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This paper, which I am writing about, will explain why and how I attain balance in my life as a JIU student. Time management is a factor in a person's ability to focus on his or her studies to succeed as a student. The ability to juggle one's family and work affects a person attending JIU. I wish to demonstrate my plan for balancing my life as a JIU student. (

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Dealing with Issues

In making a decision, I had to decide what my priorities are. The first and main priority was my parents. Talking to my mom about going back to school helped when it came to my responsibility when taking care of my parents. After talking to my mom we decided that once I took care of my dad for the day then my brother would take over to help mother with my dad. That would leave time for me to go to school and leaving me time to go back to school with out quilt. I found that to stay in focus on my going back to school I had to shift my responsibilities to others in my family.

By balancing my life insures that my stress relief strategies and personal goals do help me achieve how important school does mean to me. By having goals set, helps me to know that my life would be affected and I want to make the best of it. I want to succeed as a JIU student.




What steps have I taken to balance my life as a JIU student?

Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and special events, were enjoy by getting my home work done early and turned in on time. I don't like jumping a head to do my classes for it is confusing to me, just do the work for the week that it is due.

I take several breaks when I am studying, not for any other reason than to give my brain a break, they are not very long breaks maybe 10 or 15 minutes at a time. This works very well for me. I don't mix phone calls, visitors (friends) with my studying. They are aware of my times of studying.

Being an online student I have found that if you have a checklist that helps you to relax about your studies so you will remember what you're "to do list" and check each on off as you are working.

Plan ahead to figure our just how busy your week is going to be, it is always a good thing to plan ahead, you will be less stressed if you are aware of the week.

Try not to be a perfectionist at your schooling. Be ready to except any errors that may come up. Staying on track will help you catch those errors and help you make it through your work for you to do the best that you can.


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Don't procrastinate by letting things that need to be done now for later. This can throw you into a panic and cause you to not think clearly or steady. Causing many unwanted mistakes.

Remember for me it means to ask for help from your instructor or your classmates (peers). That is why they are there! -social-life-junior-year-killing-me.html

Online-learning assumptions

Some critics of distance learning say face-to-face classes give students a better learning environment ( The online students represent a more challenging coursework than most peers when face to face in class rooms. The instructors or professors or doctors of education are making special efforts to engage their students (, which causes their students to be more academically motivated and self-directed. "I believe one part of the explanation is that online learners tend to be older students who are somewhat more motivated and responsible in getting things done" and there are a disproportionate number of older students who take online


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Courses because of the convenience. ( Bob Gonyea, associate director of the Center for Postsecondary Research).

The instructors are well educated in their field. They choose to teach students online instead of a traditional college, like us as students it is more convenient. The instructors teach what I need to know and help me understand what I don't understand. We don't have to have books to study but they are offered for us to study each module of the course. They teach us the proper way of writing a paper - the APA format. This form of writing is to help us know in the future how we submit a business letter or any other form of an intellectual letter. ( ).

The results that could be a problem being a JIU student.

By not having a "checklist", I would not hand my home work in on time.

I would forget assignments and be late handing them in.

I would let other things stand in my way of doing my class work.

If I did not have "plan ahead", I would not know how my week is going to go.

Family and friends would interfere and my work would not get done and this would cause me stress trying to get my class work done at the last minute.




Procrastination causes me more stress due the fact that I would not have my papers done before the deadline and having to rush to get every thing done, of which I would not do to the work right or forget something. Procrastination is the most important tasks being that we put off until later and then later never comes, causing me to get busier with to many other things and not so important activities. (( by not asking my professor or classmates out of shame will cost me by not learning something of value toward my assignment. This would cause me not to fulfill my assignment correctly which would affect my grades.

Trying to be a perfectionist, would not help, by doing my assignments by over working and causing stress to the point it would affect my health and I would make mistakes that I would not be aware of, therefore my grades would be affected as well.

These are only a few that I had to ask myself and knowing the answers, but I still wanted to get an education. These steps are as follows:




Attaining a balance

In my life

What if I don't have?

The time?

What if I can't

Remember what

I am to do

What if I don't

Understand the


What is written/

Private and discussion


There's so much to


How do I keep up?

With my busy life

And school too!

Time management

Check list



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I found the time to study and do my assignments with the help of my family and friends, there's so much to remember that is why I made a calendar for each week of my assignments and activities. I know if I do not understand anything pertaining to my classes my classmates and professor would help me. There is a lot to do but starting early in the week helps me get them all done on time. My life is busy but I always take

Sundays off so I want get burned out. I have learned what private written assignment is and what a discussion question is.

These are the things I have learned in this class. Without them I could not be the student that I am. There are a lot of us students out there and until they learn some of the things that I have learned, they will not succeed as a JIU student.


CRT 100


Directions: Place each of your selected solutions (identified in Assignment 7.1) in the far left column. Then, identify specific actions and who will accomplish them, and describe a reasonable time frame for each to CRT 100 Personal Development Plan Matrix

Be accomplished and success indicators that will tell you how you determine if the solution has been successful.

Possible Solution

Specific Actions and Who is Responsible

Time Frame

Success Indicators (How you know the solution worked)

Solution 1:

Having a checklist for each week's scheduled class.

Me: Shelby Daniel

Each week of class. About 2 hours a day except Sundays on my class.

From my home made calendar I have all the classes listed so I will know what to do each day of the week. This works for me because I can look and see what it is that I have done or what I need to do, and get the work handed in on time.

Solution 2:

Learning how to plan ahead each week of class.

Me: Shelby Daniel

Each week of class. About 2 hours each day except on Sundays on my class.

By planning ahead, I know what events will be going on in my life. Looking at the calendar and writing down or checking off events lets me plan for how long each assignment will take me and how much time I need to allow to get everything done. Planning ahead lets me plan for the special events in my life and to plan around my life as a JIU student.

Solution 3:

How not to try to be a perfectionist in my work for class.

Me: Shelby Daniel

Each week of class. I spend about 2 hours a day on my class except for Sundays.

I found that by not trying so hard keeps me from making mistakes in my work as a JIU student and in my every day life. I study hard and read my chapters and do my assignments the best that I know. This keeps my life in balance and I do a much better job a little at a time.

Each of these solutions, I use to help me balance out my life as a JIU student. These are the most important things that I find to make attending college work for me.


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