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The footwear trend for women for autumn 2010 is going to be a wide gamut of choices we have witnessed in previous years, except for the fact that wedges are going to make a strong comeback after a hiatus of a long gap. Wedge heels are comfortable as well as trendy and can be easily teamed with hot pants and leggings. Not only do they complement the look but also are great saviors when those high-heeled stilettos become overbearing. Along with neutral tones like beige, taupe, cream and caramel, the brighter hues comprising shades of blue, green and yellow will dominate the season.

Flats got Trendier

Flats were never as trendy as they're going to be this autumn. The rightly called skimmers give you the utmost comfort and are perfect for the beach adding a sweet and feminine touch to an otherwise "Femme Fatale" look. If not too flat, try the kitten heels which are the best alternatives to enjoy heels without compromising on the comfort.

Strap it up

The gladiator sandals are making fashion statement too - with all their detailing. Go for a wide collared strap that is attached to lots of skimpy woven straps covering the feet all over - to add a vintage appeal to your overalls. It not only adds to the glamour quotient but soothes the feet and makes one a real head-turner.

The clog craze

One of the hottest women's footwear trends for autumn 2010 is clogs. Clogs by designer Louis Vuitton styled in bearing with a blend of 70's retro look are the most coveted. What's more they're equally great for runway as well as hectic daily life. To complete the look, go for shirts with earthy accents accentuated with slightly fluted shoulders.

For the heel lovers

Apart from all these, high heel lovers with their penchant for heels do not seem to give their stilettos a miss. Stiletto heels have always been one of the hottest trends and are there to stay for many coming seasons. From embellished to casual ones, this footwear style is by and large every woman's favorite. It not only makes you taller but at the same time gives you a feeling of sexiness and femininity.

Pump it up

A lot of trendy pump shoes are also to be seen this autumn because of their wear-ability and comfort-ability. Innumerable footwear patterns with different colors are coming up this season to entice you. Go girl - Take your pick!


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Sneakers the latest trend in college fashion


Not in the mood to wear heels while going to college? Do not fret; sporting a pair of sneakers will be great fun. Rather than blindly following fashion trends featured in various fashion magazines, here is your chance to liven up a little, by donning the look you want with a dash of your own creativity.

The Sneaker Show

Sneakers are great alternatives for those occasions when heels are too dressy. You can actually team a pair of sneakers with almost any casual outfit that comes to your mind. Although, they'll go with anything but for a great look try them out with a pair of booty pants, leggings, nice fitted jeans, denim skirts or even short dresses. College-going youngsters can try some mixing and matching to look peppy in their sneakers. With sneakers, you can never commit a fashion faux pas. However, do keep "what's in fashion" in mind.

This year sneakers are taking on as the latest trend in college fashion. Incredible variety of sneakers such as Converse, Pumas, Keds, Vans can be seen sported by college fashionistas.

Go off the edge

Even though there are lots of colors to choose from, we'll say - the brighter, the better. The laces can be experimental too. Go for high-top sneakers and match it up with funky skirts or shorts to get that retro feel. Rock it with the check print or look snazzy in ankle high striped sneakers. A nice pair of pink converse sneakers teamed with a short dress with floral prints, is some thing that's a must have for all the young college going teenagers.

Put it all together

Accessorize the way you want and you are all set to be the cynosure of all eyes. You can also go for a nice tank or a tube top or even a halter-neck and slip into a pair of well fitted knee-length black leggings. Put on a pair of denim shorts after having worn the leggings. Complete the look with trendy retro sneakers and you are sure to turn some heads. Sneakers might sound a little lackluster in comparison with other footwear, but the right styling and attitude can make all the difference to your entire look, whatever outfit you are teaming them with.

Comfort and style

Sneakers are the best comfortable footwear in terms of daily use and wear and tear. Be it exercising at the gym, going to college or going uphill for trekking, sneaker are the way to go. It sure is worth investing in a pair of sneakers as they are the ultimate attention grabbers, at college.


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Trendy work shoes for women


Working women should go for shoes which are not just trendy but are comfortable as well. Besides being all trendy, you need shoes with good support and in which your feet stay relaxed throughout the day.

Watch your heels

Ideally this would mean choosing shoes with low heels, like kitten heels, which are less dressy, yet trendy and perfect for working women. If casual dress code is what you can opt for in your work environment, you might want to pick up sandals with little or no detailing or the ones that come with rubber heels for added cushioning. Not only are they trendy but you can be on your toes all day long - without getting fatigued.

