Beauty Is Basically The Confidence English Language Essay

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Beauty is basically the confidence a person has. A lot of people in the world basically look up to beauty as something apparent and physical. This however is a wrong perception. Beauty can be defined into two broad terms mainly the inner beauty and the outer beauty. The outer beauty is usually defined as the physical appearance of a person. The facial features, the physique and the demeanor. The inner beauty however resides inside the person. It is not apparent or cannot be seen. It is something that can only be felt and sensed. The personality of a person and the nature of a person however are termed as the inner beauty. (

Beauty can basically be termed as a specific characteristic of a person or animal or a place. Beauty basically provides a perceptual experience of pleasure as well as satisfaction. An ideal beauty can basically be termed as the one that possesses certain features or attributes that are liked by everyone in the society. As far as the experience of beauty is concerned, it basically revolves around balance and harmony with nature which may ultimately arouse feeling of attraction with others. Beauty however can be termed as a very subjective experience. There is a very famous saying regarding beauty that states that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This saying basically depicts that there are no set rules of beauty. For one person somebody can be the most beautiful person on the planet whereas for someone else that person can be very ordinary and way below their beauty standard. Beauty therefore is not something very specific and varies from the perception of one person to the other. The perception of beauty however is immensely on a very broad horizon. It can be categorized amongst a very complex topic. Every nation or a group has their own defined rules for beauty. An example can be taken from an ethnic group of Africa. According to them, Long necks are an attractive feature. They therefore wear rings around their neck into in order to elongate their necks. Another example can be taken from the country of China. In china narrow feet are considered as a huge beauty symbol. Every society have their own definition of beauty standards. Back in 2008, in the United States of America, men usually preferred having a body which is thinner than the average whereas on the other hand, in the country of Ghana man usually preferred to have a bulky body frame. Beauty therefore is a very subjective experience. (Alvarez)

2. There are two broad categories of beauty namely the inner beauty and the outer beauty. The outer beauty of a person basically focuses on the physical appearance of the person. The body size of the person, the facial features, the height of a person and the facial features of a person. These all terms basically lie under the category of the outer beauty of a person. The outer beauty of a person is a very superficial aspect. A person should not be judged by the outer beauty. However in America in the past years, racial discrimination was a very common practice. The blacks in America were dark in complexion and there was a perception about dark color as being ugly. The black however were discriminated. They weren't treated with respect. The whites in the America treated them as inferior to them. They were given the right to work in respectable organizations. This however indicates that the people of America judged people based on their outer beauty and not their inner beauty. The white used to treat them badly just because they used to find the black people ugly and bad looking. This trend however still exists among the people of America. People have started to become extremely outer beauty conscious. There has been a large spread use of technology. People in America undergo various surgeries related to cosmetology treatments. This trend however depicts that with the passing years more and more importance is being given to the outer beauty rather than the inner beauty of the person in America. A lot of new technologies are being introduced in the markets that basically cater towards the enhancement of beauty of people. Botox is one very popular technology that is being used by the people of America. Botox is basically a much purified pertinacious drug that is basically produced from botulin toxin and it is derived from bacterium Clostridium. As this can a very highly poisonous therefore it is used in very small and little quantities in order to remove wrinkles from the outer layer of the face. Botox treatment is getting extremely popular all around the world and specifically in America because people are becoming more and more beauty conscious. (Dawson)

More and more people are becoming interested in beauty treatments. Surgeries like face lifting and liposuction are being commonly performed by surgeons. With the increase in the awareness of the beauty treatments, people now tend to visit the cosmetology surgeons on daily basis. The outer beauty in America was always given preference. The blacks were always looked down and they weren't given respect just because the white people used to find them extremely ugly and not good looking. They judged the person based on their superficial beauty only irrespective of how evil or bad the person can be from the inside. A lot of blacks however had to face distressed and depression because of this. This couldn't help to change their color because this however is a God gifted feature and it is something that cannot be replaced. (Davies)

Although the racial discrimination factor has lessened over the time but it hadn't faded out completely. It is still under practice and will remain in practice. However with the change of time the concepts of the beauty standards have seemed to evolve. A lot of white people now prefer tan skins. They are seen on beaches where they tend to apply tanning lotions in order to tan their skins but they still lay out a lot of importance to the outer beauty.

