second of all, my papers would improve if I improved the structure of my writing. I learned that the introduction and conclusion can give a hook to the reader to pay attention to the essay. The introduction and conclusion wrap around the essay. By writing the essay, I learned that the important portions of each essay are the introduction and conclusion of that essay. If the essay doesn't have structure, the reader will not be able to understand the story of the essay. For example, when I wrote my essay, I tried to expand my introduction and conclusion. In my essay, I worked on my introduction and conclusion a lot because I didn't know what I had to write. I learned to start my Introduction with something interesting that intrigues the reader and causes him or her to want to read on. In my first essay, my conclusion was very similar to the introduction. However, I should avoid repeating the same words. I got a clear idea that the introduction and conclusion are the important parts of the essay and without having these two pieces, we will not be able to understand what the story is about. It was a very helpful class for me that I learned how to write the introduction and conclusion in my essay.

Third of all, putting correct detail was one of my problems that I needed to work on. The best way was to express more specific ideas of what I was thinking about. It was important to me to write fully developed ideas, so that the essay would be meaningful. There was one way to have a good detail about something. For example, I learned that I could describe my five senses that way my essay would have more detail, and when readers read my essays, they are going to get a good idea of the direction that my essay will go. I tried to put a lot of things and give facts in my other essays that my essay would be full of memorable detail. I tried to use correct detail in a correct place so that my essays could be a lot more meaningful than not using correct details. I felt comfortable after knowing about how to put correct detail, and I tried to use them all in my essays.

In conclusion, my idea was that when someone wants to write an essay, he or she should be confident about their writing. I learned that it is going to be easier by reviewing the essay and focus on the major problems. It is going to help everyone to improve their writing skills. After I was done reading my paper, I learned my problems that next time I have to focus more on my problems and put more attention. By putting more effort, it will be easy to organize my essays. My goal was to pass the class with a good grade. The significant of this story was that I finally end up getting a good grade, and that makes me feel good. The important thing about it was that I learned many things about how to instruct the essay from beginning to the end. After I went and checked my grade, it was a big shock for me that I passed my class and achieved my goal. It made me feel very happy because I could move to the higher classes with having a lot of knowledge.