Comfort is Prime

Ideally working women should focus on the comfort, more than the styling of the shoes that they choose for daily office wear. However keeping both in mind, here are brands who have mastered in crafting breathable trendy shoes for working women. Take your pick from a wide range of Hush Puppies, Dansko, Merrel, Easy Spirit, Walking Cradles, Soft or Naturalizer. In order to avoid torture from your seemingly trendy shoes, look into the style features that do not hurt your feet.

Stay away from pointed toes and settle for shoes with ample room for your toes. For that matter Pumps with wider toes will do you justice. Slip-on shoes with proper padding can also be one of the great options for corporate women. They are light, comfortable as well as fashionable. Walking Cradles get thumbs up as they specialize in sizes and widths giving you the actual comfortable fit. Tiny air pillows on the in-soles and myriad attractive designs are what fashionable working women would stand up for.

Boots could be great

Boots can also be worn in workplaces and can make you look like a diva, while your feet get the support to bear the burden of your work day. They give you a lot of protection and are yet no less stylish, and are perfect for both outdoors and extensive traveling. Boots speak a lot when it comes to versatility. Wear them with office attires - be it trousers or formal skirts.

Pumps is the name for comfort

Pumps can be pulled off equally well with the corporate look - especially for women who wish to stick to being feminine and classy. An all-purpose shoe - the pumps, can be worn anytime no matter what the season is. And these are great to wear to the office, with their elegant styling and absolute comfort.


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Gift ideas for the man you love


Romancing is something we all do with the man we love and surprising him with gifts is one of the many ways to show your love and affection for him. However, choosing the right kind of gift for a man can be challenging at times. The gift doesn't necessarily have to be tangible but should be something special that he would savor.

Try Something Different

It will be lovely if you plan for a romantic evening with candle-light dinner for your man and surprise him by cooking something special that he loves the most. And as we all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - he is definitely going to love it. You can also plan for an unexpected trip and arrange for a short vacation with him and help him take a break from his outrageously busy work schedule. The idea behind gifting a man is mostly to make him feel special and a gift does not always have to be something expensive. However, there are numerous tangible gifts too that your man will simply love to have.

Gift him what he loves

The gift that serves his area of interest will definitely be the ultimate one. For instance, gifting him a book by his favorite author will be nice - if your man loves to read. Most men are gadget-freaks. If you want to satiate their love towards gadgets, you can easily win his heart by gifting him a laptop with your personalized message as the desktop background. Alternatively, cell phones have become a style statement and you can surprise him by gifting him this cool gadget with varied multiple features to die for.

Clothing and accessories are always welcome

Nice looking branded watches can also be cool for gifting. Other than that, branded shirts can get you brownie points as looking good is not only women's monopoly nowadays. Men admire good clothing as gifts. So, next time if you are confused in selecting gifts, here's the safest bet.

Sometimes you can easily identify a gift that is unique for the man you love, when you take into consideration his tastes and lifestyle. Remember, at the end of the day all that matters is your undivided attention towards him wrapped with pure love and that's the greatest gift for any man.

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Gifts men don't like to be given


Men can be finicky at times and do not like the idea of getting a gift that they have never wished for. So, be careful while selecting a gift for your man, as a bad choice can often offend a guy. Try to stay away from those disastrous ideas as they have a strong ability to strain your relationship with your man. Men are tired of receiving products like aftershave and deodorants as gifts, and it certainly calls for a change. Mouthwash can also be a major turn off reminding him of his bad breath.

Fitness equipments can carry double meanings. Your man is definitely going to resent it if he is averse to strenuous exercise. So unless you want to make him unhappy, fitness products are a strict no-no. On the contrary, those are perfect for the ones who swear by sweating it out.

You also need to be aware of the fact that men hate to receive gift vouchers. It clearly conveys an idea that you do not have enough time to think about his likes and dislikes. He will have the feeling that you do not care enough and so you just handed him over a gift voucher.

It is always advisable to go ahead and buy something on your own and gift him, and your man will always appreciate it. Not to mention, several feminine items like flowers and soft toys are not meant for men as these have feminine vibes to them, and do not match a man's personality.

Self-help books are the worst if you are thinking of gifting him one. Men generally don't like such stuff. Similarly, ill-fitted clothes can piss them off badly, no matter how expensive they are. Do not take a risk by buying clothes for your man, when you are unsure of his size. Same applies to the brand, fabric, color and cut.