3. The exact definition of beauty can be defined as the "quality present in a thing or a person that basically given intense satisfaction and pleasure to the mind of another person." However if the very same question is asked from a young girl to define beauty she will emphasize on the apparent beauty of the person that is the outer beauty of the person. This is because the media has played a massive role in depicting a distorted image of the actual definition of beauty. The media basically shows women who are extremely attractive, slim and have beautiful facial features. The emphasis laid on the outer beauty of the both men and women by the media has basically aroused a lot of complexes among the younger boys and girls. Girls tend to follow strict diets and tend to do a lot of beauty treatments just in order to look attractive and pretty and to fit in the world. A number of advertisements regarding whitening creaming is shown on the media channels. Another article was published in the newspaper that basically showed the famous singer Rihanna basically showing her workout routine In order to create awareness among the girls in order to attain a flat and much toned behind stomach. There was another advertisement in the newspaper that basically laid ways of enhancing the breasts of girls through certain surgeries.

Media lays great emphasis on the outer beauty of people. The media has distorted the true definition of beauty and has basically been successful in defining beauty from one aspect that is the apparent beauty. Young women have been seen to go out to different and great length to basically follow the unrealistic image of being beautiful. Media has basically managed brainwash the people regarding the outer beauty to such an extent that young girls have seen to develop eating disorder such as anorexia and bulimia. The media projects the aspiring models as extremely skinny and being skinny is defined as a beauty symbol. According to statistics collected, it has been found that one out of every fourth girl has been using very unhealthy methods to loose weight. Some of the unhealthy methods are fasting, skipping meals, excessive exercise, vomiting and laxative usage. Girls and women believe that in order to look beautiful they need to have an extremely skinny and slim body. This is how media has been distorting the image of beauty among the people. A lot of young girls who are unable to fulfill the set of standard of beauty by the media tend to have been found to be taking drugs and other anti-depressants because they find themselves unfit in the world. Some of the girls have even committed suicide because they are unable to escape from being judge by the world. (Alvarez)

Media should play a role in order to focus on the inner beauty rather the outer beauty of the person. People today are entangled in a complex world where they seem to run after things that in actual have no meaning at all. Beauty is something that cannot last forever. There is a time when it is going to decrease gradually and will diminish. It will eventually fade out but instead of adapting unhealthy and unnatural way of looking young and beautiful one should led beauty age gracefully. (


As far as my perceptive for beauty is concerned I believe that inner beauty is the actual beauty. Inner beauty of the person is basically reflected in the personality and the nature of the person. Inner beauty of the person basically depicts how the person is. It is not something that is unnatural or something artificial. It is something that exists in the person naturally and has been refined over the years. The inner beauty is something that cannot be modified using the technologies of today neither it is something that is visible to everyone. The inner beauty of a person resides in itself and the inner beauty is the reality of the person. A person should not be judged on the basis of its outer appearance. Outer beauty is something that is being made my God. It is not in the hands of the person itself therefore nobody should have the right to discriminate the person based on his outer beauty. The outer beauty of the person is basically a God's creation. If you are judging a person based on his physical appearance or the outer beauty you are basically judging the God's creation. Moreover the outer beauty is something that is made up and is not something natural. People tend to look beautiful just by wearing makeup and going through surgeries. The inner beauty on the other hand cannot be altered. It is going to be the way the person is. It is something natural and inculcated in the person and no technology or any person in the world can alter it apart from the person itself.

I absolutely resent the society for being so obsessed with how a person looks. I think this is a very naïve, immature and a very illogical approach to make a judgment about the person. A person who looks extremely beautiful from the outside does not necessary means that the person is very kind hearted and very sweet in nature. Similarly if a person does not have very attractive features from the outside does not necessary means that the person is not a good person and is evil and has bad intentions. The inner beauty that is the nature of the person basically defines how beautiful a person is. A person who has a good nature and a kind heart is the most beautiful person on this planet from my perspective and this is how it is supposed to be.

If I was offered money to go for a plastic surgery I would surely turn down the offer. The apparent beauty or the outer beauty of the person is something that is being given by God and that is something that we were blessed with when we were born. If we are going to interfere in the way our face has been designed or the way our body is being designed this means that we are basically interfering in the works of God. Moreover if I accept the offer there will be a day when I will want more because I will eventually start to crave changes in myself. There will never be a point when I am going to be satisfied with myself. Therefore the best way is to feel contended the way you look. Instead of investing time, money and efforts on the outer beauty one should invest time to refine the inner beauty. The inner beauty of the person is basically something that is ultimately going to be beneficial for everybody.