Gift him perfumes that he likes or uses, and just not anything picked off the shelves. Generally, men are grateful for whatever they are gifted and not fussy normally, but repeatedly gifting him things that he doesn't like can crate problems in your relationship.

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How to disguise a big nose with makeup


Simple makeup tricks can make a big nose look smaller. You can successfully achieve the shape and size you want your oddly shaped nose to have, with just a touch of sponge brush along with different tones of foundation. Invest in good quality mineral makeup and foundation to start with. Mineral makeup will help cover your face evenly giving it a healthy effect.

The makeup tricks

It's wise to choose a foundation one tone lighter than your skin. Contour the lines around the bridge of your nose and blend it with a darker base to change the appearance of broad nose into a narrower one. Use the brushes to blend the shades properly at both the sides of your nose so that it gets an even more slimmed down look. Vertical lines of makeup on the top of the bridge with the help of a lighter tone can make a long nose look shorter. Applying dark foundation underneath your nose and blending it well will complete your look.

Focus on some other feature

For uneven noses that are long and wide at the same time or that are badly shaped or out of line, the trick that comes to your rescue is to accentuate your other features instead of playing with the contouring tricks which can make the matter worse. If that's the case with you, go for features that you think are the best according to your facial alignment and that can draw the attention away from the nose - when highlighted. To apply makeup, eyes and lips are the best options as they can transform one's look to a great extent. If you have chosen your eyes to be done, use black kohl and eyeliner to define your eyes shaping them up, really well. Apply eyeshadow that complements. After that blush your cheeks and gloss your lips to get the final upshot, and your disfigured or large nose won't bother you anymore. Similarly, to play with your lips, color your lips with a shade that complements your skin tone and finally wear some gloss.

These little tricks can do wonders to hide the flaws of your nose and that too in no time if you follow them properly. Women who are not content with their big noses now can breathe a sigh of relief and do not have to undergo the surgeon's blade.


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How to choose eyeglass frames


The trick to choose eyeglass frames is simply to analyze the shape of your face and color and then understand what kind of eyeglass frames will look best on you.


Some basic information will help you choose the right frames

The frame you are choosing should not go higher than your eyebrow line.

The shape of the frame should be contrasting to the shape of your face.

Choose frames, sizes of which are in proportion to your face, for instance, don't go for larger frames when you have a small face structure.

If you want to avoid the discomfort of your frame touching down on your cheeks every time you smile, make sure you look for such frames that have squared lower edges, which do not create this kind of problem.

Selecting the right pair of eyeglass frames is often confusing, but here's how you can make things easier.


Few tips to look fabulous in frames


Go for frames keeping your lifestyle in mind. College kids and students can try glasses that come in funky designs and exotic colors. On the other hand, corporate individuals can simply try the ones which can give a corporate yet smart look.


Different materials are available in stores nowadays. You have ample options to choose from and find out which complements your face the best. Remember that the color and shape of your eyeglass frames play an important role in making you look good. 

Seven basic face shapes and eyeglasses


If you have a rounded chin and your face appears longer, you have an oval face. That's also considered to be the ideal shape because of its balanced proportions. To complement it, walnut shaped frames are the best or the frames that are as wide as the broadest part of your face. You have the liberty to actually go for most shapes of frames.

Rectangular faces, with oblong outlines or square chins can consider large square frames.

Triangular faces with broad forehead and tapered down chin should try small rounded or square frames.

Square faces can try oval and round eyeglass frames.

Diamond faces with wide cheekbones and narrow forehead and chin, should give wider, bigger or rimless frames a try.

Rectangular glasses are ideal for round faces.

Pyramid face shapes with narrow forehead that broadens as you move down, can go for accentuated frames with detailing to balance out the overall look.

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Beaded bracelets for women


Beaded bracelets are fascinating and lots of bead patterns are available in the market nowadays, with different stitches, techniques, shapes and colors. Here is a lowdown of what beaded bracelets have in store for you.


Glitter beaded bracelets


Made from shining beads, strung with crystal rondelles and swarovski bicone beads, these bracelets are perfect to flaunt with that Armani dress of yours.


Antique beaded bracelets


Seed beads and nibblet beads meticulously coordinated with old antique buttons, are an asset you might want to add to your collection.


Bricks and strands bracelets


Brick stitches enabling the formation of triangles in sync with simple designed bead seeds are cool to go with your casuals.


Woven bracelet


These kinds of bracelets can be tried at home. Give it a shot by making the body of the bracelet on the loom and then mixing and matching different funky beads to create your own style.


Caterpillar bracelet


What goes into the making of this bracelet is the Ndebele stitch that makes it look attractive. Adorn your wrists with this bracelet and grab the attention.


Marble chunk bracelets


Bracelets made of nice colorful marbles held together with brick stitches, are an incredible innovation to stylize your outfit.


Blue Peruvian beaded bracelet


Blue Peruvian beaded bracelets are a flattering choice to flaunt on the beachside. Get hold of your sexiest beachwear and accessorize your ensemble with this piece of jewelry to complete the look. The blue color gives you an invigorating fresh look, at once.


Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Crafted with Powawatomi stitch in tandem with various seed beads, this bracelet is a stunning piece to die for. All you ladies out there ... it's a must have.


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Stay cool with flip flops this summer


For those short trips or vacations, nothing is more appropriate than a pair of flip-flops. Flip-flops symbolize fashion and comfort. Footwear stores nowadays are filled with flip flops in various colors and designs. From beads to braided, sequins to crochets, you name it - you have it. They are perfect for summer as they act as breathers - helping you to stay away from heavy covered shoes and the heeled ones. Stay cool during summer with eco-friendly flip flops, which are in vogue the world over.

Handmade with different and unusual materials like bamboo, recycled cork or even dental floss, they're a sure hit. That's not all, if you wish to carry your flip flops you can even fold them to save space. That's possible if you look for flip flops that are made of recycled tire rubber.

And what's craziest about flip-flops is that you can actually style up a pair of these sandals all by yourself. This is one DIY task that you are really going to enjoy. Give vent to your creativity and make your own stylish flip-flops at home with some easily accessible raw material. With the help of few basic tools like yarn, scissors, glue and some fabric straps you can transform a pair of simple looking flip flop to a designer one. Experiment with beads, sequins, different fabrics and see what wonders you can do to your flip flops.

If you are looking for flip flops that won't compromise your height - go in for the ones with arch support. They'll help you get that nice tall look by correcting your posture, but without compromising on the comfort and style.


Benefits of flip flops with arch padding

 The below-mentioned points will tell you about the benefits of wearing arched flip-flops.

These are more stable and more comfortable than regular flip flops.

With arch support, your legs and butt muscles get toned, immensely. They also help and improve core muscle strength.

Apt for longer wear, especially for those who have to be on their toes most of the time and who suffer from foot related problems.



Some trendy and branded flip flops are sure to grab your attention - namely Nike's women range, Chaco sandals and Moszkito sandals. Not to mention the prices, they are pretty reasonable, so you can get as many as you want.

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Highlight cheek bones with makeup


Makeup can do miracles by hide away facial flaws in no time and on the other hand it can also highlight your best features instantly. In fact, you can even make your not-so-attractive features look great with makeup. With the help of a bronzer, blush and highlighter you can easily enhance your cheekbones and look glamorous.


The essential tools that you need


Bronzer - Pick bronzers that are darker than your natural skin tone. Also, for foundation, go for one tone darker so that it emphasizes the effect.


Blush - According to your skin texture and color, opt for blush powders such as peach, rose or shades of pink and make sure it blends quite well with the overall makeup.


Highlighter - Highlighters come in two forms - powder and liquid. Try the one that suits you the best.


In order to achieve those coveted cheekbones, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.


To start off, create a base by applying foundation and concealer to cover uneven parts or dark and white spots.

Take the bronzer and carefully apply it to the region underneath the temple up to your cheekbones and blend it using upward diagonal strokes. Blend it into the rest of the makeup ensuring that it doesn't look loud but creates a shadowy effect on your cheeks.

Take help of the highlighter and accentuate the lines of your cheekbones. Again blend it well so that the effect reflects.

Finally, complete the look by applying blush. Spread the powder well on the apple of your cheeks all the way to the temples.

These useful yet simple make up tips can elevate your look to another level. Your cheekbones will look prominent and get the right finesse and you're sure to look drop dead gorgeous.

Women with round or chubby faces, who have always desired of having sculpted features and prominent cheekbones, can now implement these makeup tricks to alter their looks. High cheekbones are symbolic of well toned fashion models, but it's no more their proprietary domain. Unbuckle your makeup box and make use of your fingertips to enhance and highlight your cheek bones.

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